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Date: Sun, 23 Feb 97 19:46:06 UT
From: Mike Dickman

Thinking over Richard's question concerning Gemini and Fixation, I suddenly
recalled the fact that there was this rather strange and quaint series of
correspondences attributed to - but in fact, of course, having nothing
(direct, anyway,) to do with - Flamel in an unpublished French ms. in a
private collection. I thought it might be of interest...

SUN A God, sole and unique ut
MOON B Purification of the lunar re
MARS C Etheric spirit mi
MERCURY D Salt of nature fa
JUPITER E Rectification and circulation sol
VENUS F Congelation of air la
SATURN G Tincture of nature's salt si
SUN H Sulphur of nature ut
MOON I Putrefaction of the lunar re
MARS K Sublimation mi
MERCURY L B(aine) M(arie) fa
JUPITER M Damned earth sol
VENUS N Distillation la
SATURN O Cohobation si
SUN P Air, Earth, Water, Fire ut
MOON Q Marriage re
MARS R Universal solvent mi
MERCURY S Virgin's milk fa
JUPITER T Crow's head Putrefaction sol
VENUS U Hermetic sigillation la
SATURN X Furnaces si
SUN Y Reverberation ut
MOON Z (what looks like) Sisciaxtion re
MARS & Universal medicine mi

Any comments, anybody?


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997
From: Yanis Dambergs

This is in response to Mike Dickman's posting, Inner Forum, Sunday, 23 Feb.
97, "Flamel's Music"

MEMORY LOCI, Lullian technasmata, astrology, and chinese inner alchemy
In answer to Mike Dickman, your request for comments on Flamel's Music,

SUN A God, sole and unique ut

MOON B Purification of the lunar re

MARS C Etheric spirit mi

MERCURY D Salt of nature fa

JUPITER E Rectification and circulation sol

VENUS F Congelation of air la

SATURN G Tincture of nature's salt si

(etc., view the full table in the 23 Feb. 97 archive.)

There is a direct correspondance of this arrangement to a technique of
meditation that Raymond Lull highly recommends, and the technique of Taoist
inner alchemy. Both techniques include visualization in the six directions.
Further, there is an exact correspondance between the 5Xing attributes of
the planets disposed in this pattern, and the arrangement adopted for the
practice of Taoist inner alchemy.

I was just meditating on this correspondence, when I discovered the Forum
and saw Mike Dickman's contribution in the above archive.
In the first column of this list we see the planets in the order of the
days of the week, and matched to the seven notes of the scale in the last
column. Leaving out the two middle columns for the time being, let us
concentrate on the planets and the notes in the two outer columns, and
their arrangement, when transposed on the three perpendicular spatial axes

The correspondence between the six dimensions and the scale, is given by
Lull as follows in Ars Generalis Ultima.1.up,ut; 2.down,re; 3.front,mi;
4.back,fa; 5.right,sol; 6.left, la . The seven days of the week are
considered by Lull to represent the points into which a simple element, one
of the four subtle bodies, (represented by Saturn) divides itself into six
points to produce a compound. Saturn represents the "Seventh transcendent

Raymond in Ars Generalis Ultima, the 100 Forms, Article 49: the Dimensions
There are six general dimensions, and their center is the body through the
diametric lines in which the body can move, namely 1.up, 2.down, the
front, the back, the right and the left.. These six
dimensions are coessential with movement. But the intellect wonders why
there are six dimensions, and neither more nor less. And it remembers
movement, which could not be perfect without these. If indeed they were
more or less than six, there would be some imperfection, as can be seen
with species 3. and 4. of rule C. And the second species of the same rule
signifies that the said dimensions are essential parts of the movement, in
which the body is habitually situated. But the intellect wonders, why a
spherical body does not have the said dimensions, such as a human head, an
eye, an apple, and things like these? But then, it understands the
universe, which is a spherical body, and that this universe is not itself
enclosed by any such dimensions,because it is the ultimate body, and causes
its likenesses to be produced in the said spherical bodies, so the
intellect can have knowledge of it. And the rules B. and K. consent to
136. (Lull, Ars Generalis Ultima, De Centum Formis).....The musician
practices his art through six degrees of a scale, ascending and descending,
while saying ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la.
137. At this point, the intellect wonders: why are there 6 degrees, neither
more nor less? But it remembers the above article 49 of the hundred forms,
which deals with the six dimensions. And at this point, the intellect knows
how it must get help from the general forms dealt with above, by applying
them to any doubtful question it might be inquiring into. END OF QUOTE.


