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Database of alchemical manuscripts - British Library - Additional

Updated Dec 13 1995.
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387. British Library MS. Add. 5025 (1)
1.60m x 21cm.
[Ripley Scroll.]

388. British Library MS. Add. 5025 (2).
1.34m x 21cm.
[Ripley Scroll. 'This long roll was Drawne fro me in Cullers, at Lubeck in Germany, anno 1588'.]

389. British Library MS. Add. 5025 (3).
1.47m x 21cm.
[Ripley Scroll. The third Roll is much fuller than the second, or the printed copy, and is entitled 'An Alkemye Scrowle, drawne from an ancient coppie, first invented by Bacon, the great Clarke'. Then follow lines 'to the Reader', beginning 'I shew a mistery of rare kinde' (not in Ashmole).]

390. British Library MS. Add. 5025 (4).
1.37m x 21cm.
[Ripley Scroll.]

391. British Library MS. Add. 5245.
Paper. Small folio. 12 folios.
'Cabala Mineralis Rabbi Simon ben Cantara'; consisting of alchemical Figures, in water colours, with explanations in Latin and English.

392. British Library MS. Add. 6123.
Paper. Duodecimo. 90 folios. 17th Century.
1. Speculum secretorum Alkimice Johannis Dastyn. libb. 2. f.1.
Begins: 'cum gaudeat uit brevitate'.
2. Donum Dei Johannis Dastyn, libb. 4. f.45.
Begins: 'Omne datum optimum'.

393. British Library MS. Add. 10035.
'The Subtelty of Witches, by Ben Ezra Aseph' written in cipher, 1657.

394. British Library MS. Add. 10065.
Paper. Quarto. 16th Century.
Georgii Gemistti Plethonis responsio ad ea quae in Aristotelis defensionem Scholarius objecerat;- Eiusdem de virtutibus liber;- Atticus de ideis Platonicis;- Georgii Gemisti Plethonis Oratio ad unum Deum;- Ejusdem de Homero et ejus Iliade libellus;- Ejusdem alia opuscula varia; Graece.

395. British Library MS. Add. 10302.
Vellum. Small quarto. 67 folios. 15th Century.
The Ordinall of Alchymy, written, in verse, by Thomas Norton, of Bristol; containing the first five chapters. [This MS. robably written 1480-90.]

396. British Library MS. Add. 10724.
Small Quarto. 18th Century.
Nucleus Philosophiae Hermeticae, in aphorismos theoretico-practicos congestus ex quibusdam selectissimis tractatibus, a L.V.M., anno 1703.

397. British Library MS. Add. 10764.
Small quarto. 15th Century.
Opus Magistri Johannis Hastiri [i.e. Dastyn], Anglici, verissimum in arte majore, et est Rosarium;- Tractatus varii alchymici.

398. British Library MS. Add. 10766.
Small quarto. 17th Century.
A collection of alchymical tracts;- forms of letters, etc., in Italian.

399. British Library MS. Add. 10819.
Small quarto. 17th Century.
Pretiosissimi Arcani Arcanorum et Philosophorum Magisterii revelatio de transmutatione metallorum, edita a Philosopho Anonymo, et marginalibus annotationibus illustrata a L.D.M.; quam sequitur commentatio in Apertorium R. Lullii, et in Testimentum novissimum Arnaldi [di Villa Nova], authore Johanne Gerhardo, Medicinae Professore in Academia Tubingensi, anno 1641.

400. British Library MS. Add. 10862.
Small quarto. 17th Century.
Salomonis Clavicula, ex idiomate Hebraeo in Latinum traducta;- Zecorbenei, overo Clavicola dal Re Salomone.

401. British Library MS. Add. 10863.
17th Century.
Alchymical collections; in Italian.

402. British Library MS. Add. 10867.
Duodecimo. 18th Century.
Il Trionfo Hermetico, overo la pietra filosofale vittoriosa nel mondo; trattato il piu sincero sopra il magistero hermetico.

403. British Library MS. Add. 10868-10889.
End of 17th century.
Bernardo Trevisano opere varie.
[This is claimed as 'autograph' and dated to end of 17th century, so this author may not be the well known alchemical author Bernard of Trevisano, though the works in this collection are philosophical and one is cabalistic.]

