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Stories of alchemical transmutations

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The Golden Calf of Helvetius
The Story of Wenceslaus Seilerus
Allegorical letter about an alchemical adept
A strange 19th century story about transmutation
Salomon Trismosin's alchemical wanderings
Bernard of Trevisan's quest for the Stone
van Helmont's experiences with transmutation
Pico della Mirandola's mention of transmutation
Ashmole's account of Tincture found at Bath Abbey
Pope John XXII's decree against alchemy
Robert Boyle's Account of a Degredation of Gold
Ashmole's account of Edward Kelly's transmutations
Other accounts of Edward Kelley's transmutations
Denis Zacaire's account of his alchemical work
Archibald Cockren's alchemical discoveries
Edmund Dickinson's experience of transmutation
Albertus Bayr discovers transmutation through evoking a spirit
Cagliostro's transmutation in Warsaw
The Transmutations of Dr. Price
The golden nail trick from Tachemius
Transmutation stories from Mercury's Caducean Rod.