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Database of alchemical manuscripts - British Library - Harley

Updated Dec 13 1995.
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431. British Library MS. Harley 80.
Large manuscript partly in parchment and partly of paper.
Ex diversis tractatibus simul compactis, constans: quorum Contenta hic ordine sequuntur.
9. Liber Ymaginum translatus ab Hermete, i.e. Mercurio; qui Latine Praestigium Mercurii appellatur, Heliemen in Lingua Arabica; et dicitur Liber Lune. f.77b.
10. Liber Hermetic tractans de 15 Stellis, et de 15 Lapidibus, et de 15 herbs, et de 15 Figuris. f.81.
18. Lapidum pretiosorum uus magicus, sive de Sigillis. f.105.
19. Liber secretus Filiorum Israel; qui est quasi Superiorus Tractatuli Pars Quarta. f.105b.

432. British Library MS. Harley 514.
Paper. Quarto.
Magica Veterum, per insignem Philosophorum & Medicum, Theophrastum Paracelsum descripta.

433. British Library MS. Harley 672.
Paper. Small quarto.
In cujus sine leguntur haec verba.
Preciosa novella Margarita, edita a Magistro bono Lombardo de Ferraria, Phizico, intoducens ad artem Alkamie: composita A.D. 1330. in Civitate Polle, in Provincia Ystrie.

434. British Library MS. Harley 853.
Paper. Folio. Written by several hands.
Contains divers Tracts, etc, for the most part Chemical or Historical.
1. The Compounde of Alchemye, in English Verse by Sir George Riplie Chanon of Bridlington. f.1.
2. A Compend upon the Phylosopher's Stone, sent unto Kinge Edward the IV from Lovayne; in Englishe verses. f.22.
3. Description of the Ixir, or Elixir, that is, the Philosophers Stone, with receipts for the making of it. f.25.
4. Thomas Norton's Ordinal of Alchymie, in English Verse. f.26b.
5. De Signis Elementorum. f.65b.
6. Liber Quintae Essenciae, in Englishe, brefe drawne owte of the booke of Quinte-Essence being in Latine, that Hermes the Prophet and King of Egipt, had by revelacion of an Angell of God to him. etc. f.66.
18. To make the Philosophers Stone, by Thomas Knight. f.127.

435. British Library MS. Harley 1038.
Paper. Quarto.
1. Extractio Animae Solis: or a Triall upon Sol, for the Extraction of Philosophical earth. The Author has putt down his Experiments therein, from the beginning to the end, by way of Journal; from 4 Jan 1609/10 to 10 June 1611.
2. A Journal of his Process with Luna; from the 20th of June 1610 to the 10th of January following, when the Author found a Whyte Earth, which is the Second Earth of the Philosophers; which he reserved, in order to make the Composition of the Philosophers. f.11.
3. Opus [Luna] ex [Mercurio] Philosophico secundo. Containing the Authors Experiments from the 9th of June A.D. .... to the 15th of February next ensuing (by which time the Author seems not to have gained what he sought for; tho' at the 4th of October he writes thus - his Coller was very Celestiall , and such as I trust in my God to have found the fruition of my Labor).

436. British Library MS. Harley 1296.
Paper. Quarto.
'Resolutions of Misticall Theologie, grounded upon the Creation, & God's disposing of the Creaturs; as it is discribed by Moses' [23 resolutions in all.]
[At the end is a note '3 Jan. 44. per P.W.']

