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Islamic Alchemy

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From: "Scott "Omar" Davis"

Respected Readers of "alchemy-forum"

I am seeking source and reference material on two Islamic Alchemist/Philosophers...with the twin sisters of "Islam" and "Historical Science/Philosophy (not the modern "Godless" kind") being my personal bent.

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) & Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

"Averroes (1126-98)", called "the commentator" by Thomas Aquina, composed 38 treatises on the various works of Aristotle, as well as original tracts on astronomy, physics, and medicine. The guiding principle of all his writings was that philosophy, and religion must all agree----a long held but often, forgotten Islamic principle.
I would very much to locate and obtain a copy of "The Incoherence of the Incoherence", by Ibn Rushd (Averoes) (c.1180; Eng. Trans, 1954).......If anyone out there knows the source of such a book, please let me know.

Ibn Sina (980-1937) (Avicenna) --- attempted as many others tried, to reconcile, Islam & Philosophy. He saw matter as passive and creation as the act of instilling existence into this passive substance; and demonstrated that only in God are being and existence one.---Much of his work has been translated into English...

I am looking for anything in English or Arabic by either of the above "Magicians"

Any info or "leads" would be greatly appreciated.

Scott "Omar" Davis

From: "Jon Marshall"

I haven't actually seen most of these but:

Avicenna De congelatione et conglutinatione lapidum Trans and edited by Holmyard and Mandeville Paris 1927

Stapleton et al "Two alchemical treatises attributed to Avicenna" AMBIX 10 pp41-82 1962.

Afnan, Avicenna his life and works Allen & unwin 1958.

Corbin Avicenna and the visionary recital

Homyard "the Arabic text of Avicenna's Mineralia" Nature 117 27 Feb 1922 p305

Wickens G,M ed Avicenna :scientist and Philosopher: 1952.

These suggestions come from pPritchard's invaluable bibliography of alchemy.

Some entries from the university library catalogue:

Davidson, Herbert A. (Herbert Alan).Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes on intellect. Oxford University Press, 1992

Gutas, Dimitri. Avicenna and the Aristotelian tradition. E.J. Brill, 1988

Morewedge, Parviz. Metaphysica of Avicenna (ibn Sina) : a critical introduction. Routledge & Kegan Paul [1973]

Averroes, 1126-1198. Averroes' questions in physics. Kluwer Academic Publ DATE :c1991
(Note this is just a catalogue entry, not an actually book- so it may not be
released yet).

Sadly there is little on Arabic Alchemy of easy availability in English. One
recent book is:

Syed Nomanul Haq Names, Natures and Things (on Jabir and the books of stones) Kluwer pubs 1994.

And JD Holmes reprints Al-Iraqi Book of knowledge acquired concerning the cultivation of gold, trans Homyard.

Hope this isn't too redundant.


From: "Jon Marshall"

Visited the local Theosophic bookshop yesterday they had Averoes Incoherence of the incoherence, volumes 1+2 bound as one for $77.00 AUS. That is about $60.00 US. Published by the Gibb memorial trust.

I have a vague feeling that they used to have vols 3+4 bound as a second volume, but I'm not sure and neither were they.