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Alchemy and spagyria conference


The Association of Spagyric Medicine and Alchemical philosophy is happy to present the 3rd International Congress of Spagyria and Alchemy which will be organized at Abano Terme (Padova), Italy, at the A.T.P. Kursaal, in the centre of the city Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May 1997, starting at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday .
The cost of the congressional meeting is 250000 Italian liras .

For more information the Secretarial office of the Congress can be contacted at 39 - 547 - 601001.
Associazione di Medicina Spagyrica e della filosofia Alchemica
Via 1=B0 traversa Botticelli, 25 70033 - Corato (BA)
Via F. Parri, 720 47023 - Cesena (FO)
Tel. 39 - 547 - 601001
Fax 39 - 547 - 600966


Program of the 3rd International Congress of Spagyria and Alchemy

Saturday 17 May

09:30 GIANCARLO SALOMONI (Moderator) - Opening of Congress with welcome.
10:00 LUIGI VERNACCHIA (Italy) - Laboratory techniques of Alchemy and Spagyria.
11:00 Doctor EMILIO DE DATA (Italy) - Energy as the source of vital phenomena between the microcosm (Nar) and the macrocosm (Universe).
12:00 Doctor CLAUDIO SANTI (Italy) - "Meso Segmental" therapy and the hermetic theory of the 5 elements of Alchemy.
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Doctor JOSEPH CANNILLO ( Italy) - Presentation of the theory of law energy trasmutation.
16:00 Rabbi BNEI BARUCH (Israel) - The interpretation of the divine Cosmic Consciousness through Kabbala.
19:00 Round table debate.
19:30 End of Congress.

Sunday 18 May

09:00 JOHN REID III (U.S.A.) - Presentation and practical techniques of the Alchemical vegetable stone.
13:00 Lunch.
14:30 Doctor PETRI MURIEN (India) - The Philosophical Universal Stone in relation to Way of Cinnabar and its relation to potable gold.
19:00 Round table debate.
19:30 End of Congress.

For other information or confirmation on coming to the International Congress, please call 39-547-601001 in Italian.
In English, please call 39-80-8987548.