437. British Library MS. Harley 1747.
Parchment. Duodecimo.
1. Tractatus Alchymicus Domini Johannis Sawtre Monarchi de Thorneye. f.1.
2. Tabula Capitulorum praecedentis Libri. f.15.
3. Excerpta minutuia, e Libro qui intitulatur Speculum Secretorum Alkimie. f.15b.
4. Ex Hermete. f.16.
5. Expositio Ortolani super praedictum Textum Hermetis. f.16.
6. Tractatulus qui incipit 'Ecce quod queris'. f.20.
7. Tractatus dictus Prosa Aque Vite; et incipit Flores Secretorum.
8. De Composicione Lapidis Philosophorum. f.28b.
Begins: 'Quoniam Ignis hujus'.
9. Tractatus qui incipit, 'Quoniam in Libris Philosophorum'. f.31.
10. Tractatus qui incipit, 'Ex diversis libris'. f.32b.
11. Benedicti Quaestiones de Lapide Philosophorum. f.33.
12. Excerptum ex Libro qui incipit, 'Quia pocius'. f.37.
13. The way of obtaining the Grand Elixir, according to Tamyrtone; in English. f 41.
14. Excerpta ex Libro duorum Verborum, qui incipit, 'Hic est Liber paritatis'. f.44b.
15. Visio cujusdam Alchymici. f.45.
16. Tractatus qui dicitur Secretum meum mihi. f.48.
17. De formatione Adae in Campo Damasci. f.51b.
Finis Catalogi Codd. MSS. quos illustrissimo & excellentissimo Domino meo dono dedit, Vir egregius Henricus Worseley, Armiger.
NB Coll. Worseley gave two books more, which by mistake are thus placed 1811 and 1812.

438. British Library MS. Harley 1818.
Thin paper. Quarto.
Liber Alchemicus, qui vocatur Rosarius Philosophorum; adjudicandus forte, cuidam Arnoldo de Villa Nova.

439. British Library MS. Harley 2407.
Paper and Parchment. Quarto. 15th and 16th Centuries.
1. Nomina Herbarum singulis Planetis dicatarum. f.1b.
2. Part of the Contents of this Book. f.1
8. A Letter, discovering the Philosopher Stone f.3b.
Begins: 'To my frend, I sende gretynge wyth alle my hert'.
10. To make fyne Gold of Satorne. f.6.
11. An Alchemical Poem.
'Her ys an Erbe men call Lunaryie;
I-blesset mowte hys maker bee.
Asterion he ys i-callet alle so,
And other Namys, many & mo'.
12. Another Alchemical Tract, all written with red Ink. f8.
13. A Ditty upon the 3 Kings of Cullen, applied to the Alchemical Art. f.17. This is also written with red ink, and hath an Alchemical drawing prefixed.
Here begins the labour of Mr Casley.
14. Arnold de nova villa, his Account of the Philosopher's Stone. f.18. It ends in verse, from f.29b.
15. For to make Sol watur. f.32.
16. To make Watur of Mercurii. f.32 and 65b.
17. To make Sol Werkis. With a Drawing at the end. f.32.
18. To make the whyt elexure. f.35.
19. Descriptio lapidis Philosophorum, metrica: cum versione Anglicana. f.36.
Begins: 'Gemma salutaris, qui nascitur orbicularis'.
Super membranam. Versus Latini rubrica scripti sunt, Anglico atramento.
20. Alia ejusdem descriptio. 'Desiderabile desiderium'. Literis rubris, et in membrana. f.49b.
21. Speculum Alkamie. Atramento. f.50b.
22. Chemicae praeparationes. 'Saturnus ex sulphure et Mercurio sit'. f.51.
23. Alia lapidis Philosophorum descriptio. 'Omnis alteratio ad perfectionem'. f.51b.
24. To make a medycyn for mannys body. f.52b.
25. To make a red medycen for Satorn. f53.b 26. De virtutibus Planetarum. 'Aries, Leo, Sagittarius sunt calidus et sicca'. f.54.
27. De lapide Philosophorum. 'Lapis Philosophorum est trinus et unus'. Literis Rubris. f.55.
Eight English verses are prefixed, written in red. f.54b.
The whole is represented in circles, with names written within them. At the end is a sketch for an alchemical drawing, of a Glass receiver with figures in it.
28. About the Philosopher Stone. 'In the name of the Fader'. f.58.
29. To rectifi quiick silvir. f.64b.
30. 'To make water of yt to thy medicyne'. f.65b.
31. To make the grete elexer of alcami. f.66.
Followed by Two alchemical Drawings, & befor the scond, eleven latin verses.
32. Two Speeches between a Student and a Master. 33. Joannis Dee Testamentum, ad Jo.Gwynn transmissum, anno1568. In English verse. f.69.
34. Two other preparations of the Philosopher's Stone f.69b.
35. Verses of the virtue of the Planets & the Philosopher's Stone. In red ink. f.75.
37. Verses beginning,
'Ther ys a bodi of a bodi
and a soule & a spryte
With ij bodies most be knete'. f.89b.
38. Verses about the Philosopher's Stone. f.91.
39. Another Treatise of the Philosopher's Stone. f.93b.
40. Alchemical Terms in red ink, followed by drawings illustrative of them. f.106.
41. A few Lines, beginning. 'Albertus commendat', with two unfinished drawings.
in all 111 leaves.

