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     Alchemical, hermetic and astronomical emblems
Over 1100 images coloured by Adam McLean WINDOWS ONLY !

This is the most significant collection that has ever been made of alchemical and related emblems. These have been hand coloured by Adam McLean from original woodcuts, engravings and drawings in manuscripts. An enormous amount of research has gone into uncovering rare and previously unknown emblems, and obtaining high quality images of these items. McLean has handcoloured these images to make them more approachable by the modern eye. In some cases, with the most complex emblems, it took over 15 hours to paint an image. The painting respects the original traditional colouring of images in alchemical manuscripts. Creating this resource has taken about ten thousand hours of work over the past twenty years. These images have been used in McLean's books and study courses and thumbnail images can be seen in the galleries of coloured emblems.

These are available in a series of three of high quality art books. These are printed by the high quality art publisher - see my page on their site A number of people have asked that if these could also be made available in the form of a computer file so that they could browse through the images on their computer. I have now compiled all these images into a large Windows exe file which enables people to zoom in and explore all the details in the imagery. I also supply a full set of images that can be printed - these have my copyright notice embossed into the images and are only intended for the personal use of purchasers. If people wish to use my images in publishing projects they should contact me at - In general I am quite sympathetic as long as my copyright is acknowledged and respected.

The files can only be used on one computer. When you buy a copy you will be given a link through which you can download the files. These are massive - the main file being nearly 500 megs and the printable folder another 300 megabytes. After you download these, put them onto the Windows computer on which you intend to access these, whether desktop, laptop or Windows tablet, and start up the program. The program will give you a reference number which you have to email to me and I will send you the access code, which you only have to use once to activate the program. This will only work on one computer. All these stages require me to be available in my workshop to set things up, so it is not necessarily an instant process, but in general (outside the weekends) you should have access to the files within the day, but somewhat longer over the weekends as I am not necessarily then in my workshop. I have to supply protected files as some years ago, when I made these available on a series of four CD-Roms, they were pirated and people sold them as if they were their own material, stripping my name from the files. I trust people will respect my work and not give this to others.

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