404. British Library MS. Add. 10918.
Folio. 17th Century.
Scuolo della filosofia ermetica, nella quale si dilucidano le oscurita e gl' enigmi ne' libri de' filosofi, atturno questa scienza, di David de Planis Campi, autore Francese; e tradotta della medesima, 1695.

405. British Library MS. Add. 11388.
Folio. 16th Century.
Collections of Francis Thynne, Lancaster Herald, from 1564 to 1605, consisting of copies of alchymical treatises;- etc.

406. British Library MS. Add. 11416.
Paper. Folio. 15th Century.
Opus Cabalisticum dictum [Hebrew] Hortus Nucis, auctore R. Josepho Gecatilia. Adjecta est, man J. Reuchlin, Versio Latina operis Cabalistici dicti [Sepher Yetzirah?], cuius aucot perhibetur Abrahamus Patriarcha.

407. British Library MS. Egerton 845.
15th century.
[Tractatus Alchemici. De erroribus J. Dastin.]

408. British Library MS. Egerton 935.
Vellum. Small quarto. 12th Century.
Phylosophia Magistri Willihelmi de Conconchis, cum figuris.

409. British Library MS. Add. 14424.
Vellum. Folio. 14th Century.
Liber Canonis, quen princeps Abhoali Abvisceni [Avicenna] de dedicina edidet, translatus a magistro Gerardo Cremonensi, in Toleto, ad Arabico in Latinum.

410. British Library MS. Add. 15071.
17th Century.
Chymical and other processes, and experiments on metals, in English and Latin. Written by Edward Lloyd or Lhwyd.

411. British Library MS. Add. 15102.
Paper. Quarto. 15th Century.
St Hildegardis, Liber epistolarum. Prefixed to the present collection is a note in the handwriting of John Trittenheim, Abbot of Spanheim, and subscribed with his initials, from which it appears that it was transcribed by his order in the year 1487, from a volume in the monastery of Bingen, said to have been written by St Hildegard herself.

412. British Library MS. Add. 15299.
Vellum. 13th Century
The Book entitled Jezirah, in Hebrew. At the end are various cabalistic prayers or spells. Written on vellum, in the square German character, in the 13th century.

413. British Library MS. Add. 15549.
Paper and vellum. Small quarto. 15th Century.
A collection of alchymical treatises, transcribed in the year 1474 by D.R.
[much more information in catalogue] The initials D.R., with the date 1474, are affixed to several of the articles, and are probably intended to design David Ragnor, of Wales, who is named at f94 as the author of two processes there added. It is not impossible that he was the compiler of the Thesaurus Mundi, the principal treatise of the collection.

414. British Library MS. Add. 16390.
Paper. Small quarto. 17th Century.
Two tracts in Hebrew (i)'The Seven Names';- (ii) The eight chapters of Maimonides, or introduction to Aboth [imperfect]. At the end is added an extract from the Hebrew cabalistic work, entitled Raziel, in Italian.

415. British Library MS. Add. 16429-16432.
Vellum and paper. 15th century.
Translations into Catalan dialect of Latin treatises of Ramon Lull, entitled Ars ad faciendum et Solvendum questiones et inquirendum secreta naturalia et rerum proprietates; Ars Inventiva; Philosophia Amoris; De Homine; De Consolatione eremetica, etc.

416. British Library MS. Add. 18976.
Paper. Small quarto. 17th century.
Raymundi Lulli 'Testamentum ultimum secretum Angelorum; de creatione naturae vini, et sulphure duorum luminarium', etc., Dicatum 'Carolo de vridestot, Anglorum Principi.'

417. British Library MS. Add. 18977.
Paper. 18th Century.
'Epistola Johannis Pontani de Lapide Philosophorum, 1715' f.1;-
'Artefii Arabis Philosophi liber secretus', f.2;-
Tractatus Heliae ordinis Minorum de Lapide Philosophorum, f.27 b.

418. British Library MS. Add. 19267.
Paper. Folio. 17th Century.
A Cabalistic work, entitled 'Revolutio Alphabetaria; seu perfectissimus ad omnes scientias methodus'. Prefixed are verse in praise of the treatise, by Joannes Texius Austriacus. f.2;-
'Dialectica contemplativa, ad consequendos scientiarum habitus perquam utilis ac necessaria:, f.40.

