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Orthelius series

[These 12 engravings are found in Commentarius in Novum Lumen Chymicum Michaelis Sendivogii Poloni, XII. figuris in Germania repertis illustratum, included in Theatrum Chemicum, 1661, vi. p. 397, also in Manget, Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa,1702, ii, p. 516.]
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Orthelius series of 12 engravings.

Figure 1. Hills with stream running down cliff into river.
Figure 2. Round, brick built furnace with retort receiving apparatus.
Figure 3. Two distilling furnaces with retort receiving apparatus set upon stools.
Figure 4. Man working pestle in a large mortar. Liquid pours from flat vessel on table into round receiver.
Figure 5. Flask is set on table in front of a window on the left, and exposed to light. On the right is a square furnace.
Figure 6. Illustration is split into two parts. On the left a wooden bucket full of a brown earth stands on an open plain. On the right a bucket full of green vegetation stands under the Moon, Sun and Stars.
Figure 7. A man stands and stirs the contents of a large wooded bucket. Beside him is a small bucket on a chair.
Figure 8. A man seated at a table uses compasses, and holds a long roll of paper. Through the open door we look out on a miner with hammer and chisel working in a cave.
Figure 9. A man seated at a table shapes the neck of a flask.
Figure 10. Two Furnaces. That on the left is a tall cylindrical furnace of light brown bricks, while on the right is a square furnace of blue bricks.
Figure 11. A scene of a man ploughing a field while behind him another casts the seed. On the left is a hut within which a man is seen.
Figure 12. Shows a tower and a low round wall like that around a well. From this well a pillar of smoke arises. On the right is a strange egg shaped enclosure with the pans of a scales. This is set on a hemispherical shape with what could be a space below for heating up the egg shape above.