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Contemporary artists influenced by alchemy
Here we will focus on contemporary artists who follow or are directly influenced by the imagery of alchemy. Of course the term 'alchemy' is often used in a metaphorical way or in a post-modern sense by many artists. Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Francesco Clemente, Krzysztof Gliszczynski, and many others claim alchemy as an influence, but as their actual work does not draw on the imagery, and the association seems so tenuous being contained in how they talk about their works rather than in the content, I will not include such artists here.
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David Chaim Smith

Karena Karras

Madeline von Foerster

Vasily Kafanov

Peter Proksch

Sveta Dorosheva

Robert Ellaby

Eleonore Weil

Ann McCoy

Natalia Gerasimenko

The Surrealists

Laurie Lipton

Ian Howard

Paul Leblanc

Kurt Godwin

Vincenzo Marano

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule