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Purifying Fire.


JUNEH, a Dove; amongst the AEnigmas of Natural things, the Name of a Dove is never applied to the Metals themselves, but to the Ministering and Preparing forms of Nature.

He that understands here the Nature of the Burnt Offering will not take Turtles, but two young male Pigeons, or Sons of the Dove, Leviticus, c. 1, v. 14, and C. 12, V. 8, and c. 14, v. 22.

But count the word Beni 62, and 2 for a Pair of Doves, and thence is the number 64 of the word Nogah, which is the Name of the 5th amongst the Planets, and you shall go the true way. Else "labour not to be Rich; Cease from thy own Wisdom:" Wilt thou cause thine eyes presently to discern it? That will not be: But the Scholar of the Wise Men maketh to himself Wings, and flieth as an Eagle, even as he doth the Minerals of the Stars to heaven. Prov., c. 23, v. 4, 5.

Jarach, the Moon or Luna in the History of Natural Things is called the "Medicine for the White," because she hath received a Whitening Splendour from the Sun, which by a like shining, illuminates and converts to her own Nature all the Earth, that is the impure Metals.

And the place of Isaiah, c. 30, v. 26, "the moon shall be as the Sun," may be mystically understood of this, because the Work being finished, she hath a solar Splendour; but in this State, the place of Canticles, c. 6, v. 10, belongs to her,---" fair as the Moon."

By the same Name the Matter of the Work is called: and so indeed it is like to the crescent Moon, in the first State of Consistence; and like to the Full Moon in the last State of Fluidity and Purity. For the words Jarach, the Moon, and Razia, Secrets, also Rabui, a Multitude, have by Gematria the same Numbers, because in this Matter are found the Secrets of Multiplication.

Gophrith is Sulphur; in the Science of Minerals this Principle is referred to Binah, to the left because of its Colour; and to left also, Gold is wont to be referred; and Charutz, a kind of Gold, is also referred to Binah, and being 7 in its lesser Number agrees with that of Gophritha.

Therefore the Gold of Natural Wisdom ought to be Charutz; that is digged out, or the like not excocted. And this is that Sulphur, which hath a fiery Colour, and is penetrating and changing to impure Earths; to wit, Sulphur with Salt, Deut., c. 29, v. 23. Sulphur with Fire, rained down upon the Wicked,---that is the impure Metals, Psalm 106, v. 6.

You must dig up this Sulphur; and it is to be digged out of the Water, that you mayest have Fire obtained from Water. "And if your Ways be right before the Lord, your Iron shall swim upon the Water," 2 Kings, c. 6, v. 6. "Go thy way then to the River Jordan with Elisha"; see v. 4. "But who shall declare the Geburah of the Lord?" Psalm 106, v. 2.

Many seek other Sulphurs, and he that hath entered the "House of the Paths" shall understand them, Proverbs, c. 8, v. 2. For the Sulphurs of Gold and Iron, the Extraction whereof is taught by many, and is easy; also of Gold, Iron and Brass; also of Gold, Iron, Copper and Antimony, which are gathered together after Fulmination by Vinegar, out of the lixivium, which are changed into a Red Oil, with a moist Hydrargyrum,---do tinge Silver. For from Proverbs, c. 21, v. 20, we know there is a Treasure to be desired and also an Oil to be found in the dwelling of a Man of Wisdom.


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