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Articles on alchemy in literature
The appearance of alchemical ideas in literary works
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  • Harry Potter: The Road Map to Liberating Alchemy - Hans Andréa
  • Poe's "Sober Mystification": The Uses of Alchemy in "The Gold-Bug" - Barton Levi St. Armand
  • 'Ethereal Chemicals': Alchemy and the Romantic Imagination - Maureen B. Roberts
  • The Alchemist’s Tale: Harry Potter & the Alchemical Tradition in English Literature -John Granger
  • Magi Imaginationis: Imagining Alchemists and Magicians in New Atlantis, The Tempest, And The Alchemist - David Hurley
  • Christ as the philosopher's stone in George Herbert's 'The Elixir' - Clarence H. Miller
  • Review of Stanton J. Linden. Darke Hierogliphicks - Elizabeth Holtze
  • The English Chaucerians. George Ripley.
  • Harry Potter and whose stone? - Robert Scholes
  • The Allegory of Alchemy in King Lear - Mather Walker
  • From Alchemy to the Union of Root and Crown in Robertson Davies’ The Rebel Angels - Shane C. Walters