440. British Library MS. Harley 2411.
Paper. 106 folios. 16th Century.
Georgii Ripleii Exoerimenta varis. Collectanea, Expositionesq; aliquot in Hermetem, Aristolelem, Guidonem, et Raymondum, etc. On the external leaf is written 'G. Ripley, his bosom Book'. At the end, many alchemical receipts in English.

441. British Library MS. Harley 3420.
Paper. 1614.
Johannis Baptistae Groschedelii, Dispositio Numerorum magica ab Unitate usq; ad Duodenarium.
Titulus ipsius Codicis: 'Dispositio numerorum Magica ab unitata usque ad duodenarium. Collecta singularis industria, compilatione diversa, magno labore, et investigatione sibi suisque, a Johanne Baptista Groschedelio, Equite Romano, ab Aicha Philomago, Lucisque et Gratiae, et Naturae indagatori vigilantissimo. Anno 1614.' Opus scil. Artimagicae et Astrologiae judiciali (ut loquuntur) inserviens: et in suo genere satis curiosum. [ With coloured figures.]

442. British Library MS. Harley 3369.
Paper. 15th Century.
Theorica Testamenti Raimundi Lullii. [Translated from Spanish into Latin.] anno 1446.
[in 97 chapters, with a table of chapters.]

443. British Library MS. Harley 3469.
48 folios. Parchment. 325x218mm. 16th Century [1582.]
Splendor Solis. A Book on the Philosopher's Stone, in the old German Language: finely written, and most beautifully painted. A.D. 1582. It contains 48 leaves, and 22 finely executed paintings. In the first leaf is written: 'This fine Book was given to me by my ... in 17... It was bought of Mrs Priemen, who was neice to the famous Mr Cyprianus, whose book it was'.
[A book of uncommon splendour and beauty, executed on vellum.]

444. British Library MS. Harley 3498.
[A Compendium of the 20 books of John Baptista Porta 'de Magia naturali', in Spanish. Written in a loose hand; the author's name appears to be Sam. de Pelis. The book formerly belonged to Thomas Hearne.]

445. British Library MS. Harley 3528.
17th Century.
1. Ars Alchemica: extracta ex Rog. Bacon, Arnoldo de villa nova, Tho. Aquinate, Aristotele, Toletano philosopho & Jo. de rupescissa..
2. ... Holcote Tractatus de serpente. f.61.
3. Expositiones staus Joseph. f.75.
4. Septem conditiones quae requiruntur ad magisterium Philosophorum. f.90.
5. Geberi, summa perfectionis libri pars. f.97.
6. Hermetis Tabula. f.123.
7. Johannis Dastyn Visio. f.129.
8. Avicennae Declaratio lapidis Philosophorum. f.133.
9. Speculum Alkamie. R.B. f.149.
10. Practica Rasis. f.163, 337.
11. Rogeri Bacon Epistolae ad Jo. Parisiensem duae. f.174. Et tertia. f.219.
12. Edwardi Chemico Visio. f.191.
13. Dialogus, de lapide Philosophorum. f.198.
14. Metaphora Belini philosophi, de Sole. f.210.
15. Hortulani Tract. Chemicus. f.214.
16. Ignium diversorum species. f.217.
17. Johannis de Porta Claudorum (Cripple gate0 de lapide Aquilae liber. f.226.
18. Rog. Bacon, de lapide benedicto, Tract. f.249.
19. Hermetis, de lapide philosophico, Tract. f.252.
20. Aegydii de Vadis, Artis complementum. f.257.
21. Senioris phiilosophi, Tabula Chemica. f.265.
22. 'Carmen perpulchrum totum opus enucleans'.
Opus, scilicet, Alchemiae: Manu recentiore adscriptum est 'Cantilena Georgii Ripley'. De quo vid. Fabic. Bibl. Med. et Inf. Lib. VII. Edita sunt Riplaei Opera in 8vo Cassel 1649. Suscribitur Aegidius de vadis, sed perperam.
23. Rosarius magnus Johannis Dastini, de quo et Rosario suo, 'secreta secretorum complexo'. vid. Fabr. Bibl. Med. et Inf.Lib. IV. sun Johannes Dastyn sive Dastinus. Cons. etiam Tanner Biblioth. Susbribitur hic etiam nomemn Aegidii de vadis, qui Codici magnam partem forsitan conscripsit.

