Alchemy and Emblematic art
Large format fine art prints

Alchemical books and manuscripts were often illustrated with challenging and complex emblems. These are mostly in the form of woodcuts or engravings and are very difficult for the modern eye to appreciate. I have studied this material for forty years and made these images accessible again by subtly colouring them in the style of original manuscript watercoloured figures. This enables us to see these alchemical images as artworks relevant to our modern age.

Many of these images were originally rather small and enlarging them to a substantial size is not really possible as the detail disappears in the rescaling. There are, however, a substantial number of images that can be scaled up and these are now being supplied in the form of A2 (24 by 16.5 inch) fine art giclée prints.

It is difficult for people to buy prints unseen through web sites. The small images can be no sure guide to the quality of the actual print. I am sure many people have been disappointed when buying prints from even the established art print companies, and receive blurry, medium resolution prints with badly adjusted colour balance. I am in control of the whole process, from creating the original painting, to scanning it at the correct settings and then printing it with the optimum colour balance. I am meticulous in my work as I love the material and want to present it in the best way possible. You will not be disappointed in the print quality. These prints are quite astounding and make quite an impact in a room.

I have now set up the images with a zoom feature which allows you to explore the fine detail in the image.