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Database of alchemical manuscripts - British Library - Others

Updated Dec 13 1995.
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488. British Library MS. Kings 287.
11 folios. Paper. 368x229mm. 18th Century.
Sapientia Veterum' : an alchemical treatise in Latin and English, the English title being 'The Wisdom of the the Antients or Theire Doctrine of the Cheif and Universal Medicine, whereby human health being intire may be preserved in the same state... and also the leprosie of mettalls may be totally taken away: unfolded in fourty hieroglyphics, to which are added theire explanations. [With the sixty seven figures of the Crowning of Nature.]

489. British Library MS. Cotton Vitellius. E. X.
242 folios. Paper. Folio.
23. f227 Figurae secretorum Gregorii prioris de Bridlinton, et Georgii Ripley.

490. British Library MS. Burney 91.
281 folios. Paper. In two quarto volumes. 15th Century.
5. f36v Chymica quaedam. [in Greek.]

491. British Library MS. Arundel 164.
194 folios. Partly in parchment, partly paper. Folio. 15th Century.
13. f127v Albertus Magni liber 'de occultis naturae', sive de alchemia.
14. f131-155, 187-192 Gebri Arabis philosophi Summa perfectionis, sive libri duo de chemia, Latine, incerto interprete.
15. f155 Tholosini Expositio Hermetis Trismegisti de lapide philosophico.
16. f157 Liber Deitatis, sive Divinitatis, de lapide philosophorum.

492. British Library MS. Arundel 342.
86 folios. Parchment. Quarto. In an Italian hand. 14th Century.
4. f55 [Alchemical recipes in Italian.]

493. British Library MS. Stow 1070.