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Alchemical Texts - 16th Century and earlier
16th Century and earlier 17th Century 18th Century

Texts primarily dealing with physical alchemy:

A Chymicall treatise of Arnoldus de Nova Villa
The Secret Book of Artephius
Everburning Lights of Trithemius
English translation of the Rosarium philosophorum
Geber's Discovery of Secrets
Pretiossissime Donum Dei
The Crowning of Nature Roger Bacon Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony
Coelum philosophorum of Paracelsus
Paracelsus - The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists
A Work of Saturn by Johann Isaac Hollandus
The True Book of the learned Greek Abbot Synesius

Texts primarily dealing with allegorical, philosophical and spiritual alchemy:

The words of Father Aristeus to his son
Simon Forman - Of the Division of Chaos
An Alchemical Mass
Alchemy in the English State Papers
The Golden Tractate of Hermes
Alchemical Catechism of Baron Tschoudy
The Mirror of Alchemy - Roger Bacon
Bloomfield's Blossoms
The practise of Mary the Prophetess in the Alchymicall Art
An Alchemical poem by Thomas Rawlin
Summary of the Rosary of Arnold de Villa Nova
Pontanus - Epistle on the mineral fire
The Ripley Scroll
The Turba philosophorum
Marsilio Ficino on the alchemical art
Pontanus - The Secret Fire
Paracelsus - The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers
Paracelsus - The Aurora of the philosophers
Petrus Bonus A form and method of perfecting base metals

The works of Sir George Ripley:

Ripley's Twelve Gates
Philalethes exposition of Ripley's Vision
The Bosom Book of Sir George Ripley
A short work of George Ripley
Verses from the Ripley Scrowle
The Mistery of Alchymists by George Ripley
The Cantilena or George Ripley's Song [Transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward [Transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward Unfolded [Transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
A Treatise of Mercury and the Philosophers Stone [Transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
The Ripley Scroll
Liber Secretisimus [Transcribed by Robert Nelson]
Five Preparations of the Philosopher’s Mercury [Transcribed by Robert Nelson]
Information on Ripley

English alchemical verse from Elias Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum:

AEnigma Philosophicum
John Dastin's Dream
Discription of the Stone
The Hunting of the Greene Lyon
Hermes Bird
The Hermet's Tale
The Magistry
The Mistery of Alchymists by George Ripley
Peace the Black Monke on the Elixir
Thomas Robinson on the Philosopher's Stone
Testament of John Dee John Gwynn
A short work of George Ripley
The Worke of Richard Carpenter
John Gower concerning the Philosophers' Stone
Thomas Charnock - The Breviary of Alchemy
Dialogue Between a Father and his Son
Anonymous Alchemical Poems
Alchemical Aenigmas by Thomas Charnock
Experience and Philosophy
Liber Patris Sapientiae

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