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Alnwick Castle

This is a list I compiled some years ago of 62 hermetic manuscripts in the private Library of the Duke of Northumberland, now at Alnwick Castle. Most of these manuscripts are from the collection of the alchemical, Rosicrucian and Freemasonic enthusiast General Charles R. Rainsford (1728-1809). These include some translations made by Rainsford of important hermetic and alchemical works. The remainder of Rainsford's papers are now in the British Library Mss Add. 23644-23680. - Adam McLean.
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MS. 572.
17th Century.
Opus Angelorum [the 'Crowning of Nature' with 67 watercolour drawings. This copy does not have the text which other versions of this manuscript include.]
f1 'Cooper the bookseller at the Pellican Little Britain 1678.
Valued by Cooper at £15. Bought of Heard in Piccadilly with the mere cost £5. I believe this MSS to have been Eirenaeus Philalethes own writings.'

MS. 573.
18th Century. 116 folios. Paper
Axiomes de Medicinne.
[Receipts in French].

MS. 573A.
18th Century [1777.] xiv + 209 folios.
Arts and Sciences Chemistry. 1777. In English.
fi 'This book to be given to the Duke of Northumberland at my Death - Cr. R Rainsford'.
fii-xiii Index.
f1-209 [253 numbered recipes.]

MS. 573B.
18th Century [1769.] 70 pages. Paper.
Chemical Characters from several Authors. 1769.
1. p1-52 [List of Chemical characters, with an extensive index.]
2. p53-70 A Synopsis of the Chemical Characters adapted to the New Nomenclature by Messeurs Hassenfratz and Adet systematically arranged by W. Jacksen Practical Chemist.
[Dated at end Louvre June 27, 1787].
[Bookplate of Rainsford].
MS. 574.
18th Century. 36 folios. Paper.
1. La Astrologia Judiciaria e in succinto la Chiromanzia. Ancora 1767.
f1 Libro per brevem: apprende le discipline Mattemate con varii discorsi delle Scienze indouinatorie, ricautatj da uarij Autorj, con diuersj giudizj Astrologici; et il tutto con ordine esposto nel presente compendio, dato in luce da me Luigi Maria Cannaccj Professore delle Scienze Mattematiche, et Astonomiche Accademico Fiorentino.
In Firenze questo dj pr* Mag. MDCLXXXIX.
p1-217 [Text in Italian with a few astrological diagrams.]
2. Breve Compendio la Chiromanzia.
Text in Italian with numerous diagrams of hands marked with lines.
MS. 575.
17th Century. 154 pages. Octavo.
1. p1-15 Johannis Garlandii Angli Philosophi Doctisimi de praeparatione Elixiris Libellus.
2. p15-89 De Mineralibus Liber.
3. p90-112 Verba secretorum Hermetis, quae scripta erant in Tabula smaragdi inter manus eius inventua in obscuro antra in quo humatum corpus eius repertum est. Tabula Smaragdi.
4. p113-156 Synonimorum in Arte Alchimistica exposito.
MS. 576.
18th Century. 252 pages. Paper.
traitee Sante Procede Differents traiteé sur l'oeuvre Hermetique ou la piere des philosophes.
1. p1-37 Stella Matutina. [drawings of Sun pentagram and Moon] pater and Mater Naturae. F.C. Spiritus Spirat ubi vult. 8bre 1767. [In French].
2. p39-71 Les quatre Elemens philosophique.
p74-78. [Notes on Alchemy in French].
3. p79-126 Ouvrages tres curieux et fortulite avec quelque Remede pour la Santé.
4. Procedé sur le Matiere du grand oeuvre.
[Notes from Geber, Fabre, etc.]
5. [Notes.]
6. Ouvrage de N. Flamel
[Final folios in very fragile condition.]
MS. 579.
18th Century. 123 folios. Paper.
Cabale Misterieuse des 150 Psaumes du Roy David. [In French.]
[At end of each section on the psalm, there is the name and character of an Angelic Intelligence.]
MS. 580.
18th Century. Paper. Quarto.
composee apellee D'invisibilitee d'invisibilitee
1. f1-10 Livre des esprits inferieures concernant les esprits et leurs pouvoirs. [Listing of spirits with sigils].
2. f11-12 Maniere de faire les 4 bagues astronomique composeé des meteaux apelleé Talismants.
3. f13-16r Les caracteres des 12 anneaux apelles talismans Dans les qu'elle on enfermes une esprit pour tout ce que l'onvent.
