Floor Plan
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Early Period Floor
  • Early Greek alchemical emblems Room
  • Early Alchemical apparatus Room

  • Precursors of alchemy emblematic imagery Floor
  • Early Illuminated manuscripts Room
  • Early Astronomical/Astrological Room

  • Overview of alchemical emblems Floor
  • Manuscripts, Woodcuts, Engravings Room

  • Forms of usage of alchemical emblems Room

  • Fifteenth Century Floor
  • Book of the Holy Trinity manuscript

  • Aurora consurgens

  • The most precious gift of God

  • Ripley Scroll

  • Sixteenth Century Floor
  • Books of Distillation Room
  • Books of mining and minerology Room
  • The Emblem books Room
  • Rosarium philosophorum Room

  • Thurneisser Room

  • Seventeenth Century Floor
  • De Bry family Room
  • Robert Fludd Room
  • Rosicrucian Room
  • Paintings of alchemists and their Laboratories Room

  • Eighteenth Century Floor
  • Masonic material Room