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Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
The Salamander
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A008. Frontispiece from Balduin's Aureum superius et inferius.

A050. Engraving from Musaeum hermeticum, Frankfurt, 1625.

A104. Engraved title page of Oswald Croll Basilica chymica, 1609.

A167. Engraving from Hermogenes, Des aufrichtigen Hermogenes Apocalypsis, Leipzig, 1739.

A181. Engraved tile page from Musaeum hermeticum, 1625.

A195.Engraved title page from J.D. Mylius Opus Medico-chymicum, Frankfurt, 1618.

A198.Engraved title page from J Ziegler Fermentatio, Generationis et Corruptionis causa, Basel, 1647 .

All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 1998-2004. These are available for sale as coloured prints from the alchemy web bookstore or as high resolution images on the Alchemical and hermetic emblems CD-Rom.

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