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Alchemy texts archives - Comte de Saint Germain

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From: Adam McLean
Date: 17th April 1997

Does anyone have any bibliographic information on the Comte de Saint Germain? I would like to draw up a list of sources on this enigmatic personality.

Adam McLean

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
From: Joel Tetard

In my opinion, the best scholar study seems to be the little enquiry
written by René Alleau in his reprint of Saint Germain's "La Très Sainte
Trinosophie", published by Denoel (previously Retz Editions) in the
excellent "Bibliotheca Hermetica" collection in 1971

I did a VERY quick research this morning and the following list is
obviously a "point de depart".

- Paul Chacornac, "le Comte de Saint Germain", Paris, Chacornac Frères,
- Grillot de Givry, "Le Musée des Sorciers, Mages et Alchimistes",
Paris, 1929 (reprints are available)
- Maurice Heim, "Le vrai visage du Comte de Saint Germain", Paris,
Gallimard, 1957
- Jean Moura et Paul Louvet, "Saint Germain, le Rose-Croix immortel",
Paris Gallimard, 1934. Reprint Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, 1973
- E. Horn : "François Rakoczy II, Prince de Transylvanie", Paris, 1906
- Jacques Sadoul, "Le trésor des Alchimistes", Paris, Editions J'ai Lu,

Best regards


Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997
From: Michal Pober

Dear Adam,

he had some connections here in the czech lands, just as he apparently did
everywhere, and next week, when my mentor is back, i'll send you chapter
and verse on that.

meanwhile two very minor side-pieces:
the 'church universal and triumphant', a controversial group now based in
montana, under the leadership of elizabeth clare-prophet, co-opts st.
germain as an 'ascended master' along with jesus, mohamed [i believe] and

secondly, a ludibrium:

at a party given by the comte, unspecified time and place, a guest
buttonholed the butler who was serving drinks, and asked him :

'excuse me, do you mind if i ask you, is it true what they say about your
master, that he was present at the trial of jesus, before pontius pilate?'

'i'm sorry sir, i can't answer your question, i've only had the honour of
serving my master for the last four hundred years.'


From: Jon Marshall
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997

Sorry this is really obvious but

jean overton fuller's Comte de Saint Germain: Last scion of the house of Rakoczy

is the best source i've seen- despite her refusal to admit he was doing alchemy
(esoteric and laboratory)- which is obvious from the sources she quotes and the
work he was doing.

The problem is most of his alchemy seems to have been 'industrial'- large scale
projects, so its focus around traditional laboratory problems is lost on her.

People forget that even people like Charnock, Fludd, Starkey and so on were
heavily involved in this kind of large scale project...

Anyway she also argues that the trinosophia is not by st.germain but by
possibly by Cagliostro, which is possible.


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
From: George Leake

I'm sure you are aware of Foucault's Pendulum. And Holy Blood, Holy Grail
(wasn't Germain said to be one of the heads of the Priory du Sion?)

George Leake

Date: Thu, 1 May 1997
From: Jon Stevenson

Mr. McLean:

For what it's worth. I know that Elizabeth Clare Prophet (she of the
Church Universal and Triumphant) has written extensively about St.
Germain. Whatever you may think of her other works, this book seems to
have a few nuggets of gold in it...

Just an humble suggestion.


Date: Wed, 7 May 1997
From: Michal Pober

A little more info I was able to glean re the intriguing comte, some
bibliographical, a little about his possible contact with the Czech lands.
For this information I must give credit to Dr Lubos Antonin of the National
Museum in Prague.
There is a speculative account of St Germain being connected with a high
esoteric circle in Litomerice, North Bohemia, with the name St. Jakub
[Jacob] in its title. this group in turn was connected with the Asian
Brothers' circle.

There was also supposedly a friendship between Count Maximilian Lamberg and
St. Germain. Lamberg was also a friend of Casanova who spent the last
thirteen years of his life as he librarian of an arisocratic estate called
Duchovive, also in N. Bohemia. This friendship is well documented by a
collection of over a hundred reciprocal letters.
Lamberg published an account of his life entitled : Memorial d'un mondain.
So far i've only seen a catalogue entry for the book, which is held in
several castle libraries here.
The reference I have in front of me is as follows:

Memorial d'un mondain
Nouv.ed. revue, corr. et augmentee. Tome I.II.
A Londres, s.t., MDCCLXXVI /1776/
Par Jos.Max., comte de Lamberg (Barbier, III.,262,d)

I'll try to get hold of the book in the next couple of weeks and answer the
big question as to what, if anything, it says about the Comte de St.

One other reference I have come up with is a German translation, from what
language is not clear:

Das Leben Eines Alchimisten
Nach grossenteils unveroffentlichen Urkunden
Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von GUSTAV BERTHOLD VOLZ

Hope this is of some help.