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Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy,
& the Mysteries of the Breath
in Bhogar's 7000

English Rendering
by Layne Little

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He has five hands
and an elephants face.
He has that tusk
like the sweet crescent moon.
He is Siva's son,
the tender leaf of wisdom.
Set within my consciousness
I praise his feet.


I praise the feet
of the Elephant-Faced One.
I praise the feet
of God.
I praise the feet
of the mother who gave me birth;
proffering grace
with but a glance.
I praise the feet
of Hari and Brahma.
I praise the feet
of Saraswati.
I praise the Grace-Bestowing Lakshmi's
feet like flowers.
I praise Moolar's feet,
my grandfather
who dwells in
the Sleepless Sleep.
I praise the noble feet
of the kindly Kalangi.
I praise the feet
of the Seers, who have attained
the State of "Without Distinction".
Oh! The fullness of the plentitude of their genuine guard.

2 The History of the Book

It was Siva
who told the 7000.
I just noted down
all of his shastra's secrets.
With seven chapters,
that book
is the King of Gurus;
pouring forth
it's alchemical methods.
I asked for Grandfather's secrets;
and learned
from listening
to the quality
of his direct teaching.
I listened to sweet Kalangi...
and see!
I have put forth
these 7000.

3 Muladhara

By looking
the root seems egg-like in form.
The reason being
is that it is here
that the tri-konam stands.
A ring adorns it's three angles
and outside...
there are four petals.
By approaching
one perceives
the four lotus letters:
the goodly Va,Cha, Sa, Sha.
By diving deep
one discovers
the inner light of the triad...
Make an effort,
and within it
you'll find A-kaaram.


Upon the A-kaaram
Ganesha stands,
in another angle
the U-kaaram stands,
it is in the U-kaaram
that Vallabai Shakti stands.
And in one tapering corner
there is the plantain flower.
Below the face
of the Bhu-kaaram
is the Kundalini Shakti.
She is like a serpent maiden,
And ready to strike.
Having pierced
the Circle's End,
she stands
This plane
is beyond even
the Sleepless Sleep.


This place
is the root level
of existence.
Here stands
a beautiful plantain flower
of eight petals.
To enter
Siva is standing
within her mouth.
The goodly Siva
is just Si-kaaram, isn't he?
Like ten thousand suns.
If your action is base
she simply won't open her mouth
and the flower
will be shut.
Oh Son!
In eight petals
there are eight shaktis.
The shaktis are there
to steal your power.
If you ask what their eight names are,
fittingly so,
they'll be...
"Size of an Atom"
"Float on the Air"


They'll be...
"Become Great"
"Be Heavy"
"Eternal Sovereignship"
These eight renowned goddesses
stand in the field,
keeping the petals closed.
Who knows why?
They won't let you see Nandi
and rise up.
But you will drink nectar,
the very substance of sky.
As you breath in
say, "Va",
and immediately hold the breath.
Then puff away.


If you puff
and make the eight shaktis swoon
they'll open all the petals
and go staggering off.
By using the heart of the flower
you'll make them obey
the Mother's commands.
Try to enter it,
and if you see Nandi
your yoga is sure to happen.
But if you argue,
she won't open the door.
She'll keep it shut
for ten years.
Fix the breath within
anyway you can.
If it runs to the left,
say "Va".
You'll get it.


In obtaining Nandi
one retains the breath
with "A".
If it runs to the right,
say "Si"
and draw it in.
Keep holding
and retaining
with "A".
The six streets
become level
and are clearly perceived.
Raise it up
and it will appear
like the light of a ruby.
My fine fellow,
at the root
you will see the truth.
Stay put.
Vallabai Shakti will come.
She is glorious
and green in color.


The green-hued Vallabai
will become sub-servient
and bow down.
She'll tell you
the appropriate time
for the appropriate chakra.
If the basis of Muladhara
is perfected...
You can go anywhere,
wandering freely
throughout the three worlds.
The dull-hued body
will mellow
and shine.
All impurities
will be removed
and the six chakras
will become visible
to the eye.
In the Sleepless Sleep
all subtlety
can be perceived.
Look and see.