f16v [Drawing of God holding tablet with 10 Divine Names with charcteristics.]
4. f17-24 [Section from Clavicula Salomonis in French].
[Tables of correspondences].
Les arrbes convenant au figures.
Les oiseaux convenant au figure.
Les animaleaux terrestre couvenant au figures. etc.
5. f25-27 Formae Familiares Spiritibus. [Forms for the seven planets, in Latin].
6. f29-32 [Sigils of the planets as in Agrippa].
7. f34-39 Pentaclules ou medailes.
[[folios 36-39 are in red ink on black background. The entire page having been coloured black with an ink wash.
8. f40-46 Expericule D'invisibiliteé au Moyen Dane aneaux tirie d'une autres clavicules.
Aneau d'invisibiliteé tire d'alberti parvoi.
Autre Maniere pour de Couvrir les larcins.
Autre maniere tirie d'une autre Clavicule.
[in French].
MS. 581.
18th Century. 149 folios. Paper.
ete Cet Ouvrage A été mis en ordre avec les figure Par le Cte urvoy de St. Bedan. Londre 1798.
p1 Flambeau des Vrais Rosecroix ou des Sages.
[17 fine watercolour drawings of furnaces, crucibles and retorts].
MS. 582
18th Century. 303 pages. Regne Vegetal, et Mineral. [In French.]
MS. 583.
18th Century. 178 pages. Paper. afare
1. f1-7 Explicantur ea, que ad Theoricam Lapidis Phylosophici Conducunt.
2. f8-14 Definiuntur ea, que ad hanc Transmutatoriam Artem pertinent.
3. f17-19 Annotazioni per quello bisogna àfare il Menstruo, Sale, e Solfo Vegetabile.
[In Italian].
4. f20-25 De Compositione Menstrui, Salis et Sulphuris Vegetabilis.
5. Secundus Modus Componedni Menstruum, Sal, et Sulphur Animale.
6. De modo Efficiendi Menstruum, quod vocatur Solutiuum, et coniunctiuum, et fir ex media substantia Mercurii Vulgi.
7. Calcinatio Vulgarii Auri, vel Argenti, et dicitur calcinatio sicca.
8. Variis Modi ad Purificandii Mercurium Vivum.
9. Componuntur divers Olea pro Medicinis Incerandis.
10. Quomodo fiat Aurum potabile pro sanitate tuenda: Acetiam ponitur Modus reducendi Media Substantia in Metallorum Medicinam.
12. Brevis et Perfectus Modus Componendi lapidem Phylosophicum.
13. Compositionis lapidis Compendium.
[In Latin with some notes in Italian].
[more to follow.]

MS. 584
18th Century. 114 folios. Paper.
[Engraved title page from a printed book cut out and stuck into manuscript, and new title of this manuscript inserted in central space.]
Clavicula Salomonis Regis ex Idiomare Haebrea Versa per Dom: Abrahamum Coturnium [sic]. Liber Primus.
Index libri Primi Clavicule Salomonis.
f37 Sequuntur sacra Pentacula propriis figuris expressa, caracteribus, et literis Hebraicis, et Caldaeis, una cum eorum virtutibus , pro commoditate et intelligentia Incantatoris, quemadmodum experimentia didicit Abraham Colornus.
p38-80 [42 full page coloured pentacles].
Clavicula Salomonis Regis ex idiomate Haebreo Versa per Dom: Abraham Coturnium [sic]. Liber Secundus.
MS. 585.
18th Century. 43 + 8 +1 + 6 [four short tracts bound together]. Paper.
divezione cio s'edetto f ii. 'This Book was bought at Naples from the Jesuit's Colledge when that Order was suppressed and all their goods seized upon by the King and confescated. It was brought from there by a Gentleman in a publick Employment in the English service and at his death was purchased in London with other MSS of the Jesuits Colledge'.
1. Cephar Raziel. [In Italian p1-43].
2. Compendium totius Sme Kabala cuius misterius consistit in divinis nominibus vita hora fundamentum smus hoc nomen.
Begins :'Haec sunt 72 Nomina Dei'.
p1-8 [In Latin].
3. Regole di Mr Gio Adamo Wetter.
[Table of the days of months].
[Tables with inverted pyramids of numbers].
Kabala Hermetis [with number square and inverted pyramid of numbers. Some sigils at end. Text in Italian].
4. Vero modo d'acquistare la Kabola Angelica. [p1-6 In Italian.]
p1 [Angels of past, present and future].
p2 Cio finito di rai con gran divezionè.
p3 Invocazione dell' Asistenza.
p5 Devi sapere. ciô che s'édetto / che in agni nome d'Angliolo si deve leggere: Hic est spiritus: e si segna con la Croce.
p6 Oratio.

