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Funding my projects
I have been working with alchemy and other emblematic traditions for over 30 years. During much of that time I have supported myself through selling my publications, study courses and artwork. During the late 1980s and through the 1990s I was privileged to have been supported by two patrons, who gave me an income to allow me to undertake research into alchemical books and manuscripts, but for most of this present century I have been independent again and supporting myself through my work.

I am now 63 years old (2011) and am having to look forward into the limited years likely to be available for me, and trying to see some ways of sustaining and continuing my work when I can no longer undertake the tasks of bookbinding and running the business. I am not in any way wealthy, but I do have considerable assets. I have a good reference collection of modern books and articles on alchemy and emblematic themes. I have over 1000 paintings of alchemical and emblematic artworks. The unsold bookstock of Magnum Opus and Hermetic Research series books has a considerable value. I have the best collection in the world of modern tarot decks (over 2200 as of September 2011). I have the knowledge and expertise to create something permanent out of this material, but sadly neither the funds to do this, nor the decades of time needed to accomplish this within my own resources.

At present my archives are taking over most of the available space in my apartment. There is no way I can allow access to my materials in their present site. What would be ideal for me would be to establish a centre to house my various collections and provide me with controlled exhibition space so I could promote interest in alchemical, emblematic and tarot art. Tied in with this could be funding for someone to work with me in cataloguing and recording my collections.

Of course, this would require my finding some wealthy individual, sufficiently enthused by my work and who shared my perspective on alchemy and emblematic material. The best solution then would be to restructure my work from a business to some sort of Educational Foundation which would hold my assets in trust. Many things are possible, I can struggle on as I have been and try and do this myself or find some person with the necessary funds to make this happen easier.

I would welcome any help in locating individuals who might be willing to supply the funding that would transform my work from a personal business into an Educational Foundation, that would open up the material I have gathered and make it more accessible to the public through exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

Adam McLean