Project on paintings of the Temptation of St Anthony

In 2009 I decided to embark on a project to explore, research and eventually copy some of the many wonderful paintings on the theme of the Tempation of St Anthony. Perhaps the best known painting on this theme is the Bosch in Lisbon, but the format predated Bosch by a century or more. I felt attracted to the image of the wise old man being tempted by strange demons and spiritual presences and how this theme became modified and changed by artists throughout the centuries. Indeed, the temptation of St Anthony is still a theme address by contempory artists. I have collected images of hundreds of these paintings. I became quite engaged by some marvellous works by some fo the followers of Bosch, during the 16th century, Jan Mandyn, Pieter Huys and Herri met de Bles. I began painting copies of some of these with the view to mounting an exhibition on this theme. I managed to complete a couple of items and have a few more half finished, but sadly the need to make a living from bookbinding meant I did not have sufficient time to devote to this. Of course, there is total indifference to this project. I am left to pursue these matters with no support or interest (except perhaps from a handful of people who share my enthusiasm). I hope to return to this in 2012, given the time. Here are the two items I have completed, one by Pieter Huys and the other by Joos van Craesbeeck.


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