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The Alchemy Reference Library

Bibliographic information about alchemical books and manuscripts Introductory reading list on alchemy - Database of alchemical books - Database of alchemical manuscripts - List of authors of alchemical books - Listing of modern books on alchemy - Provisional bibliography of the books of the English Bohemists - Libraries and special collections of alchemical books and manuscripts - Alchemical compendia - Statistical charts showing the history of alchemical publications - Lighter reading - some novels etc.

Transcriptions of alchemical and Rosicrucian texts [over 175 texts.] Various alchemical texts - English alchemical verse from the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum - Various pieces on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes - The works of Sir George Ripley - Some pieces of Nicolas Flammel - Some works of Sendivogius - Alchemical allegories - Rosicrucian texts - Literary works influenced by alchemy - Texts from the Musaeum Hermeticum

Biographies of alchemists and hermetic philosophers of 16th/17th centuries [72 entries]

Articles on alchemical and hermetic themes [42 articles] Articles by Adam McLean, Rafal T. Prinke, Ron Heisler, Joseph Caezza, A.M. House, Layne Little and others.

Provisional list of over 300 scholarly articles on alchemy

Provisional list of Ph.D theses on alchemy

Alchemical transcriptions project [9 texts at present.]

Indian alchemy

Islamic alchemy in the context of Islamic Science [Section organised by Professor Ead.]

Some alchemical texts in Spanish [donated by Santiago Jubany.]

Alchemical texts in German

Alchemical texts in French

Alchemical texts in Italian

Alchemical texts in Russian [translated by Gleb Butuzov.]

Some Alchemy related true type fonts [provided by Norman Ryder]