What is seen
is the eight elements
merging into four.
In a flash
the flame of the root
can be seen.
The light
of the dark flame
will blind the eyes.
This is when
dances before you.
He will give your yoga
the assurance it needs
by saying,
"Take your time."
He'll relate
the True Polymorph Alchemy
and he'll tell you
the very nature of Sadasiva
by saying,...
If you stop now,
there goes
your yoga.


Don't leave thinking it's over.
Remain at the root.
While going
or while staying...
Concentrate the mind.
Be in a place
where you don't have to listen
to the noise
of other's talk.
fixing the target
by working
from the outside in.
Don't leave out the breath
thinking it's impossible.
Join your mind
to the root,
establishing it there.
it seems so difficult,
you'll think it's a waste.
But don't just leave.
With ceaseless effort,
merge the mind.


It is difficult
To get accustomed
to thinking in these terms.
But if you enter within and look,
you are sure to see the fire shining...
(That is, until the mind gets scattered.)
If you see the pure light
you will be happy.
The intertwined
Ida & Pingala
will be joined,
and Shushumna
will rise up
in the center.
The ever approaching
Lord of Death
will become frightened
and run far away.
Every day
will seem like a second.
You'll see.


Just by being so inclined,
you can easily
perceive the root.
the good breath.
Then blow and blow.
In the life-sustaining chakra
stand on and on.
My fine fellow,
If you see Nandi,
then you will know alchemy.
To say even one word
is just noisy useless talk.
It's like having a chat
with a corpse in the burning ground.
Only by seeing the light
of the jeweled root
will the golden chain
of the Circle's End
come open.


The time
when the Circle's End
is opened,
the mind
will be subdued.
It will be like
a piece of straw
in a whirlpool.
That becomes
the end of all paths
for climbing the chakras.
The eight great siddhis
will manifest.
Without being spoiled
by the sleep
of the Circle's End,
mount the horse
of measured breath.
But if you die
in the Corner of Degradation,
there will be nothing.
The mounting is difficult
so climb on gently.


by making the five senses
into a pestle.
by transforming A-kaaram
into the mortar.
Cool off
by letting desire
be the form you grind.
Trap the slippery mind.
Gain strength
by remaining still
and then pulverize the mind completely.
Isn't it tumultuous
when you try to spoil it's work?
by having both yoga
and wisdom.
Without knowing this,
krores have died.


Even having worldly wants,
longing for 10,000 human births.
Even with the desire
for fine dining.
Even with being baffled
by the compelling lust for women.
Even with that hunger for gold
that locks men in delusion.
Even with the intoxication
of seeking security in bondage.
The world beckons...
and all
are bewildered.
people's mouths
go on speaking
of "wisdom".


If you say it's over
then nothing's possible.
Just take a close look
at the precious scriptures.
You'll see
that everyone
who suppressed
the breath
killing yourself
by suppressing the breath,
try asking...
At the steadfast center
in the base of the neck
there is a "bag".
bind breath
within Vayu's house.
the donkey
that is bound and tethered
won't run anywhere.
It is within the sixteen
that the soul's beauty


At the root
is Ganesha's feet.
Firmly placed,
let the breath
be ignited there.
if the Pranayama
goes wrong,...
just stop.
Then inhale,
bringing the breath
to the floor.
The embryonic
unit of time
goes up and up
and the knowledge
of all the specific symptoms
the one
who allows
the backtracking breath
to escape...
He is not a man.
The word for him...
Is "cow".


With words
and logic...
you get nothing!
With great strength
hold back the senses
and bind them up.
With great effort
fix the letter
in the two eyes,
establishing the mind
With a little skill
Breath, the horse,
can be saddled
with Si,
Saddle of the Firm Grip.
With silence,
you can hitch
the horse
to the root.
You need only set
the Circle's End alight
and see!