1.ut, Sun is above, 2. re, Moon is below, 3. mi Mars in front, 4. fa
Mercury is behind, 5 sol Jupiter is to the right and 6. la Venus is to the
left. 7. Sit facing South and visualize yourself with your navel at the
center of the x(right-left), y(up-down) and z (front-back)axes with each
planet in its numbered place. Taking the five Xing and their planetary
attributes applied to the directions, Saturn Tu, in the center, corresponds
to the "yellow spleen Qi gathering center" behind the navel (You can
visualize each center as a colored ball, in the color of its xing). To the
right, Mu, Jupiter, the green liver Qi gathering center where your liver
is. Left, Jin, the white lung Qi gathering center directly opposite the
liver center as Jin (or metal) is opposed to Mu (or wood). (The left-right
axis of the vital organs is reversed relatively to the east-west axis, when
sitting facing south, the liver center connects with the green dragon in
the East, and the lung center with the white tiger in the West.)
In front, Mars, Huo (or fire) corresponding to the red heart center at a
point on the vertical axis where the horizontal plane between the nipples
cuts it. Behind, Mercury, Shui (or water), corresponding to the black
kidney Qi gathering center on the vertical axis at the crotch. The Qi is
gathered in these centers, purified by meditation on virtues and vices,
brought to the said Spleen gathering center, condensed into a brilliant
pearl that is sent into circulation as a healing agent that can disperse
obstructions through the 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians
and that can then be sent through the thrusting channel up through
the Bai Hui point at the crown of the head. This style of meditation
has great medicinal value, it is a standard classical method dealt
with in other chinese publications as well.
The meanings of the five Xing in these places can be extended to
include all the meanings of the Xing in classical Tao literature: emotions,
animals, trigrams, specific healing sounds, etc.
Now to see how this type of six directional contemplation is applied to the
divine plane, here is an excerpt from Blessed Raymond's book
"On GOD's Memory"(Liber de Memoria Dei)

7. About Truth
Divine truth is an infinite essence. In it, divine unity, goodness, and
the other dignities have infinite objects, as unity has its infinitely
united object, and goodness has its infinitely well produced good object,
etc. And all these infinite objects truly exist through divine truth,
because divine truth has its own infinitely true and verified object. None
of this would be possible, if there were no infinite memory in the divine
essence, having an infinite object that it remembers, so that a reason can
exist, for all the divine dignities to have an infinite object remembered
infinitely by divine memory, as they have an infinite object verified
through divine truth, otherwise the dignities would defective and
unbalanced as they objectify their infinite object.
And to clarify this, I am taking the following example. All bodies have
six dimensions or terminations which are: up, down, front, back, right and
left. Outside of these six boundaries, no bodily thing can either exist or
act in any way. And thus, as divine truth is a true reason for divine
unity, goodness etc. to have infinite objects beyond these six dimensions,
so also divine memory, through remembering, is a reason for all the
dignities to have infinite objects outside of these six dimensions.
This therefore proves, that in divine essence there is a divine memory, so
that through it, each dignity can remember that it has an infinite object.
And here the contemplative can rejoice, who knows how to contemplate in
this way the infinite objects in the divine essence, outside of the
directions 1.above,and 2. below, 3. front and 4.back, 5. right and 6.left,
In Ars Amativa, Lull recommends meditating in seven phases by declining
"Amabundus, Amorosus, Amativus, Amans, Amare, Amabile, Amatum." coupled
with the other Dignities, such as Goodness, for example: "Amabundus
bonificabundus, Amorosus bonosus "etc.

There is much more information on the meaning of "Flamel's Music",
which, GOD willing, can be communicated and exchanged as time and space

Thank you, Mike, for having contributed this most enlightening document,
which clearly displays the universal nature of the alchemical process, as
the patterns applied in the West and in China correspond in an objective