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Alchemical literature is both text and image based. Many manuscripts and printed books are profusely illustrated with coloured drawings, woodcuts and engravings. Imagery is thus a very important aspect of alchemy. Through this section you can explore many of the different facets of this imagery.

Graphic signs


Alchemical Emblems

Alchemy and art

Adam McLean's Art Gallery of hand-coloured alchemical images [over 800 items]
Alchemy Emblems project
Alchemical symbolism
Searchable database of alchemical emblems [500 + images]
Database of alchemical iconography
Images from alchemical manuscripts
Emblematic material related to alchemy
Astronomical/astrological emblematic material related to alchemy
Adam McLean's Art Weblog

Artworks on alchemical themes

Alchemy in art - engravings, drawings and paintings showing alchemist's laboratories
Contemporary artists influenced by alchemy
Alchemical engravings handcoloured by Adam McLean
Portraits of alchemists and hermetic philosophers