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Magical Journeys in Bohemia, 1998

Magical Journeys in Bohemia Web-site

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The site is dedicated to the Lore and Legends of the Czech Lands, the
Hermetic and Alchemical Traditions and their contemporary living
expressions and to our Magical Journeys, journeys which focus on an
esoteric theme and combine inner and outer exploration. This year we are
offering two journeys:

A Magical Tour of Bohemia: in the Footsteps of John Dee and Edward Kelley;
led by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, assisted by Dr Lubos Antonin, Michal Pober
and others

July 20th -27th


The Golden Salamander: the silver and the gold, an exploration of the
romance, magic and mystery of mining, metallurgy and transmutation in the
Czech lands and Slovakia.

Led by Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, assisted by Dr Lubos Antonin, Michal
Pober and others.

September 4th - 13th

They are described in some detail on the site. or are available in e-mail
form on request, as is a day-by-day itinerary.

Ongoing projects here, such as the future Alchemy Museum in Kutna Hora and
the on-going publication of the Czech Hermetic Magazine 'Logos', which we
hope will become a tri-lingual magazine [cz., eng., ger.,] will be
supported by income derived from the Magical Journeys which in turn are
designed to create a sharing of the traditions here with those who would
like to gently touch and be touched by the heart of Europe.

Please also visit the site of IKON Productions who offer Arthurian and
Grail related Journeys in Britain, are participants in our ventures in
Bohemia and offer a Secure Server payment option for our Magical Journeys,

and MOST IMPORTANTLY if you like the site and what we're doing please
tell your friends, reciprocate web-links with us and send feedback!

Thank you

Michal Pober
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