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Updated Dec 13 1995.
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598. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 29.
305 folios. Parchment. 15th Century.
40. Ars Notoria, sive Ars scribendi per characteres brevius ac facilius quam per literas. f275-278.

599. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 30.
85 folios. Parchment. 15th Century.
1. 'Secreta Cipriani, quondam magi pagani, postea Christiani sancti, martiris magnifici;' de daemonibus, et formis sub quibus apparent, etc.
f.1-29 Ad calc. 'Explicit Secretum Sigillum sancti Cipriani episcopi et martiris'.

600. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 67.
Part in paper, part in parchment. 12th and 14th Centuries.
15. f69-78 [End of 12th Cent.] 'Hermes Mercurius Triplex de vi. rerum principiis', multisque aliis naturalibus; partibus quinque; cum prologo de tribus Mercuriis.
20. f85-89 [14th Cent.] Liber [Hermetis Trismegist?] de causis rerum, cum commentario.

601. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 71.
97 folios. Parchment. 14th-16th Centuries.
4. Liber Vaccae; precepta et experimenta alchemica et magica, premisso prologo, (ut videtur) longo. f36, 40v-56.
5. Dona Alberti [on alchemy]. f56.

602. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 119.
222 folios. Parchment. 14th Century.
Various Alchemical pieces in Latin by Roger Bacon, Haly, Geber, Hortulanus, Rhasis etc.
[Owned by John Dee Anno 1581].

603. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 121.
90 folios. Parchment. 15th Century.
[Various pieces on alchemical matters, in five or six books, their ordering confused.]

604. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 124.
87 folios. 16th Century.
Alchemica varia, partim ex variis auctoribus excerpta, partim ex scriptis 'Dominici Parchassot, Ligoniensis in Burgundia, militis, et archiphilosophi Regis Romanorum et Hungarie et sacri ordinis Velleris Auri'.

605. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 127.
162 folios. 16th Century.
4. f95-164 Angelorum opus, aucthore Hermete philosopho perito. [66 figures of the 'Crowning of Nature' series, with titles in English.]

606. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 133.
169 folios. 15th-17th Centuries.
2. 'Radix Mundi'; a treatise of the work of the Philosophers' stone, by Roger Bacon, in fifteen chapters; 'finished and translated out of Lattin by Robert Freeelove, of London, mercer, the 16th of Februarii, ao, 1550'. f.22-37.

607. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 147.
206 folios. Parchment. 14th Century.
[Various alchemical tracts in Latin.]

608. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 162.
48 folios. Parchment. 13th Century.
[Various alchemical tracts in Latin.]

609. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 164.
142 folios. Paper. 15th-16th Centuries.
[Various alchemical tracts in Latin.]

610. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 192.
2+62 folios. Parchment. 14th Century.
[Raymudi Lullii] Ars demonstrativa, sive methodus brevis ad inveniendum veritatem in qualibet arte ad solvendum quaestiones.
f34-8 Questiones que solute sunt juxta literam exponentem figuras et ostendentem quomodo per cameras perscrutanda est solucio questionis.
f38-63 Questiones que tantummodo solvuntur per figuras.

611. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 218.
109 folios. Parchment. 13th and 14th Centuries.
3. Roger Bacon Opus Minus. f57.
13. [Two folios with diagrams from the Ars Notoria 'tercia figura grammatice', the first and second 'nota dyaletice', and 'prima figura artis rethorice'.]

612. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby 219.
167 folios. Paper. 16th Century.
1. 'Liber Avicenna de anima, qui dicitur Clavis sapientiae majoris in Alkimia. [incomplete]

613. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 645 (2264).
In Latin on paper: 8 3/8 x 6 ins, 97 folios. 2nd half of 14th Century.
With coloured capitals and diagrams.
Alchemical Treatises by Raymundus Lullus:-
I. f1 De secretus naturae et quintae essentia [in two books with the prologue by Monaldus, here without title. Colophon on f.72v. 'Finuit Remundus librum istum parisius anno ab Incarnacione Domini M.CCC.XIX. In monasterio sancti Benedicti Canturien [sic] extra ciuitatem.']
2. f74 Anima artis transmutatorie metallorum. [At end 'Finuit Remundus librum istum in Monte Pessulano... anno ab Incarnatione Domini M.CCC.XXI'.]

614. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 2379.
Parchment. 31 leaves, in double columns: with illuminated capitals.11 X 8 1/2 in. Early 15th Century.
[Nine short works by Roger Bacon.]

615. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 465 (2459).
Paper. 12 x 9 in., ii +425 folios. 15th Century.
Contains six works by Raymundus Lullius.
5. f209 Arbor Scientiae.
6. f374 Arbor philosophie desiderate.
7. f396v Fons Paradisi divinalis.
8. f399v Tractatus domini Raymundi Lullii de probacione articulorum fidei catholice.
9. f417v [A short treatise on the Four Elements.]
10. f420 Cantilena Raymindi, [followed by a commentary on it.]
[Figures on f.195, 195v, 417v, 421.]

616. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 2871.
Parchment. 17 1/2 x 12 1/2 in., i + 21 leaves, in double columns: with many curious coloured diagrams. 15th Century.
'Sacratissima ars notoria...', a cabalistic work professing to be by 'Appollonius' and to be called 'Flores aurei': interspersed with prayers, as in MS. Bodley 8908, which is a similar but later, and accompanied by a commentary: text begins 'Alpha et O Deus omnipotens'; commentary begins 'In principio operationis istius'.

617. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 879 (2931).
Parchment.12 x 8 1/4 in., ii + 34 folios. 16th Century [c. 1500.]
Raymund Lully. Secretorium nature seu quinte essencie.
[With illuminated capital, three drawings.]

618. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Add. C. 279 (2971).
Qu. Catal. xii. (Hebr.) No. 2429. Kabbalistical, transcribed by James Hepburn the linguist, from a roll in the Royal Library in Paris in 1604-7 -possibly that now numbered 872.
The original cover, containing a description of the roll
fol.97. 'Ex dono Clementis Edmondes Remembratoris Civitatis London 1607'.

619. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley Rolls 1 (2974).
Parchment roll of nine membranes in a cloth box. 5700x590mm. mid 15th Century.
[Large coloured drawings: part of the first membrane of the scroll is wanting.
A version of the Ripley Scroll, a description of the process of making the Philosopher's Stone or Elixir of Life, in English verse, with large coloured drawings and figures, often with Latin titles: at the end is a figure of George Ripley, the reputed author of the whole. Most of the English, which is in red, and perhaps late 15th or early 16th century, has been copied again later in the same century in black ink. Similar scrolls are in MSS. Ashmole Rolls 40, 52, 53, and 54.]

620. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Selden Supra 76 (3464).
Parchment. 8 7/8 x 7 in., 126 folios. 13th Century.
In Latin, written in England. With illuminated capitals, etc: somewhat soiled.
Treatises mainly astronomical and alchemical.

621. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Selden Supra 80 (3468).
Paper. 17th Century.
G.7. f197 Hie facht an das Buch das genent wurt ein... Begreiffung der Philosophen der... Alchimie [in eight parts, in German prose : beg. 'Das lewenndt Sylber ist kalt Vnnd feucht'.]

622. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 3477.
Paper. ii+280 pages. c. 1555.
In Spanish. Written about 1555
'Orden de Ros ha Sanah y Kipur, transladado en espanol y de nueuo emendado por yndustria y deligencis de Abraham Vsque Ben Selomoh Vsque portugues. Y estampado en su case y a su costa en Ferrara a 15. de Elul 5313 [=A.D. 1553]'. A copy of the printed book.

623. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. e Mus. 63 (3652).
Paper. 16th Century.
[In English Welsh and Latin. Made up of two MSS. written in the 16th century in England. Alchemical treatises and poems, and Welsh pieces.]
A (Early 16th century)
1. f1 'Liber T[home] N[orton] qui intitulatur Ordinale secretorum, with a Latin and English preface. beg. 'Liber iste Clericis', 'To the honour of God one, in Persons three': the text beg. 'Maystrye full mervellous and archimaystrye': Norton's Ordinall, with notes, partly by Dr. John Dee.
2. f41 'Here begynithe the Compende of Alkamie made by [George Ripley] a canon of Bridlington', with prologue, preface, twelve chapters, recapitualtion, and 'permonicio autorus', in English verse , with notes as above. Two short pieces follow: a (fol66) 'Verba Secretorum Hermetis', in Latin and English.
b. f67 An alchemical poem, beg. 'Of Spayne take the clere light/The redd gume that is so bright'.
B. (mid-16th century in several hands.
3. Short alchemical pieces
a. f70 'Mr Ryppleys work, The Bost of Mercurye', a poem beginning 'I am Mercury, the mightie flos florum'.
b. f71v 'Speculum Alchimiae' in prose, beg. 'Scriptura tale nomen'.
c. f72 A poem on the Philosopher's Stone, in Latin verse: beg. 'ergo nota vere lapidem quem cupis habere'.
d. f74v 'Conclusiones quorundam philosophorum de lapide Voarhadumico seu Indico'.
e. f76v 'Opionio cuiusdam academici Oxoniensis de lapide philosophico', in english verse. beg. 'The deepe conceyte well ahtch'd in Muses brayne'.
f. f76v 'Catalogus librorum Jo Gwynn Arnst', Feb.28 1572/3, thirty-four volumes, chiefly alchemical.
g. f77 'Documentum cuiusdam spiritus, traditum magistro scoto, de virtute bufonis, seu philosophici Lapidis, sive auis Phoenicis'.
h. f77v-78 Two Latin poems, beg. 'Si mirus et novus','Si rerum secreta petis'.
i. f80 'de Lapide philosophico', a Latin rythmical poem, beg. 'En philosophantium hac in cantilena', preceded by heraldic crest and arms, coloured, of alchemical significance.
4. f83 'Liber quem composuit magister Arnaldus de Nova Villa de Secretis nature.
5. f88 'Liber Merline de expositione Lapidis philosophici', a commentary on some verses ascribed to Merlin: beg. 'In quodam tractatu qui incipit Omne datum optimum'.
6. f90v 'Liber Virgilii de Lapide benedicto', beg. 'In nomine beatissime'.
7. f93 'Liber Morieni de exposicione Lapidis benedicti'. beg.'Moriene, primum querere libet', followed by medical recipes.
[The entry of this MS. in the Benefactors' Register seems to imply that a 'Liber de Arte Necromantica Anglice, cui Tit: Cephar Rariel (sic) MS' was the first item in this volume. A few pages seem to have been torn out before Art.1, and there are now no traces of the treatise.]

624. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 3705.
Roger Bacon Alchemy.

625. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 4020.
'Scheda continens superstitiosas Formulas et Figuras'.

626. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Marshall 15 (5266).
Paper. 12.5 x 8.5 ins., 104 leaves. Late 16th Century.
In English and Latin. Written in various hands in England .
Medical, Chemical and astrological pieces.
a. f1,21v,49v,52v,65v,71 Medical recipes, chiefly in English.
b. f24v Alchemical directions dealing chiefly with Mercury, silver and gold.
c. f29v,53v 'The degrees of the alchimistes fier'
d. f38v 'The Frenche Alcumie... by John Samnere, and now turned into Inglyshe by J.W.',
e. f59 'The learned work of Hermes Trismegistus intituled Iatro-mathematica that is his phisicall mathemationies directed unto Amon the Egiptian... now Englished by W.F. student in phisicke.
f. f66v 'Pythagoras' wheel', a diagram followed by directions for it use in fortune telling.

627. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 6561.
[Had been in Dee's library].

628. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 8604.
A theological or mystical dictionary written about 1200 in England.

629. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 947.
Paper. 20.1 x 14.2 in., 24 folios. 17th Century.
In English. Written before 1692 by James Boevey.
'The secret Algebraick key to Treasure, parallel to the Philosopher's Stone, invented by James Boevey Esq., of Cheam in Surrey. This book the Author presented to the Library in the 70th year of his Age'. A note (c.1700) inserted at the end describes the volume, which consists of lists of numbers without text, perhaps relating to problems of currency, as 'Mr Boevay's mysterious Book given to the publick library as a great Treasure. He promised to send a Clavis to it, but is dead'. On the inner back cover is a dedicatory authograph letter, undated, by the author, and a certificate in favour of the book by 'Cowemberg Van Blois of Amsterdam, Algebraical Accountant'. There is a memoir of James Boevey, the economist, in The Perverse Widow by A.W. Crawley-Boevey (1898).

630. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 18441.
Or. Catal. ii, Cod. Arab. Moh. 192 (Paracelsus).

631. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 18648.
Qu. Catal. iii (Canonici), Greek, no. 95 (Chemical etc.)

632. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 19557.
Qu. Catal. iii. (Canon), Misc., no. 81 (alchemical).

633. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 19588.
Qu. Catal. iii (Canon). Misc., no. 112 (alchemical).

634. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 19699.
Qu. Catal. iii (Canon). Misc., no. 223 (George Ripley).

635. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 19703.
(No. 227 Treviso).

636. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 19775.
(No. 299 Raymond Lully).

637. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 28573.
Secretum Secretorum: bound early in the 16th century in Italy [red morocco with gold ornament and name] for 'S. Salomon da Fano'. Qu Cat no. 1436.

638. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley 33551.
[Roger Bacons Communia Naturalium in facsimile].

639. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Lat. Misc. e.40.
Paper. 19 folios. Early 16th Century.
In Latin. Written early in the 16th century in Italy by P.F. Giambullari.
'Raimundi Lullii [liber] de medicinis secretis' [A short medical work on oils and their properties, not certainly by Lullius, perhaps identical with the unpublished 'Compendium de secretis medicinis' named among his supposed works.]

640. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Lat. Misc. e.74.
x+54 pages 17th Century.
Manuscript copy, 17th cent., of the Rosicrucian treatise Speculum sophicum Rhodo-Stauroticum by Theophilus Schweighardt, published [Frankfurt?], 1618, with three paintings at pp. 45, 47, 49.
S. Baker and G. Leigh, 2 April 1770 (Philip Stanhope sale), lot 38, given by Sir Henry Cunynghame, 1919.

641. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Digby MS. 218.
Parchment. 109 folios. 13th Century.
13. Fragmentum, duobus foliis constans, in quo sunt figurae mysticae, continentes invocationes Dei cabbalisticas (ut vocant), sub nominibus variis e Graeca lingua et aliis formatis, pro studiis artium diversarum prosequendis; scil., 'tercia figura grammatice', prima et secunda 'nota dyaletice', et 'prima figuris artis rethorice'.

642. Oxford, Bodleian Library Digby MS. 219.
167 folios. 14th Century.
Latin tracts on alchemy.

643. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Aubrey 24.
Paper. 9.2 x 6.7 in. 105 folios. 17th Century (1674)
In Latin and English. Written by John Aubrey in 1674:
Copy by John Aubrey of an astrological treatise entitled 'Zecorbeni sive Claviculae Salomonis libri iv', transcribed by him from a manuscript 'writt by an Italian, and in a very good hand' (fol. 1v). There are additional recipes and incantations at f.85.

644. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Jones 1.
Paper. 13.1 x 10.6 in. 100 folios, with coloured figures. 1600-2
In Latin. Written in 1600-1 by S. Forman:
A cabalistic work professing to have been revealed to Solomon and explained by 'Appolonius artium magister': on fol. 85 v, 'Explicit Ars notoria cum figuris septem artium liberalium et 7m mechanicarum et excepti[u]arum et cum figuris generalium et Thrologiae et tocius philosophiae...Finis per Simonem Forman 1601 the 14 of Julii anno etatis sue 49' (see MS Ashmole 208, f. 62v).
A few English phrases occur in the volume.

645. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Jones 33.
Paper. 9 x 7.1 ins, 77 folios. c. 1600
A 'Discourse on the Waye to Blisse', an alchemical treatise on the Philosopher's Stone, in 3 books: beg. 'If in all orderly speeches' a transcript.

646. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. A. 287 (29493).
Paper. 17th Century.
Herbrandt Jamsthaler. Viatorium Spagyricum. [With fine coloured illustrations.]

647. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Add. C. 194.
Paper. viii + 88 pages Second half of 17th Century.
In Latin. written in more than one hand.
'Catalogus Librorum Bibliotheca (Externae) Mortlacensis D. Joh. Dee, a 1583 6 Sep.' This is a list of bound books, both printed and (p 65) manuscripts, in Dr John Dee's library at Mortlake. It is probably a copy of Trinity College Cambridge MS. O. iv.20, or British Library MS. Harley 1879. Almost all the MSS are marked 'T' or 'Fr'. Pp 12b -e should follow p. 44, but only 145 of the MSS. are here described, some leaves being lost at end.

648. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Add. C. 58.
ii +170 folios. Mid 17th Century.
In Latin.
Transcript of a printed book entitled 'Steganographiae necnon Claviculae Salomonis Germani, Ioannis Trithemij... Declaratio... A Ioanne Caramuel... concinnabatur...(Coloniae, 1635)'. An explanation by Caramuel of a book on secret writing by various uses of the alphsbet; with frequent mentions of spirits such as Martaliel, Samiel, Thuriel.

649. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Add. C. 125.
Paper. i+25 folios. 1677
[Certified copies in Latin, made in March 1676/7, of three Patent Rolls relating to the Philosopher's Stone which was to transmute baser substances into gold and silver.]
1. f1 Patent Roll, March 9, 1446 (24 Hen. vi), pt.2, membr. 14: to Sir Edm. de Trafford and Sir Thomas Assheton.
2. f4 patent Roll, May 31, 1456 (34 Hen. vi), membr. 7: to John Fauceby, John Kirkeby and John Rayny.
3. f18 Patent Roll, March 9 1456/7 (35 Hen. vi), pt 1, membr. 6 : a commission to Thomas Hernei an Austin friar, Robert Glaselay a Cambridge Dominican, William Atclyf the Queen's physician, Henry Sharpe master of St Lawrence Pountenay College in London, and six others, to examine into and report on the Philosopher's Stone.
There are endorsements of each paper in a hand not unlike that of Peter Le Neve.

650. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Lat. Misc. e.33.
Paper. 24 folios. 1st quarter of 16th Century.
[The first book of the Chrysopoeia ( a Latin poem on the Art of making Gold), composed by Johannes Aurelius Augurellus (d.1524), with many corrections, substitutions and additions which seem to show that it is the writers autograph. There is no title or author's name, but the corrected text is nearly that printed by Mangetus, Bibl. Chem. Curiosa, ii, 371.]

651. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Bodley Lat. Misc. d.31.
Paper. 310 folios.
In Latin. Photographed in about A.D. 1899 at Rome.
Photographs of the first three books and the greater part of the fourth book of the Opus Majus of Roger Bacon, taken from the Vatican MS. 4086 (74 leaves).

652. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Lat. Misc. d.37.
Eighteen rotographs (white on black) 11 x 8 ins.
The conclusion of the Metaphysica of Roger Bacon, from the two Mss. in the Vatican library at Rome in which the complete work was discovered in 1914, viz. MS. Vatic. lat. 2227 folios 61v-67r (fol.4) and MS. Vatic. lat. 5004 folios 15v-21r (fol.18).

653. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Fr. d.3.
Paper. 106 pages. c. 1675.
In French. Written about 1675 by J.C.
An alchemical discourse on the Philosopher's Stone and kindred subjects, 'Oeuvre de Simon Picart Sieur du Bois', addressed to his son.
[Preface begins: 'Mon Fils apres avoir longtemps consulté en moymesme'. On p72. the scribe writes 'Ended 23d Jan 1675 by me J.C.'; the last part on 'papier volans' is an addition.]

654. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Radcliffe Trust d.6.
i+61 folios. Labelled 'MSS. & tabulae alchemic' on spine. Late 18th Century.
Collection of abstracts of alchemical tractates, entitled on f1 'Cabala mineralis' by 'Rabbi Simeon Ben Cantara'
f12-13, 16-48 coloured drawings on vellum.

655. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Locke c.44.
ii+ 454 pages, (222-454 blank)
[Volume containing (in blank spaces between entries in a list of books) medical, chemical and alchemical notes and prescriptions copied manly in the hand of Sylvester Brownover with additions and corrections in Locke's hand.]

656. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Eng. misc. e.473.
iii+ 94 folios.
Fair copy of a 17th Century treatise on alchemy by Eireneaeus Philalethes, entitled 'The entrance opend into the hidden palace of the king', differing considerably from the version published as Secrets reveal'd (London, 1699). A shortened latin translation was published as Intoitus apertus ad occlusum regis palatium (Amsterdam, 1677).

657. Oxford, Bodleian Library. St. Mary's Hall, Oriel College v.
[Crowning of Nature.]

658. Oxford, Bodleian Library. St. Mary's Hall, Oriel College vi.
[Crowning of Nature.]