The Centre for Tarot Art

The creation of a tarot by holding an exhibition by various artists would appear to be a new emerging form.
We have seen a few of these over the last few years. Here is the beginning of a list:

2001 Tarot 90, Colectivo de Arte 90, Cadiz, 2001.
2008 Arcanos Argentinos, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
2008 Tattoo Tarot, Germany.
2009 The Hive Tarot based on a collaborative exhibition in the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.
2009 Spill Performance Tarot, UK.
2009 Il Diavolo & l'Acquasanta Tarocchi Fantastici, Italy.
2010 Tarot of Montreal, Maison de la Culture, Montreal.
2010 The Lowbrow Tarot Project, Los Angeles.
2010 The Hive Tarot II based on a collaborative exhibition in the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.
2010 Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project, National Arts Club, New York.
2010 Tarot: An artists' vision of the future. International group show in Brussels & Paris.
2011 Tarot : A Hayward Touring/Focal Point Gallery exhibition, UK.
2011 Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome.
2011 Super Punch Tarot, an exhibition of tarot designs by a number of artists held at the Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida.
2011 The Hive Tarot III based on a collaborative exhibition in the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.
2011 Spill Tarot Exhibition, Barbican, London.
2012 First Stuckist Tarot Card Exhibition, Islington Arts Factory, London.
2012 Cantada 2, this famous "rock" bar in Paris hosted an exhibition (21 photographers and a painter created the 22 majors, and the minors were designed by "Denis Grrr" with digital software).

Exhibitions of individual artists:

2004 Le Tarot photographique de Jean-Jacques Salvador exhibition at the Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer.
2004 The tarot designs for Le Tarot de Sète were originally created by the artist d'Hervé DiRosawere as silkscreens on canvas for an exhibition in Montpellier in April 2004.
2004 I Tarocchi del ta Matete by Ugo Nespolo, was issued by the gallery Ta Matete in Rome in 2004 as a promotional pack for their exhibition Cinenespolo by Nespolo.
2008 The Cirque de Whimsy Tarot created by the american artist Carol DeVall as hand tinted linocuts, was part of an exhibition in Lincoln, Nebraska.
2010 Jak Flash Major Arcana photographic exhibition in Birmingham, UK.
2010 Aya Takano's exhibition was held at the Frieder Burda Museum in Germany.
2010 Alexander Daniloff created 22 tarot paintings as the subject of the exhibition Cartomania in the Galleria Quadrupede in Rome.
2011 The designs for the Secret Language of Birds Tarot by Linda Sutton were on exhibition at the Piers Feetham Gallery in London.
2011 Francesco Clemente: The Tarot was exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy.
2012 Series of 22 tarot etchings by Judy Woodborne were on exhibition at The South African Print Gallery, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.
2012 The original oil paintings by Harry and Nicola Wendrich for the recently published Golden Dawn Temple Tarot were on exhibition at the Grail Centre Gallery in Glastonbury.
2012 The designs for Lisa Chow's recently published tarot were part of the exhibition "Oracle" at Space Montrose in Houston, Texas in April 2012.
2012 Exhibition of tarot designs by George Pantoulas in the Tailor Made Cafe in Athens.
2012 Antonio Possenti I Tarocchi series of coloured drawings was the subject of an exhibition at the Vallardi Galleria d'Art in Sarzana in North West Italy.
2012 Hexen 2.0 by Suzanne Treister was exhibited at the Science Museum in London.
Tarot exhibitions.
The Masjutin Tarot - probably the first art tarot.
The Mebes (1937) Tarot.
The Kashmir Tarot.
The Chapel at Avenieres.

Projects in progress

Descriptive Database of published tarots. This is initially based on my own collection. About 1100 items have been entered into the database to date, and I have appointed an art history student to work with me over the coming months to complete the listing. So expect further updates over the next few months.

Descriptive Database of unpublished tarots. In parallel with the descriptive catalogue of published tarots I have been able to find a colleague, Stacy Flinn, here in Scotland, willing to help build a catalogue of unpublished tarot designs. I myself have gathered some hundreds of these over the last years and as some of these are astounding, it would be good to have these in a catalogue which I could eventually place on this website. I will report on progress with this later and post the database onto the web site. I have called on members of the Tarot Collectors Forum to help by sharing information about such unpublished tarots.

Funding through series of private auctions. In order to raise some funding for projects, I am planning a series of auctions of duplicates from my tarot collection. These will be private auctions only open to those who have registered in advance by emailing