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Database of alchemical manuscripts - Bodleian - Rawlinson

Updated Dec 13 1995.
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579. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson A. 404.
Quarto. 90 folios. 18th Century.
[Transcript of chapters i-xi of a treatise intended to serve as preliminary to a mystical work by Dr John Pordage.
The subjects discussed in these chapters are, spirits, reason, the nature and attributes of God, eternity etc. A note of Rawlinson's on a fly leaf at the beginning atates that 'this was found amongst Dr Keith's papers, a Philadelphian and a mystic'.]

580. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson A. 405.
Quarto. 117 folios. 18th Century.
Another copy of the treatise contained in MS. 404. Four chapters are here added, numbered xii-xvi which treat of 'an universal restoration of the whole lapsed creation'.
A note states 'This copy was taken at my desire by the Rev. Mr Valentin Nalson of York'; and in Rawlinson's hand 'This MS was found among Dr Keith's papers, a Philadelphian and Mystic'.

581. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson C. 117.
Parchment in Folio. 170 folios. 15th Century .
8. f157-169 Incipit theorica Alkindi, et est de causis reddendis circa operationes karacterum et conjurationes et suffimigationes et ceteris hujusmodi quae pertinent ad artem magicam.

582. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson C. 961.
Paper, in 12mo oblong. 4 folios. 15th Century.
Magica quaedam, sive formulae invocandi spiritus varios, ad thesauros absconditos ostendendos, et ad varia revelanda atque facienda.
Formula ultima adjurat spiritus quinque, vocatos Fategan, Gagagan, Bigan, Diegan et Usagan, 'quod vos eatis et cito eveniatis et istud negocium faciatis:.

583. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 228.
16th Century.

584. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 241.
Octavo. 10 folios. 16th Century.
[Diary by Dr John Dee (partly in another hand) of some chemical experiments, from 22 June to 6th October 1581, with regard to sublimates. This MS. is referred to and cited in The private diary of Dr Dee, edited by J.O. Halliwell for the Camden Society, 1842, pp, 10,12.]

585. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 310.
Quarto. 193 folios. 17th Century.
'The philosophical and physicall wilderness'; an alchemical treatise written in the form of a bombastical and extravagant romance, interlarded with occasional pieces of verse The authors name is subjoined in the anagram (as it seems of 'Rue! uno, millia glubi', to two Latin dedications, one 'viro dignissimo domino, amicissimo suo, Binah'n', and the other 'reverendissimo et prudentissimo viro, domino Ho! nonne Lili halat? quieti', dated at Heliopolis, Nov. 26, 1659. Prepared for the press, with an additional preface by an editor, who says that the author has concealed his name, dated Heliopolis, 30 Nov. 1660. The author says that he removed from Noldon (London) to Out-hawkers (Hawkhurst?) ' a place not far distant from it'. At f139 v a letter from him is dated from Bristol, 12 Nov. 1656.

586. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 832, 833.
Two volumes of miscellaneous papers of Richard Roach.
833. 35. Acknowledgment of letter by Francis Lee, Rich Roach, and Dion. Andr. Freher, that they have received from John Nicolous Knecht the sum of £31 16s.

587. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 868.
Paper. Folio. 168 folios. 17th and18th Centuries
13. f126-130 Catalogus codicum MSS. plurimorum, intitulatus 'Index librorum manuscriptorum [Latinorum] de secretioribus philosophiae et magiae misteriis'.
19. f145-166 A French alchemical poem entitled "Songe philosophicque du grand oeuvre".

588. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 893.
169 folios. Parchment. 260x173mm. 15th Century.
f103. Alchymistische Sprüche.
Die Mitte des Blattes wird von einer farbigen Zeichnung eingenommen, die augenscheinlich einen chemischen Schmelzofen (driefach, schwarz, weiss und rot, ummauert) vorstellt; Figur eines Königs auf seinem Throne, von Sonne und Mond, Schützen, Löwen etc. umgeben. Aussprüche verschiedener Meister zu beiden Seiten.
[With symbolic representation of the alchemical process.]

589. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 908.
Paper. Folio and Quarto. 216 folios. 17th-18th Centuries.
Miscellaneous papers and fragments bound together in 1893.
61. Four leaves (numbered 5-8) from a clumsy translation of some rhapsodical tract respecting the Rosicrucian Society and the book entitled Fama Fraternitatis.
Written on the blank sides of portions of a plea in a suit in 1724 respecting a mortgage, in which John Kerr of Kersland was concerned, and -Asgill.

590. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1046.
Paper. Quarto. 27 folios. End of 16th Century
Anonymous alchemical tracts, written in a very neat, clear and small hand.
1. 'Chaos'; A poem in fifteen 7-line stanzas.
2. On the process of transmutation; a poem in 266 lines.
3. A treatise of the 'Elixir or medicine of the Philosophers' stone', in questions and answers.
A prefatory note begins thus: 'Sir I have comended to your worship a confirmation of those pointes in philosophie that I have oftentymes conferred of with you'. A copy by Elias Ashmole is in MS Ashmole 1459, p 34. 4. 'This Proheme following is concerning the ignorance of them that doe err'.

591. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1067.
Paper. Quarto. 50 folios. 18th Century.
'Janua orientalis reserata, or the keys opening and giving entrance into the east angle of the ayre, respecting also the like part or point of the compass appropriated to the earth, etc.' A series of magical invocations to the angels of the four angles of the east, West, North and South tables, with a prayer to god prefixed and'the regall invocation' to an angel called Bataiua. The heading of the next invocation is is follows 'Names of the six angelicall seniors, and to call them forth, Habioro, Aaoxaif, Hetemorda, Ahaozpi, Hipotga, and Autotar, serving in the east'. In a copyist's hand, with a few corrections by another hand.

592. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1084.
Paper. Quarto. 130 folios. End of 16th Century.
Translations of some of the alchemical treatises of Raymond Lully.
1. Theorick; part I of his Testament; in 96 chapters.
2. Chapters 3-32 of his 'Practize'; part II of the Testament.
3. 'The abreviaco of the sowle of transmutaco of the artte of meattalls of Raymond Lully'; nine chapters.
4. Twenty-two curious receips for gilding, plating and colouring.
5. An Alchemical tree, alphabetically marked from A as its root in God, to Y 'fyer of blame' On cover 'This tre belongethe to the Light of Marcuris of Raymond', i.e. his Liber lucis Mercuriorum.

593. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1152-1157.
Paper in Quarto. 295+353+447+314+274 folios. 18th Century.
Diary of Richard Roach, B.D. of St John's College, Oxford, from 21 Dec. 1706 to 8 June 1730; in six volumes, numbered in small labels on the back 41 to 46. The first volume of this series was not the first of the diary, as it is headed 'Diary continued'. Mystical meditations, dreams and visions, form a large portion of the contents. The greater part is written in contracted forms, and the names of persons and places are often only designated by initials, while much of the first two volumes is in short-hand. From Oct 1714 to Oct 1720 the diary is lost, except two leaves in July 1717.

594. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1209.
Paper. Quarto and Folio. 133 folios. 17th Century.
Alchemical and medical fragments in French.

595. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1217.
Paper. Quarto. 18 folios. End of 16th Century.
1. 'the vertues and force of Sun with Mercury, by Sir Nic. Lussher'.
2. 'Here beginneth the booke entituled Thesaurus Philosophorum'.
3. 'Blomefields Blossoms; or, the campe of philosophie'.
4. Ten rhyming lines.
5. 'An addition of the ferment of Raymond Lully'.
6. 23 alchemical receipts.

596. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1341.
Paper. Quarto. 8 folios. 18th Century.
An address at a general meeting of the Philadelphian Society upon the many divisions for six or seven years among them, and the causes alleged by several 'spirits'. Endorsed, on the last leaf, 'To all those friends that were invited to a general meeting', to which is added by another hand, 'Mr Freher's Remonstrance, at Mr. Leads, where Pitkin and his party also'.(sic)

597. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson D. 1363.
Parchment and paper. Octavo and Quarto. 46 folios. 17th Century.
Astrological, magical and meteorological tracts, bound together about 1862.
4. Parchment. in Quarto 'The Magick of arbatel'; a description of the seven spirits of Olympus and a form for their invocation. on folio 23 are scribbled these names 'Dor. Fisher, Midleton, Ann Shell'.
5. Paper in Quarto 'Operations of the East [with west, North and south] Angle of the ayr, by invocation made to the regal spirit Orients, who is the King and rulour of the same, for the moveing and calling forth of all or any of such ayeriall spirits, by name, order, and office, of what degree soever, from the superior to the inferior, to visible appearance'.
6. Paper in Quarto 'An humble supplication to Almighty God by those great, powerful and sacred names {sc. Oro, Ibah, Aozpi, etc.], governing every particular, and each severally, respective terrrestrial Angle, E., W., N., S.'