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Hermetic Studies series

No. 6. Speculum veritatis
A coloured version by Adam McLean with a commentary.
This is an edition of a manuscript in the Vatican entitled the Speculum veritatis - the mirror of truth. The work consists of a series of 12 pen drawings which show the alchemical process. I have here made coloured versions of this series and I hope that this will make it somewhat easier to identify all the symbols and the ways in which these articulate aspects of the alchemical process. The original manuscript is not coloured but I have drawn on my extensive study of coloured alchemical manuscripts and tried to give some life to this series. My commentary is, in essence, merely a description of the emblems, a deconstruction in which I guide the reader through the symbolism, but I hope it may prove useful to those interested in this particular work or in alchemical symbolism in general. Hopefully my publishing of this version may stimulate others to further research this and other series of alchemical images. There are so many treasures of alchemical symbolism that have yet to be investigated.

51 pages. 13 coloured illustrations. A5 hardback.
300 copies only signed and numbered.

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