Database of Modern Tarot Art

Based on Adam McLean's Tarot Collection
This is the first systematic and exhaustive study of modern tarot art.
Version 3.1 November 7th 2013 - 1634 items.

Tarots published in Other European countries

Austria - Piatnik Wein
Austria - Piatnik Celtic Tarot
Belgium - Daughters of Aphrodite Tarot
Belgium - Alchemical Tarot
Belgium - Square & Compasses Tarot Deck
Belgium - Tarot d'Isis
Belgium - Vision Tarot
Belgium - Serpent Dragon Tarot
Belgium - Hermetic Tarot
Belgium - Major Arcana - Playing with Pamela's and Edward's tarot project
Belgium - Magical Mystery Tour Tarot
Belgium - Magical Mystery Tarot
Belgium - Tarot des Pauvres
Belgium - 26 Cartes Didactiques de Tarot
Bulgaria - Taro (Bulgarian)
Bulgaria - Durer Tarots
Bulgaria - Marseilles Tarot
Bulgaria - Golden Tarots of the Pyramids
Bulgaria - Golden Dawn Magical Tarot (Bulgarian)
Bulgaria - Astra Tarot
Croatia - Tarot of the Black Mountain
Czech Republic - Prvni Ceske Taroty (Filipu Tarot)
Denmark - Arcana Majora Extensa Tarok
Denmark - Tarot Sarmaticus sive Polonus
Denmark - Tarot of the Ayrshire Witches
Denmark - Tromborg
Denmark - Tarot de Paul Gauguin
Denmark - Alchemical Tarot
Finland - Marita Liulia Tarot
Finland - Kissatarot
Finland - Anita Polkutie Tarot
Greece - Pantoulas Tarrot Set
Greece - Dimitri Papavasiliou Tarot
Hungary - Bestiarium Taro
Hungary - Ludvig Tarot
Hungary - Sumeremilhun Tarot
Hungary - Vivien Kabar Tarot
Hungary - Dimenzio Tarot
Hungary - Bharat/Nagy Tarot
Hungary - 22 Szerep P.J. Tarot
Iceland - Icelandic Tarot
Israel - Sakki-Sakki
Latvia - Clover Tarot
Montenegro - Vaudeville Tarot
Netherlands - De Tarot in de Herstelde Orde
Netherlands - Trocal's originele Tarot
Netherlands - Tarot van Nu
Netherlands - De Grote Arcana van Doetie Spinder
Netherlands - Leerdammer
Netherlands - Kashmir Tarot
Netherlands - Blikopener Tarot
Norway - Holmsen Tarot
Portugal - Tarot Poetico
Serbia - Horusov Magicni
Serbia - Byzantine Tarot - Poslednja Ljubav Tarot
Sweden - Midiwave Productions Tarot
Sweden - Swedish Witch Tarot (Jolanda Den Tredjes Tarot)
Sweden - Swedish Witch Tarot (Jolanda Den Tredjes Tarot) b/w
Sweden - Erotica Tarot
Sweden - Aum Tarot
Turkey - Astro Tarot

Please note: all the text and research information is ©Adam McLean.
It is my own intellectual property and I do not allow this to be copied and used by others.
This database represents years of collecting and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my research,
documentation, keyboarding and formatting the information I have gathered.
Copying this information onto another site is a straight theft of my intellectual property.
For each of these entries I have had the actual tarot in my own hands.
This is not a cut and paste job from images and descriptions on the Internet, but original primary research.
It is, of course, immediately recognisable and I will legally pursue anyone appropriating it.