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Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
The Dragon
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A004. Engraving from Gottfried Moebius, Neu-Angezundt-Hell-brennendes Feuer, oder Mercurial-Liecht..., Augsburg, 1680.

A007. Woodcut from Andreas Libavius Commentariorum alchymiae.

A008. Frontispiece from Balduin's Aureum superius et inferius.

A009. Redrawn from a manuscript in the Manly Palmer Hall collection.

A010. Sixth woodcut from the series in Basil Valentine's Azoth.

A015. Redrawn from a 14th century manuscript in Cracow of Al-Razi's 'Opera Medicinalia'.

A018. Frontispiece from Beroalde de Verville's Le Voyage des princes fortunez.

A019. Frontispiece from Beroalde de Verville's Le Tableau des riches inventions.

A034. Frontispiece from Christopher Love Morley Collectanea chymica Leydensia, Leiden, 1693.

A035. Frontispiece from Johann Daniel Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622.

A039. Engraving from Thomas Vaughan Lumen de lumine, London, 1651.

A058. Redrawn from the frontispiece engraving to Denis Zachaire Die Natürliche Philosophia, 1724.

A068. Woodcut of triple-headed dragon from Giovanni Battista Nazari Il metamorfosi metallico, Brescia, 1564.

A078. Engraving from Sabine Stuart de Chevalier, Discours philosophique, 1781.

A079. Engraving from Michael Maier, Tripus aureus, 1618.

A089. Engraving from Ashmole, Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 1652.

A098. Engraving of Flamel's hieroglyphic figures from Des berühmten Philosophi Nicolai Flamelli Chymische Werke, 1751.

A103. Woodcut from Libavius Commentariorum alchymiae, 1606.

A109.Engraving from Malachias Geiger Microcosmus hypochondriacus, Munich, 1651.

A142. Engraving two from Michelspacher Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, 1615.

A145. Woodcut from Petrus Bonus, Pretiosa margarita novella, Venice, 1546,

A149. Engraving from Valentine's 'Twelve Keys' in the Musaeum hermeticum, Frankfurt 1678.

A154. Engraving from later edition of Flamel in Jean Maugin de Richenbourg, Bibliotheque des philosophes chimiques, Paris, 1741.

A161.Redrawn version of George Ripley's tomb.

A167. Engraving from Hermogenes, Des aufrichtigen Hermogenes Apocalypsis, Leipzig, 1739.

A195.Engraved title page from J.D. Mylius Opus Medico-chymicum, Frankfurt, 1618.

A201.Engraving from C Gesner, The Practice of the New and Old Physicke, London, 1599.

A216.Engraving from Franz Clinge Ein Richtiger-Wegweiser... Berlin, 1701.

A218.Woodcut from Toeltius Coelum reseratum chymicum... Frankfurt, 1737.

All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 1998-2004. These are available for sale as coloured prints from the alchemy web bookstore or as high resolution images on the Alchemical and hermetic emblems CD-Rom.

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