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Database of alchemical manuscripts - Other USA Libraries

Updated Dec 14 1995.
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2001. Yale University Library MS. Cushing 46.
39 folios. Paper. 199x155mm. 17th or 18th Century.
Johann de Monte-Snyder. The metamorphosis of the planets [with notes in Sir Isaac Newton's hand.]

2002. Yale University Library MS. Cushing 47.
6 folios. Paper. 302x192mm. 17th or 18th Century.
Index chemicus ["Ablutio" to "Aqua foetida". In Latin.]

2003. Harvard University MS. 24215.135.
28 folios. Paper. 215x156mm. 15th Century.
[A collection of patristic and scholastic treatises, a book on auguries translated at Toledo out of Arabic into Latin, certain medical recipes connected with the name of Galen, a little astronomical lore, and nine cosmetical and technical recipes of a sort bordering on alchemy.]

2004. Harvard University MS. 24221.8.
188 folios. Paper. 314x200mm. 17th Century [1653-54.]
[Experimenta Chemica, giving the results of the testing of 104 alchemical recipes, of which 60 are in Latin, 33 in German and 11 in Italian.]

2005. Harvard University MS. 24226.20.7.
187 pages. Paper. 163x108mm. 18th Century.
p1-139 Le Testament de Raimond Lulle.
p140-165 La Clavicule de la Science Hermetique, ecritte par un habitant du Nord dans ses heures de loisir. [Text varying in numerous details from the Latin and French printed book, 'Clavicula hermeticae scientiae ab hyperboreo quodam horis subsecivis calamo consignata anno MDCCXXXII, Amstelaedami, apud Petrum Mortier, 1751.]
p167-187 Introduction pour la Connoissance universelle et particuliere de la Nature.

2006. Harvard University MS. 24226.22.5.
3 + 178 folios. Paper. 161x105mm. Late 17th or 18th Century.
[Extracts or paraphrases, in Latin or German, of various iatrochemical works of the late 16th and 17th centuries, ascribed particularly to Paracelsus.]

2007. Harvard University MS. 24226.27.3.
27 folios. Paper. 162x100mm. 18th Century [1721-22.]
[Gottfriedt Freydenhammer, Graf von Ottingen, various works on alchemy, in German.]
1. Philosophische in Reymen verfaste Beschreibung dess philosophischen Stein der Weisen.
2. Clavis philosophici lapidis descriptio.
3. Kurtze philosophische Beschreibung dess verborgenen Schlussels der Spagirischen Kunst.
4. Kurtzer Bericht vom Gebett und wass dass selbe vermag.

2008. Harvard University MS. 24226.28.12.
173 folios. Paper. 195x153mm. 18th Century.
1. f1-20 A short appendix, and Plaine repetition of Basilius Valentinus Fryar of the order of St. Benedict upon his book, called The Great stone of the most Ancient wherein the true Light of philosophers are held forth. [A close rendering of the text Basilius Valentinus 'Von dem grossen Stein der Uhralten...', Strassburg, 1651.]
2. f21-28 Of Microcosme or the Little world of mans bodie of Fryar Basilius Valentinus, of the order of St. Benedict. [A close rendering of the text 'De microcosmo, oder Von der Kleinen Welt dess Menschlichen Leibes', also in the Strassburg edition of 1651.]
3. f29-40 Basilius Valentinus his great mysterie of the world and its medicament belonging to man. [Also possibly a close rendering of the work printed at Strassburg, 1651.]
4. f29-40 Basilius Valentinus his great mysterie of the world and its medicament belonging to man. [Also possibly a close rendering of the work printed at Strassburg, 1651.]
5. f41r The philosopher sayth thus...
6. f41r-44r Riddle.
7. f44r-50 Of the Masterie of the seaven planets, of their being, properties, powers and course and of their hidden mysteries.
8. f51 Of the Prime matter of the philosophers stone.
9. f53 Of the Magick fire or A declaration of and upon the mystical, eternal, visible glow or flame-fire of the antient Magi, and modern true philosophers By Henrie Khunrath, a true Lover of divine wisdome.

2009. Harvard University MS. 24226.96.9.

2010. Harvard University MS. 24226.176.

2011. Harvard University MS. 24226.216.

2012. Harvard University MS. 24226.217.

2013. Harvard University MS. 24226.222.

2014. Harvard University MS. 24226.223.

2015. Harvard University MS. 24226.226 (MS. Typ. 86).
43 folios. 200x155mm. 18th Century.
Sapientia veterum, sive Doctrine eorundem, de summa universalis doctrinae. [40 coloured drawings of 'Crowning of Nature' series with Latin text.]

2016. Harvard University MS. 24226.227.

2017. Harvard University MS. 24226.230.5.

2018. Harvard University MS. 24226.235.

2019. Harvard University MS. 24226.251.5.

2020. Harvard University MS. 24226.260.

2021. Harvard University MS. 24226.261.

2022. Harvard University MS. 24226.280.

2023. Harvard University MS. 24226.288.

2024. Harvard University MS. 24226.289 F.

2025. Harvard University MS. 24226.294 F.

2026. Harvard University MS. 24226.295.

2027. Harvard University MS. 24226.296.

2028. Harvard University MS. 24226.297.

2029. Harvard University MS. 24226.298.

2030. Harvard University MS. 24226.299.

2031. Harvard University MS. 24226.306.

2032. Harvard University MS. 24226.309.

2033. Harvard University MS. 24226.310.

2034. Harvard University MS. 24226.311.

2035. Harvard University MS. Hofer Typ.157.
f112v-122r [Alchemical Sonnets of Felice Feliciano.]

2036. Princeton University Library. MS. 93.
Vellum roll. 5440x530mm. End of 16th Century.
[Ripley Scroll.]

2037. San Marino, Huntington Library. MS. HM 30313.
Parchment scroll. 3040x390mm. Second half of 16th Century.
[Ripley Scroll.]

2038. Los Angeles, Univ of S. California MS. Seeley Wintersmith Mudd 6.
56 folios. 18th Century.
Chymical Collections from sevela of the best modern authors, commencing anno 1730 to 1753.
[Alchemist manuscript from the Library of Joseph Priestley.]

2039. Massachusetts Historical Society MS. Winthrop 20C
f 29r-65v Norton's Ordinall.