446. British Library MS. Harley 3529.
Dei secretti del R.D. Alessio Piamontese, prima parte. A large book of Italian receipts; from a book of Alexis published at Venice in 1564. 'Written out in 5 days and nights'.

447. British Library MS. Harley 3536A.
Paper. 17th Century.
A French tract, on Magic and judicial Astrology, entitled, 'La Clavicule de Salomon'.

448. British Library MS. Harley 3542.
14th Century.
Tractatus Alchemici, Medici, & Chirurgici Rogeri Baconis, Alberti, Rain. Lullii, Johannes Sautre, etc.

449. British Library MS. Harley 3703.
Paper. But very obscure and difficult to read. 14th Century.
1. Morieni, de transfiguratione Metallorum, Dialogus.
2. Expositio Specierum huic magisterio pertinentium.
3. Ortulani Clavis Sapientiae majoris.
4. Expositio Statuae Josephi Philosophi.
5. Modus distillandi aquam fortem: & forma Alembici, cum Cucurbita.
6. Aristotelis as Alexandrum Epistola.
7. Tractatus Sawtry de occulta philosophia.
8. Democriti liber, de lapide occulto Philosophorum.
9. Liber de occulto lapide Philosophorum, qui prae aliis lumine lucet.
10. Liber Graciae ... II Practice Rasis.
11. Declaration Lapidis per Avicennam.
12. De proportione Elementorum secundum Richardum de Salopia.

450. British Library MS. Harley 3717.
Parchment. 14th Century.
Various manuscripts bound together. Imperfect in places. Alexandro Neckam, (de quo vid. ad num, 3737) olim perperam ascriptus.
De 4 Elementis, et natura rerum, libri 19. Deest vicesimus, in auctoris prologo citatus, de motu siderum et planetarum.

451. British Library MS. Harley 3770.
Initial folio parchment, thereafter paper. 15th Century.
Per eundem virum doctum qui apud num 376 scriptus, brevibus notis illustratus.
1. Raymundi Lullii, Ars Brevis.
2. Raymundi Lullii, de anima rationali, liber, Romae compositus.
3. Raymundi Lullii, Physicorum liber.
4. Raymundi Lullii, Demonstrationis Articulorum Fidei, liber.
5. Raymundi Lullii, de praedestinatione & libero arbitrio, liber.

452. British Library MS. Harley 3831.
Paper. 16th Century.
Lingua et scriptura varius, sed omnino insulsus.
E Codd. MSS. Covellianis.
Aenigmata, Incantamenta, & Medicinae.

453. British Library MS. Harley 3856.
Paper. 17th Century.
Pro prelo transcriptus, ut vid. p.257 constat pag. 463.
Basilii Valentini, de rebus naturalibus & supernaturalibus. Libri tres.

454. British Library MS. Harley 3914.
Arabic Book, which is entitled Suraya Yes Alcorani, sc. on magical matters.

455. British Library MS. Harley 3915.
Parchment. 14th Century.
Theophili Monarchi, de Chemia, Medicis praeparationibus, Mineralibus, & plurimis raris inventionibus, libri. 3.

456. British Library MS. Harley 3981.
Paper. 99 pages, with many diagrams.
'La Clavicule de Salomon, Roy des Hebreux, traduite de la lange Hebraique en Italien, par Abraham Colorno, par Ordre de son Altesse Serenissime de Mantoue, et mise nouvellement en François'.

457. British Library MS. Harley 4081.
16th Century.
Johannis Mercurii Corrigiensis, de Quercu Julii Pontificis, sive de lapide philosophico, liber; scriptus 1506.

