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The Mebes (1937) Tarot.

George Ottonovich Mebes (1869 - 1930), usually identified only by his initial G.O.M., gave a series of lectures or lessons on tarot to the disciples in his Initiation School of Western Esoterism. In 1912 these were published under the title The Course or Encyclopedia of Occultism .

In a later edition published in Shanghai in 1937 (in Russian) there appeared a series of illustrations of the tarot, printed in blue ink. Some commentators have suggested that these illustrations were by the well known Russian artist Masjutin, but they are obviously by an artist much inferior to Masjutin. You can see Masjutin's tarot paintings here.
Tarot exhibitions.
The Masjutin Tarot - probably the first art tarot.
The Mebes (1937) Tarot.
The Kashmir Tarot.
The Chapel at Avenieres.

Projects in progress

Descriptive Database of published tarots. This is initially based on my own collection. About 1100 items have been entered into the database to date, and I have appointed an art history student to work with me over the coming months to complete the listing. So expect further updates over the next few months.

Descriptive Database of unpublished tarots. In parallel with the descriptive catalogue of published tarots I have been able to find a colleague, Stacy Flinn, here in Scotland, willing to help build a catalogue of unpublished tarot designs. I myself have gathered some hundreds of these over the last years and as some of these are astounding, it would be good to have these in a catalogue which I could eventually place on this website. I will report on progress with this later and post the database onto the web site. I have called on members of the Tarot Collectors Forum to help by sharing information about such unpublished tarots.

Funding through series of private auctions. In order to raise some funding for projects, I am planning a series of auctions of duplicates from my tarot collection. These will be private auctions only open to those who have registered in advance by emailing

1 - The Magician

2 - The High Priestess

3 - The Empress

4 - The Emperor

5 - The Hierophant

6 - The Lovers

7 - The Chariot

8 - Justice

9 - The Hermit

10 - The Wheel of Fortune

11 - Strength

12 - The Hanged man

13 - Death

14 - Temperance

15 - The Devil

16 - The Tower

17 - The Star

18 - The Moon

19 - The Sun

20 - Judgement

21 - The Fool

22 - The World