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Hermetic Journal 1990


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  • The Impact of Freemasonry on Elizabethan Literature - Ron Heisler
  • Michael Sendivogius and Christian Rosenkreutz - Rafal Prinke
  • Some Hidden Sources of the Florentine Renaissance - Graham Knight
  • A Short Confession of Henry Khunrath
  • The Everburning Lights ascribed to Trithemius
  • The Vision of Ben Adam
  • The Sevenfold Adam Kadmon and His Sephiroth - Paul Krzok
  • The Spine in Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
  • Philip Ziegler - The Rosicrucian "King of Jerusalem" - Ron Heisler
  • Towards Gnosis: Exegesis of Valle-Inclán's la lampara Maravillosa. - Robert Lima
  • The Journey of Frederick Gall
  • General Rainsford : An Alchemical and Rosicrucian Enthusiast - Adam McLean
  • A Letter from a Hermetic Philosopher from Ms in British Library
  • Shakespeare and Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler
  • Two Diagrams of D.A. Freher
  • Some Golden Moments - Nick Kollerstrom