MS. 586.
18th Century. 275 pages. Paper.
[Extracts from various Alchemical works, by Philalethes, Valentinius Wegel. Alexander von Suchten, and others. In Latin.]
MS. 587.
18th Century. 89 folios. Paper.
[Jesuits College MS.]
Collection of tracts on Alchemy, in Latin and Italian. A section at the end inserted later into the manuscript, appears to be a medical work on the sexual organs.
MS. 588.
18th Century. 206 pages. Paper.
[Note by Rainsford on fly leaf 'I copied this Book from an old MSS written upon parchment. The bookseller asked 5 guineas for the original but lent it me for a few days to copy, upon my giving him half a guinea. The name of Dr Dee was upon one of the leaves. The Book was from after my returning it taken away by the owner as not to be sold. It is a very exact copy.']
1. p1-38 Ars Artium.
[Orations and conjurations in English].
2. p38-105 'The following was copied out of a little Book by Sir Richard Napier March 1673'.
3. Hic incipit Ars Artium quae primum scripta fuit Regem Solomonicum.
[text in English].
4. p106-134 Le Livre des Esprits lequel fuit manifeste au sage Salomon.
[Spirits of the Goetia. Text in French].
At end 'Finis laudat Opus Aesel in Principio Sancta Maria mei'.
5. p134-179 Sci apres ensuit La Livre des Conjuration.
At end : 'Haec finis tractae Scientiae divinae Salomonis'.
6. p180-189. To constrain Spirits to appear.
[Drawing of two magic circles].
[Conjuration in English but with long list of angel names].
p190 [Table of contents of volume. At end 'this was finished Feb 2: 1756.']
7. p192-206 Anecdotes of Dr Richard Napier from Mr Aubreys Miscelleanies.
at end ; 'This is written 10 Mar 1787'.
MS. 589.
18th Century. 449 pages. Paper.
Liber Piccatriciae. [In Latin.]
p1 Incipit Tractatus Artis Magicae Piccatrix.
p5-62 Liber Primus Picatricis hispani Magi et Astologi Exsertissimi. Scientia cognoscendi, in quo sit gradu.
p63-189 Liber Secundus quomodo quis possit aspirare ad huius modi scientiam.
p191-352 Liber Tertius Piccatricis hispani in quo tractatur de proprietatibus planetarum et signorum eorundemque formis et figuris in suo genuino colore. Item qualiter cum Spiritibus planetarum loqui potent et eum plura alia magica. De Proprietatibus planetarum in animalibus metallis et plantis ex intentibus.
p353-439 Liber Quartus Piccatricis in quo tratatus et ostendetur de spirituum proprietatibus et de his quae necessaria sunt in hac arte et qualiter cum imaginibus et suffumigiis vel suffumigationibus aliis adjuvantur.
p441-449 [Table of chapter headings].