458. British Library MS. Harley 4486.
17th Century
1. A book of 117 pages, besides the Introduction, fairly written on Paper, containing a Book of Alchemy, with the following inscription by way of title, 'Coppie sur l'original du Summaire et Recapitualation des Chapitres suivants contenus en ce Livre. Et Achevé de coppier le quinzieme Septembre d'an de Grace Lil six cents trente et un. Pour Monseigneur de Baron de Tracy'. It contains an Introduction of 14 pages, and is divided into two books, the first of theory the second of practice; the former containing ten chapters, the latter two. In the old catalogue it is called, 'Livre de Chemie de M. Le Prevost de Paris', but this name does not now appear in it.

459. British Library MS. Harley 4724.
1. A tract with the title 'Of the Veritie and Antiquitie of the Chemicke Arte, & Powder or Medicine of the Philosophers, or aurum potabile; and of the Matter and composition thereof, and of his marvailous force, in 3 Kinds of Things, animal, vegetall, & minerall. Testimonies and Theoremes gathered out of divers Authors, Sacred Divines, Lawyers, Phisitions, Philosophers, & Poets, by Roberte Valence'. With some Latin Verses on Alchemy prefixed.
2. 'Secretum nobilissimum & verissimum veneralilis viri Jodoci Greveri, Presbiteri'. f.39.
3. The sayings of Alanus the Philosopher, of the Philosophers Stone. f.71.
4. 'An Epistle of Joh. Pontanus, a great Philosopher, wherein is entreated of the Philosophers Stone'. f.81.
5. 'A Treatise of Thomas of Aquine, of the Philosophers Stone.' f.85.
6. John de Rupescissa, his Book of Light. f.106.
7. 'The Keye of Raymund Lully of Majorca, which is also called an Apertorie, wherein all thinges which are required in Alchimie are plainly declared.' f.121.

460. British Library MS. Harley 5040.
Parchment. 50 folios.
Secretum Chimicum; [achephalon]: per Monacum Cirencestriae 1390. Forte Rasis erat. Vide Ashmole in prologem.

461. British Library MS. Harley 5399.
Paper. Much stained. 14th Century.
1. Raimundi Lullii Vade mecum: Liber chemicus, Roberto Regi Angliae dedicatus. f.1.
2. Raimundi Lullii de lapide Philosophorum, Liber. f15b.
3. Raimundi Lullii Summa transmutatoriae arts metallorum. f.34.
4. Raimundi Lullii Practica Arboris phisicalis, i.e. operis Majoris. Paginae tantum 3 primae. f.46.
5. Arnoldi de villa nova, Tractatus Aquae Vitae. f.51.
6. Raim. Lullii, de aqua vitawe, Tract. f.75.
7. Vina Medicinalia. f.121.
8. De auro potabili. f.145.
9. 'De consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum transmutabilium, in nomine Domini nri J. Christi et vocatur liber de famulatu philosophiae, pauperibus evangelicis viris compilatus.' f.167.
10. 'De 7 herbis 7 planetis attributis, secundum eorum impressiones. Desunt folio a 289 ad 339. f.280b.
11. Aqua physicales 12. f.339.
12. De oleis. f. 347.
13. De Sole resoluto, i.e. auro potabile. f.385.

462. British Library MS. Harley 5403.
112 folios. Paper. 215x146mm. 15th Century.
1. f1-11r [Alchemical fragments in Latin.]
2. f16r-37r [German treatise on the transmutation of the elements.]
3. f37v Ein Recept des Johannes Ediling.
4. f72r Practica Domini Cimonis Treverensis Archiepiscopi, quam emit 2000 Florinis.
5. f93 Henricus Domar de Heidelberg.
6. f100r Practica iohannis de Cassil...
7. f102v Chemisches Recepte per dominum nycolaum de Birkenvelt. [In German and Latin.]
8. f112 Ein Recept Gold smedig zu machin.

463. British Library MS. Harley 6045.
Book in Latin which is entitled 'Cursus Chymicus, sub Domino Luca operante factus.' To this is added a note, 'Ordo praeparatorium in hoc cursu observatus est ecundum furnorum commoditatem, ita ut quae simul fieri potuerint operationes, factae simul; et in iisdem furnis, ut et carbonibus parceretur'.
Describit compositiones praeparationum, subjectis observationibus.

