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Animal alchemy

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From: Joerg Ruther
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 11:06:53 +0000 (MESZ)


Can anyone define the third alchemic realm, the animal kingdom, and the work related to this kingdom. I have the impression, there is something like a taboo, so no one talks about this kind of alchemic work.

Second question, can someone give me advice in using balms (like olibanum, myrrhe etc) and how to extract from balms.

Any comment welcome.

From: Norm Ryder

You're right, it does almost seem to be a taboo. I have talked to some that profess a knowledge of animal alchemy and have received virtually no information. The only information seems to be a suggestion that it may involve urine in some cases; and the Paracelsus Research Society made an Oil of Egg during their second class. This Oil of Egg may be effective in reducing cholesterol levels.
I would appreciate it if some one could provide detailed information on how to produce the Oil of Egg and an indication of the beneficial effects of it. Or for that matter any other detailed information on Animal Alchemy.
It would seem that many people dabble a bit in plant alchemy and then immediately declare themselves ready to work in Mineral Alchemy and spend the rest of their lives in frustration at not achieving the Great Work.
Norm Ryder

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 23:01 NZDT
From: Pat Zalewski


Get hold of John French's book 'Art of Distillation'. Chapter 4 is on animals and here are some of the headings:
Oil and Water out of Blood in made thus:
To make magistery of Blood:
Elixer of Mummy is made thus (they forgot about daddy):
The essence of man brains:
A famous spirit out of carnium Humanum (EBBE?)
There are about another 35 listed after these including oil of egg.
Re the oil of Egg! the book states 'It cures pustules, chaps, excoriation's, ring worm and especially all burnings'.
This book was published by Para Publishers, PO.BOX 2225 Custom House Station, San Francisco. 1978.

Pat Zalewski

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 00:37:36 -0500
From: Michel Martineau

The BLACK works is the mineral
The WHITE works is the vegetal (plants)
The RED works is the animal or human, the world of emotions, because only the animals and humans can have emotions, that is why the animal lived longer than a flower, and a human lived for eternity. Therefore by transmuting or using each emotion, we create the oil of egg or the universal medicine, then by this, re- enforcing the immunity system automatically, then being very healthy, using the transmutation to create the goal we choose for our material comfort etc...

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 13:05:23 -0600
From: George Randall Leake III

Michael Martineau writes-->
>>The BLACK works is the mineral

Just to play the devil's advocate here, why is the Black (mineral) not seen as the one that lives for eternity? Was this addressed in the work you quote from?


Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 23:04:30 -0500
From: Michel Martineau


Date: Sat, 4 Nov 95 22:10 NZDT
From: Pat Zalewski

At the risk of being incredibly rude I thought I'd post an extract from John French's 'Art of Distilation'. A number of people have asked me about it and its connection to Animal alchemy. Here is one such example:
Take as many eggs as you please and boil them very hard. Then cut them in the middle and take out the yolks, filling up the cavities with some of those whites, being first bruised into a paste. Then put both sides of the eggs together as before, tie them together with thread, and with a string hang them in the middle of a gourd glass, so that they touch not the sides. Stop this glass very close and set it in the balneum. You shall see those whites which were bruised drop down into a liquor which you must gather up out of the bottom of the glass and keep.
You will have very little of this liquor.
This liquor applied to any green wound with a feather cures it presently, wheresoever it be, without any visible scar. It cures most wonderfully all wounds in the eyes.'
The green wound here may relate to gangrene. In the old days an open onion or garlic also did a pretty good job on festering wounds. It would be interesting to do this experiment and see what is exactly in the finished product. Perhaps Tom in Sunny Queensland may be able to help with this one! I must admit I am not game enough to try this one on one of my wife's patients! A good lab analysis of the medicine has never been done - to the best of my knowledge!

Pat Zalewski

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 95 14:58 NZDT
From: Pat Zalewski

A number of you have expressed interest in Animal Alchemy and I referred to 'Art of Distillation' by John French which had some pearls in it in previous posts. Some years ago I came across a page on the Animal Stone in the RAMs publication 'Spagyric Medicine' translated from the French by Leone Muller from a 1925 publication. Page 40. The term animal here relates to the uses of Sea Water. Though it is only just under a page and it is worth reading. According to the text it cures 'all parts of the body, cure lepra, gout, calculi, syphilis, paralysis, dropsy, consumption, cancer, and all inveterate diseases'. It's a pretty big wish list (and no I haven't made it) and it is one of the reasons that I always am more then a little sceptical about some of the alchemical claims of old texts. Here it is for those of you that want to try it.
'Take some of our sea water. It must be healthy and clean. Take 40 measures (quarts) . leave it for a whole month in a dark heat, so that it can properly putrefy . The longer it stays thus, the more spirit it will give. Then distill it in ash, and a spirit strong as fire will come out of it. This spirit must be well rectified and poured back on the black mass that is left behind, then distilled by degrees. Now a beautiful crystalline salt will rise to the head. rectify it and preserve it well, lest it fly away. Calcine the body that is left till it is brown. Then extract from it its fixed white salt with its phlegm. Distill a spirit from this same salt into which you must pour, drop by drop, the first volatile spirit turned into water, which will cause it to roar strongly. Now remove the phlegm form it, gently, in the BM. At the bottom of the vessel a white gum will be left, which enclose in the Philosophers egg and cook in a steam bath until it congeals into a stone of transparent ruby colour. This, with 6 to 12 grains will cure all inner and outer diseases...'

Needless to say if anyone of you out there try it I would like some feedback. I do suggest that if you want more pears contained in this book to contact RAMS .

Pat Zalewski