MS. 590.
18th Century. 38 folios. Paper.
Heptameron de Ludowici Zypriani, de Mongold Arcanum Secretum, die Schatze zu heben.
Gedruchter zy Lion, den 4ten Maj, In Jahr Christen 1304.
[In German. In red and black inks.]
[Work of Christian Alchemy - references to blood of Christ].
MS. 592. 1.
18th Century. Paper.
1. f1-257 La Filosophia Naturale di Molti Celebri et Antichissimi Filosofi tanto Antichi come Moderni E Libro D'Oro Dove Si Conttiene li Nomi de medesimi Autori, et ancora li lovo gran Secreti dell'Elexir di natura e molti grandi Arcani et Operazioni da farsi secondo s' uso della Filosofia Naturale etc. C.B.A. da C.B. 1721.
2. f258-307 Ruota di Salomone Perpetua, per sapere d'ogni Giorno in che Segno si ritrova la Luna fino che dura il Mondo.
[Diagram in red and black inks of three concentric circles divided into 12 segments associated with the 12 signs, with other correpondences]..
[A series of short pieces on planetary ans zodiacal correspondences, hours of day and night, talismans, perfumes of the planets, series of inverted pyramids of numbers, on Candles, etc. With some line drawings].
3. f308- Li Pentacoli di Salomone. Dove si contengono li loro Modi di farli, e de poterli oprare nelle loro forme, e materie di vegetabili sangui et Animali, secondo le loro constellazioni, e sue rarissimi Virtu etc. A.M.S.
f309 Primo Pentaculo.
[The first pentacle is shown on a folio tipped in between f320-321. It is a very fine illustration in red and black inks entitled 'Il Sigillum Salomonis seu Pentaculum. It shows a central pattern of interlacing lines, surrounded by four concentric circles divided into 8 segments. Centred on the outer circle are eight small sattelite cirlces each bearing a pentagram and an Archangel name. There are various Names of God, and magical sigils, and eight varieties of weapons.
f324 Secondo pentacolo.
[The second pentacle is on f333, and has heptangle within heptagon within circle, and hexagram at centre. Various Angelic name are shown.
f339 Terzo pentacolo.
[Third pentacle on f348 is similar to the second but has hetagon within heptagram].
f355 Quarto Pentacolo.
[Fourth pentacle on f361. Hexagram with two concentric circles. Various hebrew letters and sigils].
[There are ten pentacles in all. The latter six are less elaborate consisting of complex sigil form within a single circle with some text around the circumference in Latin].
[Text in Italian].
MS. 595. - Particular MSS. III.
18th Century.
Collection of Extracts relative to the Fraternity of the R.: C.: Translators Preface: 'The Society of R.:C.: has made so much noise, yet has been so little known or attended to that I have thought it a profitable employment of Time to give some attention to it especially as some curious printed Treatises and very rare MSS have fallen into my hands. and however trifling or useless such a discussion may seem to the generality of readers, there may be some curious investigators of the subject that may approve, and profit by this enquiry, and if that should be the case, the Writer of this will think his time well employed and be fully satisfied for the trouble he has taken and he leaves it to chance'.
1. p1 [Translation of Themis Aurea of Michael Maier].
2. p140-270 [Translation of the 4th book of Robert Fludd's Summum Bonum].
3. p227 Account of a Colledge of Philosophers in Germany who were R.:C.:
4. p231 Answers to Some Doubts of the Hermetick Colledge against the Authority of the Fame and Confession of the Society of R.:C.:
5. p247 9 Aenigmas from the 9 Muses of Apollo to be described by the Colledge of German Philosophers of RC. [In Latin].
6. p254 section in English beginning 'Hitherto we have applied in general to the whole college, now we will go to paraticular persons, tho concealed under the lettre, as far as is necessary for our purpose'.
[Mostly a commentary on the history of the fraternity expounded in the Fama but with some additions].
7. p271 Sphynx Rosacea or the Discovery of the Fraternity of the laudable Society of R.:C.:... by Christopher Nigrenus Printed in German at Frankfort 1618. [Translation into English of part of Author's preface only].
MS. 599.
18th Century. 127 folios. Paper.
[Collection of various Tracts from original MSS. in English.]
1. p1-7 Letter to a Young Lady. [In French].
2. p8-51 The Descreption of Paradise or the Type of the garden of Heden. From the French Mss.
[At end : 'This translation was finished Nov 4: 1796].
3. p52-65 Some observations upon the 4th Verse of the !st Chapter of Ezekiel.
4. p66-72 Opinion upon the 26th Chapter of St Matthews Gospel. In a Letter to a Friend in the Church.
5. p72-106 Notes upon the Names of God from the Vore Nevochim of Rambam or Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon on Chap 61. p.1. Vore Nevochim, is the Doctrine of Perplexity, or, the Explanation of mysterious words and passages in the Old Testament.
6. p107-117 Translation of a Cabalistic MS from the Italian that fell into my Hands by Accident. Given me by Mr Bryan.
7. p118-127. Translation from the Italian MS called La Vittoria or Victory, given me by Mr Ghilline.
Begins 'The Egyptian Cabala'
MS. 600
18th Century.
[Translation into English by Rainsford of first two books of Robert Fludd's Utriusque Cosmi Historia..., 1617.]
MS. 602. Particular Manuscripts
18th Century. 336 pages. Paper
The true and practical Process of the Physical Tincture to change the Imperfect metals to [gold] and [silver] and to meliorate Vegetables, and Animals.
[Various alchemical processes and receipts].

