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Alchemy texts archives - The 'Herbarium' of Paracelsus

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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998
From: Brian May

Does anyone know anything about the "Herbarium" of Paracelsus which
describes the occult properties of thirty-six plants, and also minerals
and precious stones?

Sometime ago Adam suggested some old Eglish texts to me but I could not find
them here in my town. Would there be any other source?

Thanks and regards,


From: Adam McLean
Date: 17th June 1998

Paracelsus his dispensatory and chirurgery... Faithfully Englished, by. W.D.
London. 1656.
[Extracts translated from 'Herbarius', 'Die grosse Wundartzney' and 'De vita longa'.]

There is a copy in Glasgow University Library