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Synesius' Epilogue on the Emerald Tablet.

This epilogue to the true book of Synesius is included in Basil Valentine His Triumphant Chariot of Antimony, with annotations of Theodore Kirkringius. M.D. With The True Book of the Learned Synesius a Greek Abbot taken out of the Emperour's Library, concerning the Philosopher's Stone. London, 1678.
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The Epilogue according to Hermes.

Thus art thou to separate the earth from the fire, the gross from the subtil gently, with great Judgment, that is to say, separate the parts that are united to the Furnace, by the dissolution and separation of the parts, as the earth from the fire, the subtile from the gross, &c. that is to say, the more pure substance of the stone, until thou hast got it clean, and free from all spots or filth. And when he saith, it ascends from the earth up into Heaven and returns again into the earth, there is no more to be understood by it then the Sublimation of the Bodies. Further, to explain what distillation is, he sayes the Wind carryes it in its belly, that is, when the water is distilled by the Alembick, where it first ascends by a wind full of Fume and Vapour, and afterwards returns to the bottom of the Vessel in water again. When he would also express the congelation of the matter, he sayes, Its force is absolute, if it be turned into earth, that is to say, be converted by decoction. And to make a general demonstration of all hath been said, he sayes, It shall receive both the inferior and superior force, that is to say, that of the Elements, for as much as, if the Medicine receive the force of the lighter parts, that is to say, air and fire, it shall also receive that of the more grave and weighty parts, changing itself into water and earth, to the end, that the Matters being thus perpetually joined together, may have permanence, durance, constancy, and stability. Glory be to God.
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