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     Presentation folders of prints

Sadly I had to abandon supplying the poster sized prints of my coloured emblems. I considered selling individual smaller prints, but the costs were too high for one or two items.
I have now had the idea of making to order series of my prints in a presentation folder. Potential customers can choose from many of the series of coloured emblems that I have made over the last twenty years. The price will be in the range $70-$100 (£60-90) with extra for the postage. Please email me for an estimate of the price including the postage (please indicate the country you wish them sent to). These would make a rather fine gift for someone interested in alchemy or emblematic symbolism.
I have created a short video showing a set of the Boehme engravings I made up for a customer recently - Click to show video

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email your details to for a price.