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Heydon, John. The Rosie Crucian Crown
Contained in:-
The Wise-Mans Crown: Or, the Glory of the Rosie-Cross. Shewing the Wonderful Power of Nature, with the full discovery of the true Coelum Terrae, or the first Matter of Metals, and their Preparations into incredible Medicines or Elixirs that cure all Diseases in Young or Old: with the Regio Lucis, and holy Houshold of Rosie Crucian Philosophers. Communicated to the World By John Heydon, Gent. A servant of God, and secretary to Nature... London: printed for the Author; and are to be sold by Samuel Speed at the Rainbow in Fleetstreet. 1664. [Wing H1677.]
8° [42] + 54 [page 49 wrongly numbered as 47, and page 48 doubled] + [4] + 44 pages.

p1-40 The Rosie Crucian Crown Set with Angels, Planets and Mettals, etc. The First Book. [In seven chapters.]
Of the Gold Mercury or Argent vive. Purification. Sublimation. Calcination. Exuberation. Solution. Separation. Conjunction. Putrefaction into Sulphur. Fermentation. Multiplication in vertue. Multiplication in quantity - Luna. Pure Silver. Calcination. Solution. Putrefaction. The Sulphur. The Liquor of the Sulphur. White Ferment - Vivum. Sublimation. Calcination. Precipitation. Solution. Fixed oyl. Inceration. Desiccation. Contrition. Fermentation. The Red Elixir. The third Table - Gold Sol. Purged Gold. Calcination. Solution. Putrifaction. Filius, Solis Coelestis. Filia Lunae Coelestis - The Liquor of the red sulphur. Fermentation - The Body. The Spirit. The Lion. The Eagle. The Phylosophers Lead. Antimony. Antimony Mercury. The Glue of the Eagle. Solution of the red Lion into Blood. Solution of the Glue of the Eagle. Solution of the Blood of the red Lion. Conjunction. Putrifaction. The Stone. Fermentation. In the Trinity of The Phisical and Alchimical Tincture. The Soul is the Unity of the Medicine - Elixir. Conjunction. Seperation. The Stone. Fermentation. The Earth. Spirit oyl, Blood of the Lambe. Distillation. Resolution. Putrifaction. Solution. Vitrioll. Calcination. Copper.
p[41] [New title page.] Hampaaneah Hammegulleh: or, The Rosie Crucian Crown:...
p43-47 To the truly honourable and excellently Accomplished the most Renowned, John Lloyd Esq. [A Dedicatory Epistle to the second book.]
p48-54 [wrongly numbered, actually 48-56.] The Rosie Crucian Crown Set with Angels, Planets and Mettals, etc. The Second Book.
Chap. I. Of the blessed stone of the Philosophers or the Elixir of life, and also the way of making malleable glasse. p[1] [New title page.] Hampaaneah Hammegulleh: or, The Rosie Crucian Crown:...
p[3] To the Worthy, Learned, Noble, and Valiant Colonel Samuel Sandys, late Governor of his Majesties Garrison in the Famous City of Worcester, and now one of the Right Honourable Members of Parliament, etc. [Dedicatory Epistle to third book.]
p1-44 The Third Book. Of Saturne or Lead the first Direction. [In nine chapters.]
Of the Elixar, Putrefaction into Sulphur, the Oyl of the Sulphur, of the Conjuntion of the Salt and Oyl of the Spirit, or Salt of Saturne, which containeth the Oyl or soul of the Menstruum of white Mercury and red water of Paradice, Resolution, Solution, distillation, Hyl, Purgation, resolution of Sericon, of the Gum of Sericon, of the solution of the Minium or Adrop, of Calcination of Minium into Adrop and red Lead, of Calcination of Lead with Aqua Fortis - The Medicine, Elixir, Fermentation, Imbibition Precipitation, Quick-silver, Saturne, Lead, The Toad - The Crucible, the Furnace, the Hole in the Top of the Furnace, the Tongues, the Coals - The third Table of the Elixir of Iron - The fourth Table of the Physical and Alchymical Tincture out of the red Lyon and Glue of the Eagle, drawn out from the Authors experience - The fifth Table, of making of Pearls - The sixth Table of the Magistery of Carbunckles - The seventh Table denoting the composition of Minerall Electrum or Amber, as well natural as Artificiall; and also speaketh of a Bell made of Amber used by Tritemius - The eighth Table, which explaineth the meaning of the Philosophers when they speak of the tenth Number wherein the Elixir is finished: And also sheweth the wonderfull secret of the Animal stone, out of George Riply, with two other of his workes.