464. British Library MS. Harley 6292.
Paper. Quarto.
Annotationes ex libro Jac. Zarabellae de constitutione scientiae naturalis excerpta. In relinqua parte libro Loci commumes ex variis authoribus, praecipue Anglicis, exscripti sunt.
With index in English. Nonnulla Latine, in parte libri aversa.

465. British Library MS. Harley 6453.
Paper. Quarto.
1. 'The worke of the Lord Bernard, Erle of the Marchis of Trevisan'. in four parts. p.1.
2. 'The worke of an unknowen Author, havinge no name to yt but Jesus'. p.39.
3. 'The worke of an other namles Author, by way of a Dialoge'. p.47. with a fragment from another p.56.
4. Verses by several authors on similar subjects. p.57.
5. Receipts from Raymond, Ripley, eyc. p.76.
6. ['Donum Dei' in English translation, with line drawings of the figures.]
7. 'Merinus et Merlinus pater et filius', a dialogue in English verse. f.29.
8. 'Here beginythe a compendiouse abstract of Alkymy, drawne out of laten, by a true ground on what wise ye shall worke without error to ye true conclusion of a perfect Elyxyr bothe for ye whyte & for the redd'. f.41.
9. 'Here beginneth a dialoge betwixt the scoler and the master.' f.53.
10. A collection of receipts for various purposes. p1.
11. 'A fragment of Tollelanus his Rosary'. p.22.

466. British Library MS. Harley 6481.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Dr Rudd's Treatise of the miraculous Descensions and Ascensions of Spirits, verified by a practical examination of principles in the great World - The second Part professes to contain some choice Rosycrucian Chemical Medicines, wholsome and fit to keep the Body in health and lustiness, until the appointed time of Death, that is when the Soul separates from it: And then after teaches the harmony & composition of the human Soul; and then conducts it to the place from whence it came.

467. British Library MS. Harley 6482.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Containing the Characters of the 16 Figures of Geomancy, expressed in the great and lesser Squares of Tabula sancta; togehter with an explication of the seven Tables of Enoch, which are charged with Spirits or Genii, both good and bad of several Orders and Hierarchies, which the wise King Solomon made use of. Collected from Dr Rudd's papers by P. Smart, M.A. Here are remarks on Sylphs, Salamanders, Gnomes, etc.

468. British Library MS. Harley 6483.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Containing all the Names, Orders, & offices of all the Spirits Salomon ever conversed with: the Seals and Characters belonging to each Spirit; & the manner of calling them forth to visible appearance. - Some of these Spirits are in Enoch's Tables described in the former volume, but their Seals and Characters how they may be known are omitted, which are therefore in this book at large set forth.

469. British Library MS. Harley 6484.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Dr Rudd's Treatise of the Talismanic Sculpture of the Persians; or the Manner of making Figures or Images under certain Constellations.

470. British Library MS. Harley 6485.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Dr Dee's Treatise of the Rosie Crucian Secrets, their excellent Method of making Medicines of Metals: also their Laws and Mysteries. With an alphabetical explanation of certain chymical hard Words used in the Treatise.

471. British Library MS. Harley 6486.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Quarto, containing a translation of Hermetis trismegisti Sponsalia celeberrima, or the famous celebrated Nuptials of the thrice great Hermes, allegorically describing the mystical union and communion of Christ with every regenerate Soul, composed by C.R. a German, of the Order of the Rosei Cross, about 255 years past, & from the Latin MS. faithfully translated into English by P. Smart M.A. --In the Margin are brief Notes of the late Dr Rudd explaining some hard words and sentences.

472. British Library MS. Harley 6487.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
Tractatus du, de Rhetorica et de Logica, manu Petri Smart scripti, A.D. 1713.

473. British Library MS. Harley 6940.
Duodecimo. 56 pages.
An Essay on Chemistry and Distillation, by Sam. Bispham.

474. British Library MS. Harley 7320.
258 pages. Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
A Course of Chemistry. Also seven Diagrams, or tables, neatly drawn with a pen; & a miscellaneous folio of various chemical objects. Probably of the time of Charles II.

