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Database of alchemical manuscripts - Nat. Lib. of Wales

Updated Dec 14 1995.
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1598. National Library of Wales MS. 342A (Hengwrt 221).
16th-17th Centuries.
[Notes, disputations, and discourses on philosophy and logic; a list of questions discussed in Dublin University, April 19, 1599; a short discourse of objections and answers touching the philosophers' stone by Ja: Doueson, etc. In Latin and English.]

1599. National Library of Wales MS. 346A (Hengwrt 237).
17th Century.
A Dialogue concerning the Philosophers' Stone. [In Latin and English.]

1600. National Library of Wales MS. 734B (Plas Power 19).
17th Century.
[A transcript of 'The compound of alchymy', by George Ripley, 1471, with many pen-and-ink drawings of characters, dragons, serpents, etc.; and treatises entitled 'How to make a culler w'h will showe like gould' and 'The Explication of Nicholas Flamell Scrivener of Paris... upon his hieroglyphicke figures...']