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The Philosophers of Nature

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The Philosophers of Nature
125 West Front Street, Suite 263-m
Wheaton, IL 60187 USA

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The Philosophers of Nature was formed in 1986 with the initial objective of translating into English the four courses produced by Les Philosophes de la Nature (LPN) in France, and then to make these courses available to English speakers around the world. Since 1992, our organization has hosted several intensive workshops featuring hands-on instruction on the course materials and the latest information from research being conducted in North America and France. The Philosophers of Nature publishs a newsletter, and has produced video tapes and transcripts of workshops. We are available for lectures to groups.

People generally take these courses:
  1. To learn about these important, yet rarely accessible, fields of study within the Western Inner Tradition.
  2. To learn how to apply what is taught in the courses; the objective here being to develop the skills needed to progress in one's inner journey on the Path of Return. The courses are designed to provide the tools and information needed to achieve Initiation. In this context, we refer to the conscious reconnection with the higher levels of ones Inner Being. Inner Initiation is a prerequisite before one can make any significant use of the Alchemical and Qabalistic tools provided.
One may take more than one course at a time, the only restriction being that one must also subscribe to the Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge course during their first year. Sample lessons are available for a small fee.

Course 1: Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge

This is a one year (12 lesson) course designed to provide the background and overview needed to make efficient and appropriate use of the materials in the Alchemical and Qabalistic courses. Study and practice of the lessons will help to accomplish two major objectives:
  1. An awakening, through reading, of the awareness of the Path of Return and its significance.
  2. The establishment of a line of communications between the 'little king' and the 'Great King', through conscientious practice of the exercises Course material includes: Fundamental esoteric principles, the nature of the Macrocosm and Microcosm - Nature and Man, passive and active symbolism, numbers and cycles, ritual, meditation and prayer, the powers, the secret sciences, universal justice, the seven commandments of the Fama Fraternitatis, and service and the Invisible Order.

Course 2: Qabala

This a 6 year (72 lesson) course which consists largely of practical instruction, different from most information found in popular books on the subject. This course is rather concentrated and does require some work. It provides, in 6 years, teachings that are often spread out over a period of thirty or more years. Content includes:
  • Clear and concise theoretical presentation of the qabalistic world view,
  • Manipulation of the Universal Energy to produce an energetic and spiritual evolution of the body,
  • The use of rituals which allow one to act selectively on the psychic energies to reestablish the preliminary balance needed for Inner Initiation,
  • The study of the paths of the Tree of Life to assist the individual in understanding his or her level of Inner Initiation and to progress further on their Path, and
  • Practical aspects of Qabala.

Courses 3 and 4: Alchemy

The Alchemical courses are in two parts. All processes are expressed clearly and are devoid of the secrecy often associated with these teachings:

  1. Spagyrics is a 2 year (48 lesson) course which teaches the preparation and uses of herbal elixirs, particularly the seven planetary elixirs used to rebalance the spiritual centers in the human body, the processes followed to obtain the vegetable stone (Opus Minor), the method for extracting the universal seed from rain water, and similar processes. Theoretical, practical and philosophical aspects of spagyrics are developed in the course materials. Theory on philosophical mercury and the alkahests is also given.
  2. Mineral Alchemy is presently a 7 year (84 lesson) course, which follows the Spagyrics course. Course work focuses on Alchemy in the mineral and metallic realm with practical work on preparation of menstruums, paths for making animated mercury, separation of the three essentials, and numerous other works. Techniques of Alchemical meditation are included. Additional courses are under development based on continuing research in Europe.

The Philosophers of Nature is a non-profit association incorporated in the State of Colorado. The organization is not part of any fraternal order or any esoteric organization, having chosen to remain unbound by any oath of obligation or any vow of secrecy, so that we can teach without artificial restrictions. We are primarily a research and educational group, without hierarchy, without secrets, within which everything is made available to the researcher. Our path has 'no guru, no master, no priest', and respects the need of each individual to enter the Alchemical Sanctuary in complete freedom.

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