475. British Library MS. Harley 7563.
Paper. Quarto.
'Roberti Boiles Englieshen Won Adel Unnd mit glied der Koniglichen Societat in Engelland: Anderer Theil. der naturalichen experimentirten Philosophia; und derer gebrauch in der Artzney. Die Erst Section. Aufs dem Englishen ins deutsche versezet, durch Carolum Aliojesium, Ramsaij'. That is, certain Philosophical works of Mr Boyle, translated into German by C.A. Ramsay. etc.

476. British Library MS. Royal 7 E. x.
94 folios. Vellum. 350x235mm. 14th Century.
4b. f47v 'Ars arquime prohibetur' [Papal decretal against alchemy by John XXII]

477. British Library MS. Royal 12 G. iv.
226 folios. Vellum. 330x228mm. 14th-15th Centuries.
11. f163v [Alchemical note with ten hexameter verses on the transmutation of quicksilver into silver.]
[Begins] : 'Ad declarandum textum versuum infrascriptorum respicias librum aureum qui dicitur ortus sapientie et thesaurus philosophorum'.

478. British Library MS. Royal 17 C. xix.
43 folios. Paper. 216x171mm. 17th Century.
'Fama Fraternitatis R: C: or Discovery of the Fraternity of the laudable order of the Rosie Cross. As also the confession and acknowledgement of the sayd Graternity wrighten to all the learned and cheefe in Europa. Printed at Dahorig (sc. Dantzic) by Andrew Himefelet Ann: D. 1615.'

479. British Library MS. Royal 18 B. xxiv.
162 folios. Paper. 300x200mm. 16th Century (c.1563)
3. f 79-139 'Thomas Norton, of Alchemy' [The Ordinal of Alchemy, a poem in seven chapters

480. British Library MS. Royal 18 B. xxx.
Paper 21 folios. 300x190mm. 17th Century.
[Table of contents of an anonymous treatise, or scheme for a treatise, called 'The Revelation of the Divine Majestie', in 24 books and a preface. Each of the books has for a title a word or passage of Genesis I, 1-5. It is of a cosmographical, and in parts alchemical (cf. Bk. 4,5), character rather than theological.]

481. British Library MS. Lansdowne 121.
15. [Collections on alchemy. Other items in this MS. are addressed to Lord Burghley.]

482. British Library. MS. Lansdowne 440.
De Cabala Sacra: et de ineffabili Dei Nomine Tetragrammaton.

483. British Library MS. Lansdowne 703.

484. British Library MS. Lansdowne 724.
1. f1 'The booke of the reverend lerned man Lord Barnard Erle of Trevisane, towching the philosopher's stone, written by him in the Frenche tonge and nowe Engleshed by J.C.'
3. f64 'The uses of Tetraedrum transformatum garnished with dyalls'.
[This tract belonged to Lord Burghley, who has intituled it 'The use of the dyall, 1576'.]

485. British Library MS. Lansdowne 1204.
'Recueil des Dogmes les plus obscures des Cabalistes composé par C... A... V... De St. B. dans lequele se trouve les interprettations les plus claire du sens caché et obscure qui se trouve dans les ouvrages ecris sur ces matieres avec une metode simple pour l'intelligence de la cabal des nombres numeriques, 1792. Amme R. C.'
[This title, in bad orthography, has been added to the work, and some alterations made in its real title, which is 'Traite des Dogmes les plus curieux et les plus obscurs des cabalistes anciennement tirés de leurs commentaires. Par Jean Pic, et enrichis d'interpretations par le P...' (the name, which was 'Pere Archange', being carefully defaced with a pen). It is in fact no more than a translation of Pico's printed work, the origial Latin of which is also transcribed; nor does it appear that any comment whatever has been added to that already made by Achangelus. The name of the pretended commentator or compiler is introduced at f521, and is 'Charles St. Bedau'.]

486. British Library MS. Lansdowne 1205.
Theologie de Cabalistes de la Psycologie.

487. British Library MS. Lansdowne 1206.
[A cabalistical book of prayers and psalms in French. It is an elegant specimen of writing, in imitation of Roman Pica, probably by the celebrated Lesclabart.]