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The alchemy discussion forum.

In February 2008 I set up the alchemy discussion forum to replace the alchemy academy email discussion group which I had to close because of the problems of moderation and the descent of the group into chaos.
I decided to abandon using an email system but instead adopt the more complex software of a web based bulletin board structure. This uses threads and categories, which allowed a more focused approach. It incorporates email notification of new posts in a thread a user wishes to watch, a search engine, and also allows direct posting of images into postings.
It also allowed me to only open the discussions to people adopting a scholarly approach, whilst allowing the general public to read all the contributions. Members of the group have to use their own name rather than some pseudonym, and this has had the effect of making people responsible for that they say. The problem with many discussion groups are the few disruptive, difficult people who hide behind pseudonyms and feel they can say whatever they wish, and they ultimately drive sensible people away and take over the group. The alchemy discussion forum is designed to be a safe place for serious discussion.
Although it has not developed a large band of subscribers, the quality of the discussions is unparalleled. It has been the most successful of all the discussion groups I have founded. Over the six years to date there have been 613,285 visitors, 1,273,485 visits to the site, 5,034,357 page visits, and 3,068 postings.

You can read through the massive archive of discussions on all facets of alchemy at this page

and if you are of a scholarly nature you can apply to join by contacting