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Adam McLean's Galleries of coloured images
Material related to alchemical and hermetic emblems
Some astromomical, astrological and cosmological emblems - Page 1.
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AST01. Woodcut of the celestial sphere by Erhard Schön, 1515.

AST02. Woodcut of Ezekiel's vision from the Bear Bible, 16th Century.

AST03. Woodcut from William Cuningham The cosmographical glasse, 1559

AST04. Woodcut from Sebastian Münster Cosmographia, 1544.

AST05. Title page from George Hartgill Generall calendars, 1594.

AST06. Woodcut from Gregor Reisch, Margarita philosophia, 1503.

AST07. Woodcut from Nativity Calendar of Leonhard Reymann, 1515

AST08. Woodcut wheel of the planets

AST09. Engraving of Kepler's Platonic Universe from Mysterium Cosmographicum, Tübingen, 1596.

AST10. Woodcut on title page of Messahalah de scientia motus orbis Nuremberg, 1504.

AST11. Woodcut from Urania che sostiene l'Universo Nuremberg, 1503.

AST12. Title page wooodcut from Proclus Sphaera, Paris, 1547.

AST13. Woodcut from Simon GiraultGlobe du Monde Lagres, 1592.

AST14. Woodcut from Harmann Schedel Liber chronicarum Nuremberg, 1493.

AST15. Woodcut from Pierre d'Ailly Concordantia astromonie cum theologia, Venice, 1490.

AST16. Woodcut from Gregor Reisch, Margarita philosophica, Freiburg, 1503.

AST17. Woodcut of armilliary sphere.

AST18. Woodcut of Astronomer from Jost Amman and Hans Sachs Eygentliche Beschreibung aller Stände auff Erden Frankfurt, 1568

AST19. Engraving by Hans Brosamer on title page of Petrus Apianus, Folium Populi, Ingolstadt, 1533.

AST20. Title page woodcut from a German astrological manual from Leipzig, 1512.

All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 2003.