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Hermetic Journal 1987

1987 Issues 35/36/37/38

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  • The Key to Hermetic Philosophy - Joseph R. Ritman
  • Speculations on the Monad and its Mathematics - Chris Pickering
  • Introduction to the Hermetic Adepti - Ron Heisler
  • The Fountain of Philosophers - Mark Haeffner
  • Deeper Roots of the Golden Dawn - Rafal Prinke
  • The Little Key to the Gate of the Palace of Pentagrams - Harald Sundt
  • Fractal Universes, Recursion and our Inner World - Adam McLean
  • Notes on the "Twelve Keys" of Basil Valentine - Adam McLean
  • Alchemical Mandala No 32
  • Yeats and the Unknown Superiors: Swedenborg, Falk and Cagloiostro - Marsha Keith Schuchard
  • The Name of God and the Covenant of Abraham - Gavin S. Bennett
  • Altar of the Theraphic Brotherhood Fraternitatis Crucis RoseŠ
  • The Sevenfold Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
  • Hermetic Symbolism in a Masonic Engraving - Adam McLean
  • The Occult Centre in Cracovia - Rafal T. Prinke
  • Palaces, Mansions and Shells in a Kabbalistic Diagram of Rosenroth
  • The Statue and the Seed: The Mountains of the Moon - Graham Knight
  • The Mute Book of Angels - Kevin Wilby
  • Daath, Kether and the Event Horizon - Gavin S. Bennett