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Practical alchemy archives - Definition of Iliaster

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 1997
From: Coulombe Patrice

forum members,

Can anyone give me some clue or can guide me about
the definition of the neologism "iliaster" (or yliaster, yliastrum, etct..)
used by Paraselsus? It seems to have different meanings.

Patrice Coulombe

From: Cecilia Rennie
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997

I think Jung talks about the Iliaster in his work on Paracelsus. It is the
filius, and the spirit of light (aster = star).

Best wishes

From: Alberto I. LaCava
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997

From "Paracelsian Phenomenal Realities", from the lessons of a Templar
School, no references (i'll try to get biblographic reference by next week)

Iliaster or Yliaster:

"Prima Materia, Akasha, the hidden essence in nature by which all things
grow and multiply; Iliaster Primus: life-essence; Iialster secundus: power
of life inherent in nature; Iliaster Tertius: astral power of humankind;
Iliaster quartus: perfection, the power obtained by squaring the circle".

Alberto I. LaCava

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997
From: Jeffrey

Rulandus in his dictionary defines iliaster as "the occult virtue of nature,
by which all thing increase, are nourished, ultiply and quicken, . .it is
understood variously concerning the elements and concerning man. In the
elements it is the vegetative essences of Nature. . .and it is called chaos.
. .(it) is the first chaos of the matter of all things, constituted of
sulphur, salt and mercury. There is nothing in the wide nature of things
which does not consist of this triplicity, and these are the three principles
of Theophrastus." He goes onto say that there are 4 illiasters as applied
the men, the first constituting the span of life as found in man, the second
as found in the elements, the third is the prepared span of life derived from
the quintessences of things and the fourth, is the passge of mind and soul
into the other world, as when Enoch ascended. In short, the last is the
attainment of the immortality of the physical body. So far Rulandus.