MS. 603. Particular Manuscripts.
18th Century. 913 pages. Paper.
An Hermetical and Philosophic Manuduction or certain guide to the great medicine of the philosophers, wherein the Hieroglyphic and Enigmatic sense of Theophrastus Paracelsus' Writings are clearly explained Withe the Method of clearing foul Diamonds, and making small Jewels and Pearls larger. Also, the Preparation of several excellent Medicines By J.C. von V. to which is added the Treatise of Sol sine Veste, translated from the German by Sir Ralf O. Chardens and the Chevr de Sarindorf 1783. [Pseudonym based on anagram of 'Rainsford'].
[In English, and with a short section in French.]
MS. 604-7
18th Century. 278 +182 + 246 + 141 pages. Paper.
An Enquiry into the Origin of the Game of Tharot.
[Translation into English by Rainsford from the French of M. Court de Gebelin.]

MS. 608.
18th Century. Paper.
1. Mathematical recreations and Tours of Cards- from Ozanam etc, 1764.
2. Hebrew Alphabet and notes on Hebrew.
3. Translation of a letter in French from a Br. of Bruxelles to one of the same Order, supposed in England. Bruxelles 29 Dec 1768. [23 folios]. [Actually a treatise on the cabala of the alphabet.]
[Reversing the Volume].
4. Catalogue of Ores and Minerals. [Incomplete in English. 25 folios. Catalogued and with headings of the seven planetary symbols.]

MS. 609.
18th Century. 262 pages. Paper.
trouvee entitulie Chymical Processes of the Duke of Buckingham wrote with his own hand. 1676.
1. p1-45 [Notes in English mostly on working with metals.]
2. p46-49 Petrus Ribola, de facultate Metallorum, germinatrice, hermetice, Francofurti, 1630. [Notes from this book in Latin.]
3. p50-54 Fragmentum Operationis Philosophiae. [Latin.]
4. p55-62 Plusieur Experiences Physiques et Philosophique. [In French.]
5. p63-89 De Spiritu Salis [Tartar]ii, varies modis parando. [Latin.]
6. p90-136 Notes from a treatise whose beginning was wanting. [In English.]
7. p137-165 Sudorificum aduireticum ex [Mercury]is & [Sol]is. [In Latin.]
8. p166-174 Lettre trouvée a la Fin de douse clefs de B.V. in MSS. entitulié Lettre a un Ami. [In French.]
9. p175-197 Modo di fare Gioie Artificiali.[In Italian.]
10. p198-206 Dell Arte de Cesellare, remarginare, saldare, arrenare, comasciare brunire Igraffiare, et colorire i Lavori de Siastra d. [Sun] & d [Moon].
11. p207-209 De'l Lavorare in Cave d'[Sun], et [Moon], & de Rame di fare i Suggelli de Cardinali, etc.
12. p211-212 [Process in German, with a few marginalia in English.]
13. p213-220 The foll[owing] was translated from a German MSS. of Mr Godfrey Hankswith, and were some Processes of Becher the MSS. was wrote in the year 1707. [In English.]
14. p221-245 Processes brough from Rome from Sign. Lande 1772. [In English.]
15. p246-262 This was translated from an Italian Mss given me at Rome by Mr Landi, march 1772, and for the singularity of it I have given it word for word. It was given to Landi by a [ ] Priori. [This is in Rainsford's handwriting.]
MS. 600-14.
18th Century.
1. p1-79 Formula of the Religion of the Druzi, in the form of a Cathecism. Translated from the Original Arabic. First into Italian by a gentleman resident at Aleppo, and from the Italian into English. With a Vocabulary of the principal Arabic Words, from Dr Adair Gibralher.
2. p80-172 Anecdotes of Pythagoras and other Antient Philosophers of note. from Gales Antiquities.
3. p173-180 The Doctrine of Hermetic Philosophy, clearly proved by the following treatise of Nicodemo Gadette A.P. for the benefit of the students in that science. From the original Italian. Dedicated to the Learned Societies of London. Translated from the Italian MSS. written in Monteleone of Vebena. 1776.
4. p181-240 Dialogue between a master and his pupil.
[New numbering 1-35.]
5. p1. Medicine laid open In which are described 7 special remedies, for the most usual disorders, as well as the most considerable disorders. By Joseph Meure M.D. in Rome. Translated from the Italian 1803.
[Rainsford's hand.]

