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The book of XXII hermetic leaflets:
Each of which reveals a spagyric arcana and clearly shows one of the 22 operations or doors of the real practice.
Explained in signs intelligible to all the followers of Hermes who seek the light of increase.
By Kerdanec de Pornic, a disciple of Dom Pernety, who began this work on June 24, 1763, the very day of its first transmutation, in testimony of gratitude and ended it on June 31, 1763.
MS Fr 520. Houghton Library, Harvard University. Manuscript, 1763 June 24-31.
Translated by Adam McLean.

Arcanum 1: Extraction
The first material is a black Dragon and is all covered with scales. It is found in the earth. It is our Chaos containing our still hidden steel.

Take this mineral alone.

Arcanum 2: Attraction
The visible secret sulphur that must expel arsenical sulphur from the first material by becoming invisible. It is our magnet that attracts and makes the steel of the Sages appear.

Choose this soft and very pure.

Arcanum 3: Calcination
Cut the head off the Dragon by the philosophical separation of arsenical sulphur to have the conjoined magnet and steel, that is the body of our still very impure hermaphrodite.

Grind [Antimony] to a powder add half the weight of [Iron].
Then mix in black [tartar].
Make a violent fire. We obtain the [magnet] of the wise by the death of [black sulphur]. But the [Arsenic] remains in the body. It must be driven out by [Nitre or Saltpetre].

Arcanum 4: Purification
To make the star of the Sages appear, which marks the birth of the royal child by the purification of our magnetic steel.

Reduce [The Magnet of the Sages] to powder, mix with subtle [nitre or salpetre].
Make a very violent fire.
Repeat three times. We obtain [the Star of the Sages] by the escape of the [Arsenic].

Arcanum 5: Dissolution
Philosophical Dissolution by the Secret Fire: Dissolve the body to draw the viscous gum of the Sages or its incombustible oil.

Grind [the Star of the Sages] well and add to it intimately in double weight.
Be careful of the strength of the fire which needs to be graduated.
We obtain [the gum or putrefied mercury].

Arcanum 6: Animation
Animate the viscous gum by adding the astral quintessence or the brandy of the Sages to form the royal hermaphrodite.

Sprinkle [the gum or putrefied mercury] with [absolutely pure sublimated mercury], then distill over a low heat.
We obtain [the sulphur or amalgam of the Philosophers].

Arcanum 7: Sublimation
Purify and clean our royal hermaphrodite for philosophical sublimation in order to bring it to light in its nakedness that manifests its beauty. It is the philosophical quintessence, the true Salt of the Sages, the compound of the compound, finally the universal medicine of the first kind.

Sublimate [the sulphur or amalgam of the Philosophers] 3 to 7 times, then 7 to 10 times by a soft and progressive fire.

Arcanum 8: Decomposition
Cook the compound to coagulate it by the death of the philosophical body and resurrect it by its astral soul.

The reign of Mercury. Duration of four philosophical weeks.
Vague and indecisive changing colours.
The form inside the vessel: Continuous circulation.
Place [the salt of the sages] in the philosophical egg. Seal it tightly by the lamp and put it on a fire that should be kept constant and ensure that it does not go out.

Arcanum 9: Putrefaction
The compound dissolves completely and dies.

The reign of Venus. Duration of six philosophical weeks.
Very intense black colour.
The form inside the vessel: Intermittent bubbling.
Keep the fire very even.

Arcanum 10: Regeneration
The philosophical embryo forms in the matrix of the Sages.

The reign of Jupiter. Duration of three philosophical weeks.
Colours very varied and transient rather dark but sometimes appearing white.
The form inside the vessel: Sublimation up into filaments.
The fire is rather weaker than during the previous reign.

Arcanum 11: Ablution
The wise men purify the philosophers' brass to form the white sulfur.

The reign of the Moon. Duration three philosophical weeks.
Very clear and varied colours that lead to perfect white.
The form inside the vessel: Small granules.
Uniform fire, very equal towards the end of the reign of the Moon.

Arcanum 12: Vegetation
The philosophical fetus becomes a plant of the Sages.

The reign of Saturn. Duration of six philosophical weeks.
Of a green colour, then blue, darkening by degrees to become violet purple.
Make sure to control the fire with great care because the plant could become as fixed as the glass and the compound would be dead for eternity.

Arcanum 13: Flowering
The Flower of the Wise grows after the philosophical plant.

The reign of Mars. Duration of five philosophical weeks.
Lemon yellow colour then all the colours of the peacock tail, ending in orange yellow.
The form inside the vessel: strange snakes.
Monitor the fire with the utmost attention. Avoiding it becoming too strong.

Arcanum 14 : Fruiting
The fruit ripens on the philosophical plant of the wise.

It is the red sulfur and incombustible true universal medicine of the second kind.
The reign of the Sun. Duration four philosophical weeks.
The colour of poppy fields or bright red blood. Smell of calcined common salt.
The form inside the vessel: Small, very bright granulations that philosophers call their Solar atoms.
Watch the fire. Take care that it does not rise because the compound would become liquid like glass and destroy itself. Remove the child from his mother's womb.

Arcanum 15: Preparation of the Ferment
Make the burning sulfur which contains the soul of the sun and which will be used to make the elixir of the sages.

Melt the Gold with a sufficient fire. When the fusion is perfect, add through small pieces, a weight three times less of [the sulphur of Philosophers]. We obtain [the Elixir].

Arcanum 16: Fermentation
Put the child back in the belly of his mother to make him the supernatural son of the Sun.

The 7 reigns in order, total duration eight philosophical weeks. All colours appear in the order of the reigns.
All the interior forms previously described in their natural succession.
Put in the matrass [the Elixir] with a double proportion of handle the fire according to the requirements of the seven reigns. We obtain [the first degree powder of projection].
Take the child out of his mother's womb.

Arcanum 17: Cibation
Feed the supernatural son of the Sun with the milk of the Sages to draw the philosophical amalgam.

Join [the first degree powder of projection] with double the weight of [gold amalgamated with mercury], operate gently using [philosophical amalgam] to obtain a perfect result.

Arcanum 18: Exaltation
Cook the philosophical amalgam to focus the developing light that has to come out of the darkness.

The eight reigns in order. Total duration four philosophical weeks. All colours in their order.
Inner forms in the order already described. Put [philosophical amalgam] in the philosophical egg.
Control the fire according to the requirements of each of the seven reigns.
Take the out of the egg.

Arcanum 19: Imbibition.
Soak the developing light with its exuberant oil to form the auriferous paste.

Grind three parts of the with one part of [Gold amalgamated with mercury] to obtain [the gold paste].

Arcanum 20: The greatest Perfection
Cook the auriferous paste to make it into the Philosopher's Stone, the medicine of the third kind and universal panacea, which is the crown of the Sages.

The seven kingdoms. Total duration two philosophical weeks.
All colours in the order of their reigns.
All interior forms in their order. Put [the gold paste] in the egg, seal it tightly control the fire carefully to obtain the [third philosophers' stone].

Arcanum 21 : Multiplication
Multiply the Philosopher's Stone or Crown of the Sages a thousand, thousand times.

The seven reigns. Total time one philosophical week. All colours in the order of their reigns.
All interior forms in their order. Enclose it with three parts of Mercury and cook gently.
Regulate the fire well. Repeat twice more, each time the potency is multiplied by a thousand.
This gives the supreme force of the three kingdoms.

Arcanum 22 : Projection
To make the transmutation.

Wrap [the third philosopher's stone] in white wax, plunge it into lead, tin, or mercury and melt it, as shown.
The selected metal is converted into pure gold.

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