Sixteenth Century 1500-1599 Floor
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In the 16th century a number of printed books appeared on alchemy. Some contained woodcut illustrations of an emblematic nature, however, alchemical manuscripts continued to be produced. In fact one of the most beautiful, the Splendor solis was produced in the early part of the 15th century.

  • Book of Distillation Room

  • Books of mining and minerology Room

  • Reisch Margarita Philosophica Room
  • The Emblem books Room

  • 1530 Splendor solis Room
  • 1530 Pantheus Voarchadumia Room
  • 1540 Beccafumi woodcut Room
  • 1541 Geber De alchemia Room
  • 1546 Pretiosa margarita novella Room
  • 1550 Rosarium philosophorum Room

  • 1564 Nazari 'Three Dreams' Room

  • 1574 Thurneisser Room

  • 1582 Reusner's Pandora Room