MS. 615.
18th Century. 336 pages. Paper.
1. p1-253 An essay upon the History of Sabeism. With a Cathecisme containing the principal Doctrines of the Religion of the Drusi. By Mr de Bock. Published originally in French at Metz and Paris in 1778. Translated into English in 1796.
2. p254-336 An Historical Account of the People called Nomades. In France known by the name of Bohemians, in Germany Ligeuner, and in England Gipsies, with a comparative vocabulary of the Indian and Bohemian language, translated from the German of U. Grellmen by the Baron de Bock and from the French by C.R. Printed at Metz and Paris 1798.
[In Rainsford's hand.]
MS. 616 1,2.
18th Century. 213 + 214 pages. Paper.
1. p1-36 The Definition of the Trinity.
[on p.36] The preceeding Treatise in the original is subsequent to the following which begins this work, and this is also the words of the same young woman in her state of somnambulation.
2. p36-213 A Philosophical Treatise of a Somnambule upon God: Man: & Nature. Published in French 1788 and Transposed by an Admirer and Student in animal magnetism 1794. Gibraltar.
3. p1-214 Continuation of Somnambulism as exemplified from Mlle N. Part 2.
MS. 617.
18th Century. 208 pages. Paper.
1. p1-68 Curious Experiments in Natural Magick and Cabalistic From Albertus Parvus. The following very curious Experiments were taken from a late edition of the Albert petit...
2. p68-77 The Talismans of Paracelsus.
3. p78-131 The following was taken from a MSS that belonged with many others to the Jesuit Colledge in Naples when they were apprehended by the government and their papers secured. The Transcriber translated them from the Italian, and are the Works of the Real B. Bn of the R.C.
4. p79 The real Practice of the Enots, as done by the Jesuits.[Italian].
5. p80 Della Ma remiata della Natura Medicina. [Italian].
6. p86-131 Capitulazioni inviola bile du observarsi du Fratelli dell' R.C. precedente la Solita Professio.
7. p132-208 Operazione. the following is a Translation from the Themis Aurea: or the laws of the Fraternity of R: C: written by Michael Meyer [Maier] ...

MS. 618.
18th Century. 197 folios. Paper.
1. p1-96 Butlers Stone. This famous medicine which Van Helmont speaks so much of... Butlers Stone By the mercurial Menstruum from Calomel, with the Anomalous Menstruum, the Alkalisated Menstruum and Metalick Earth.
2. f97-181 The following is translated from a German MSS from the collection of Mr Godfrey Haneowits. Mr Boyles Operation the Microcosm.
3. f182-191 Cameleon sudans. Com. B Schk. from Stercore & Apr: 1715. [In Latin. Copied 20 June 1792.]
4. f191-197 A work of Philalethes.

MS. 618A.
18th Century.
[Extracts and notes from various Alchemical works in Italian. Many pieces are fragmentary and incomplete].

