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Adam McLean's Galleries of images of witches
Woodcuts and engravings of witches coloured by Adam McLean- Page 3.
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WITCH41. 1626 Merian engraving.

WITCH42. 1635 Jacques Callot engraving 'Temptation of St Anthony'.

WITCH43. 1639 Johann Wilhelm Baur, Ovid Metamorphoses.

WITCH44. 1656 Magica de Spectris, Frankfurt.

WITCH45. 1659 Ludovicus Lavater Spectris lemuribus.

WITCH46. 1683 Gorinchemie.

WITCH47. 1684 Richard Bovet.

WITCH48. 1687 Gottlieb Spitzel Die gebrochne Macht der Finsternüß, Augspurg.

WITCH49. 1688 Anne Bodenham Nathanial Crouich 'Kingdom of Darkness'.

WITCH50. 1689 Mathers Wonders of the Invisible World.

WITCH51. 1689 Mathers Wonders of the Invisible World.

WITCH52. 1693 Nicolaus Remigius von Weiring Daemonolatria.

WITCH53. 1700 The Lancashire witches.

WITCH54. 1702 De Horlende Kollendans op Tilburn.

WITCH55. 1715 Richard Boulton A Compleat History of Magick.

WITCH56. 1720 Claude Gillot Engraving Les Sabbats.

WITCH57. 1732 Bernard Picart engraving original.

WITCH58. 1732 Bernard Picart engraving reworked.

WITCH59. 1735 Johann Wilhelm, Hexen Meil, 1753-1800.

WITCH60. 1762 Paul Sandby, The Flying machine.

All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 2017.