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English alchemical verse from Elias Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum
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AEnigma Philosophicum
John Dastin's Dream
Discription of the Stone
The Hunting of the Greene Lyon
Hermes Bird
The Hermet's Tale
The Magistry
The Mistery of Alchymists by George Ripley
Peace the Black Monke on the Elixir
Thomas Robinson on the Philosopher's Stone
Testament of John Dee John Gwynn
A short work of George Ripley
The Worke of Richard Carpenter
John Gower concerning the Philosophers' Stone
Thomas Charnock - The Breviary of Alchemy
Dialogue Between a Father and his Son
Anonymous Alchemical Poems
Alchemical Aenigmas by Thomas Charnock
Experience and Philosophy
Liber Patris Sapientiae

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