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Journal of the Alchemical Society

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Abdul-Ali, Sijil. Some notes on the doctrine of the first matter, with special reference to the works of Thomas Vaughan. [2]

Abdul-Ali, Sijil. An interpretation of Alchemy in relation to modern scientific thought. [1]

Abdul-Ali, Sijil. A general view of magic in respect to certain primary modes of thought. [3]

Chatley, Herbert. Alchemy in China. [2]

Craven, J.B. A Scottish alchemist of the seventeenth century - David Lord Balcarres. [1]

Craven, J.B. Alchemy and the Devil. [3]

De Kerlor, W. Some notes on the alchemical researches of M. Jollivet Castelot. [3]

De Mengel, Gaston. The evidence for authentic transmutation. [1]

De Mengel, Gaston. The philosophical channels of alchemical tradition. [3]

De Steiger, Isabelle. The Hermetic Mystery. [2]

Ferguson, John. Some English alchemical books. [2 [1914]]

Ferguson, John. 'The Marrow of Alchemy'. [3]

Gibson, Lt.-Col. Jasper. An interpretation of alchemical symbolism with reference to the writings of Edward Kelly. [3]

Redgrove, H. Stanley. Some characteristics of mediaeval thought. [3]

Redgrove, H. Stanley. The phallic element in alchemical tradition. [3]

Redgrove, H. Stanley. The origin of alchemy. [1 [1913]]

Rowbottom, Ralph. Roger Bacon. [2]

Severn, Elizabeth. Some mystical aspects of alchemy. [2]

Waite, A.E. Some notes on the alchemist Alipili. [3]

Waite, A.E. Kabalistic Alchemy. [2]

Waite, A.E. The beginnings of alchemy. [3]

Waite, A.E. The canon of criticism in respect of alchemical literature. [1]

Wellby, Philip Sinclair. Some Reflections on 'Basil Valentine'. [2]