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Articles on practical alchemy
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  • Alchemy, It's Not Just for the Middle Ages Anymore
  • Practical Plant Alchemy -- Part One
  • Practical Plant Alchemy -- Part Two
  • Practical Plant Alchemy -- Part Three
  • Newton And Flamel On Star Regulus Of Antimony And Iron
  • Proportions for Martial Regulus mixes
  • Extracting The Seed Of Gold
  • An Artificial Synthesis Of Gold? You Be The Judge
  • Most Excellent Excerpts
  • Identifying some first steps of Alchemical Initiation
  • Salt Volatilization Experiment - Steve Kalec
  • Golden Moments- Nick Kollerstrom
  • Seven metals - Nick Kollerstrom
  • Purple Gold - Nick Kollerstrom
  • Adept Alchemy - Robert A. Nelson