419. British Library MS. Add. 23195.
Paper. Folio. 18th Century.
'Iconologia or Hieroglyphicall figures of Cesare Ripa, knight of Perugia, where in generall is treated of divers formes of figure with their ground rules'; with pen and ink drawings of the emblematical figures. Translated from the Italian edition printed at Venice. Quarto, 1669.

420. British Library MS. Add. 23212-23235.
Letters of the Conway family, including Lady Ann Conway.

421. British Library MS. Add. 23669-23670.
General correspondence of General Rainsford.

422. British Library MS. Add. 23676.
Paper. Folio. 18th Century.
Papers in the handwriting of General Rainsford, on alchymical processes, communicated to him at Rome, April 1772, by [Gasparo] Landi. [English. and Italian.]

423. British Library MS. Add. 25424.
Paper. Folio. 18th Century.
Catalogue of the Library of Sir Isaac Newton. At the end are two receipts from Thomas Pilkington and Catherine Conduitt, neice of Sir Isaac Newton, administrators of his estate, to John Huggins, for the purchase money of the whole library, with the exception of six books containing Mss notes; 2 June and 20 July, 1727.

424. British Library MS. Add. 25447.
Paper. Folio. 17th Century.
The Pimander of Hermes Trismegistus: a translation of the 1st, 15th, 5th and 8th [here called the 16th] chapters, and commentary of the French edition of Francois de Foix, by Thomas, 3rd Lord Fairfax. At the end is 'a fragment writen by Aesculapius to King Amon,' from the 16th chapter of the same version. Autograph. Prefixed is an epitaph on Lord Fairfax, signed Br.ffx. [Brian Fairfax].

425. British Library MS. Add. 27335.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
'Affectuum Hieroglyphica': coloured emblems of virtues and vices, with explanatory text.

426. British Library MS. Add. 27584.
Paper. Octavo. 15th Century.
1. 'Johannis de Rupescissa Liber de famulatu philosophie de quinta essentia, etc.' in an Italian hand of the 15th century. 'Ex libris De Velly'.

427. British Library MS. Add. 29487.
Paper. Quarto. Early 17th Century.
Alchemical tracts, in Italian, viz:
1. 'Libro del Giovanni Isaci Hollandese originale in penna copiato e translato della lingua Germanica in Italiana per me Giovanni Giouansonjo Beltes, Groninganus Frisus,' with an index and a glossary of alchemical symbols. The translator states that the work differs from the printed editions. f.1.
2. 'De cabala del phylosopho Giovanni Isaci Hollandese,' with an index and glossary, f69.
3. 'Stanza del Tesoro;' a collection of alchemical processes, f.99.

428. British Library MS. Add. 29895.
Paper. Small Quarto.
'The booke of the Rosary of Philosophers'. The 'Rosarium Philosophorum' compiled from the works of Arnoldus de Villa Nova, Geber, Raymund Lully, and others. The opening paragraphs begin, 'They which desier to have the most true knowledge,' are translated from an anonymous Latin compilation, a copy of which is in Sloane MS 2560. Written at Lubeck in 1588. With miniatures heightened with gold and silver. On the first fly-leaf is the name John Clark in a contemporary hand. Presented by Robert Humphrey Cooke, Esq.

429. British Library MS. Add. 32621.
Vellum roll; 14ft.6in. x1ft.7in. 16th Century.
Roll of alchemical drawings, coloured, accompanied with directions, in English verse, for finding the philosopher's stone; by James Standysh. Imperfect at the beginning; the first title being: 'Here is the last of the white stoone, and the beginninge of the redde.' The verses begin: 'of the sonne take the lighte, the redde goume that is so brighte.'
[Ripley Scroll.]

430. British Library MS. Add. 32622.
Vellum. Small octavo. Early 14th Century.
1. 'Secretum Philosophorum': a compendium of natural philosophy, etc., with examples and recipes, arranged under the heads of Grammar, Rhetoric, Dialectics, Arithmetic, Music, Geometry and Astronomy; with coloured diagrams.
It begins:'Iste liber, quem, prae manibus habemus, vocatur Secretum philosophorum, et intitulatur isto nomine quia in eo continentur quaedam secreta quae reputatione vulgari sunt impossibilia, apud philosophos secreta et necessaria.' (See Sloane MS 2579, MS. Add.18752).
A few recipes and extracts have been added on spare leaves. The name of John Bayly, an owner in 1611, is on f. 179b. Originally in Tudor binding.