MS. 619.
18th Century. 184 pages. Paper.
[A printed Commonplace book in which C Rainsford has made many notes on Cabalistic subjects.]
1. p1-31 notes on various Kabbalistic themes includes a Dream of Rainsford.
2. p31-37 [Translation of preface to Kircher's Ars Magna Lucis.]
3. p37-39 Extracts from Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus, relative to the Book of Chanoch or enoch. Vol2, Part 1 page 69.
4. p39-51 This fragment as follows From the First Book of Chanoch- of the Egregori or wicked angels.
5. p52-71 Some observations upon the preceding Fragment of the Book of Chanoch.
6. p72-109 The following Dessertation was put into my hands by an ingenious French emigre in the French, which this is a translation without much correction. the Subject is curious [ ] and seems to have some merit. It must be left to the opinion of those into whose hands it may fall, and take its chance. Of the Moral and Physical origin of Man.
7. p110-161 Henoch continued from Page 71. Oedipus Aegyptiacus Vol. 1, Part 2, p.149.
8. p162-180 The Book of Henoch Which contains the true Cabala of the 72 names of the Angels; which were revealed to Chanoch by the Angel Mitratton. Translated into French from an Arabian MS in the Royal Library at Paris, brought from Abyssinia. [In English.]
9. p181-184 [Some short fragementary notes on the Angels and the Zodiac.]
MS. 620.
18th Century. 75 pages. Paper.
Secrets relative to Arts and Trades. From the French A New edition considerably improved. Printed at Paris. 1724.
p1-75 [Notes and recipes for working with metals, precious stones and making pigments].

MS. 621. 18th Century. 129 folios. Paper.
'The following MSS fell into my hands by accident in italian without either name or Title. I have translated it into English; and if it is of any value let those who come after me make use of it. I have been assured it is a real process and as it is clearly explained I have taken the trouble to copy it. 1783.'
f1-129 [Treatise on Practiical Alchemy.]

MS. 622.
18th Century. 126 folios. Paper.
[Alchemical Notebook of Rainsford. Various recipes and observations, and notes and extract from alchemical texts.]
MS. 623.
18th Century. 14 + 20 pages. Paper.
p1-14 An Original Work of Nicolas Flammel written with his own hand A.D. 1414 in the reign of Charles 6th. Copied from a MS written backwards to make it less intelligible and now translated from the French [Section of 19 unnumbered folios.].
The following work is N. Flammel copied from an original in his own hand A.D. 1414 in the reign of Charles 6th. It is written originally backwards in French which is here properly transferred.
[In French].
[new numbereing] p1-20 Translation of the above. [English].

MS. 624.
18th Century. 235 pages. Paper.
Extracts from the Mago-Cabalistic works of George Welling from a manuscript translated by General Rainsford from the German edition printed at Hambourge 1735 and transcribed by Ebenezer Sibly , M.D. 1793.
[Horoscope of George III with engraved portrait at centre].
[Two drawings of plates from Von Welling].
p1-93 [Descriptions of the figures up to No 52.]
p94-163 The origin and generation of the Celestial and terrestial Sulpher. Second book 1793.
p164-235 A Treatise on Mercury.

MS. 625-627
18th Century. 436 + 622 + 339 + 168 pages.
Paper. 1. The Naturalist's Manual, dedicated to Mr de Buffon of the French Academy etc, Intendent of the Royal Botanical Garden at Paris. Published 1771 Translated from the original by C.R. 1800.
2. The second part or Continuation of the Naturalist's Manuel from the French Edition in small 8vo of D*** M*** Paris 1771. Translated by C.R. 1801.
3. The Third part or continuation of the Naturalist's manual from the French Edition in small 8vo of D*** M*** Paris 1771. Translated by C.R. 1804.
4. Additional Articles of the Second Edition of the naturalist's Manuel or Dictionary of natural History Containing the Abridgement of the History of animals, Vegetables, Minerals, and the Principal Meteors and Phenomenae of nature. A new Edition with an Addition of near 2000 Articles. From the French Editions at Brussells and Paris. Printed in the 3rd Year of the French republick.