Once ignited...
Dine on honey.
Dine on karpam.
Perfect this body
which is the ancient universe.
Once revealed...
Dine on the heavy Moolikai herb.
Purge yourself of filth,
and in one's face
the light of the eye
goes beyond all limits.
Tilt the head
and cough up the phlegm
from the back of the throat.
Remove that which is unripened
from within the layers
of the six realms.
Once starved...
Cleave the five senses
with the sword.
Don't forget...
Both night and day,
you must fix the breath.


Fix the path.
Stand at the root.
Don't forget
to stand in the One.
When your clear...
Shake the base of the tree.
Hopping along...
You can climb upwards.
What a wonder!
You can even climb to the peak!
When you have become accustomed
to igniting the root...
You can cross the river,
leaping beyond the Last Outpost.
Raise the Twelve Inch Flame
and enter it.
Knowing Sound's End
you will reach the goal.


By joining the Sahasrara lotus flower
you reach and mount the Moon's sphere.
Entering there...
The sumptuous mind
is plucked
by the one with an elephant's face.
To Vallabai,
she who manifests herself as Kundalini,
to that mother...
Even from far away...
worship those feet
with incense
and many twinkling lamps.
Do service;
and by employing discrimination...
Even from far away...
you can give freely
the Milk of Soma
and can fix Victory's banner.
There at the base
hitch your horse.


Once bound,
offer your folded hands
to Mother Kundalini.
Place Ganapati and Vallabai
in your mind
and say...
"Give me the path
to come crashing
against the bud
making it open."
By embracing
the eight sharp-edged shaktis
it's all over.
Gather nectar
and drink.
It's by abandoning "doing"
that they open the door.
Take the leap...
Bow down
and praise Nandi's feet.
All the means for rising
will easily manifest.


Nandi can come here easily.
Being friendly,
he will give
the eight into eight;
the sixty-four.
The malleable alchemy
will stand before you
with folded arms.
The hidden essence
will appear explicit
and complete.
the body reaches the state
where it ceases
to decay.
Fixing thought
you become merged
in Him.
You see
the dance of He,
whom they say
drank poison.
The wonder!
Being merged
in the sound
of his anklets!


Being free...
Don't fall
into Longing's fire.
Every day
see Vedanta
to the very end.
Don't engage others
in unnecessary
idle chatter.
Play dumb,
but watch
very very carefully.
Don't kill,
or spread confusion.
and thereby mount
the horse
of measured breath.
Don't let the delirious libation
of the ego
destroy you.
Remove illusion.


Once removed...
The senses are severed
and completely rejected.
In the morning
push the sleepiness out
and eat...
Lifting in-breath
and out-breath.
Adorn then
the Self
with measures
of breathlessness,
born of itself.
This is the attack...
and a flood of nectar
comes in response,
so eat...
Strip off your mantle
of attachment
and aversion.
Proffer an even row
of Pranayamas.
Don't forget
to stay firmly set
upon the path.


Having done so...
Study the mind carefully
by fixing thought.
Don't let the senses
confuse you.
You'll see Ganesha.
Gather flowers,
do puja,
and knock.
Cultivate mindfulness
and retain the breath.
How suitable...
"Om Shreem Hreem Kleem!"
Higher still, to spell out...
"Gum Gum Ganapati!"
How quickly Nandi shines
like ten thousand suns.
If you see
the light
in the Good Circle...
Death won't dance.


In asking
what acts
without desire...
Fine sound
and touch,
and smell,
taste unhindered...
All the senses five.
The mind
should go along
the proper path:
Incessantly clinging
to discrimination,
without ever letting go.
You liberate the senses
by chopping them off
and throwing them away.
Touch nothing!
Get rid of your ears!
Don't ask
even a single word!...
Then look all around you.


Look around...
And hear yet the test.
Without eyes sparkling
one cannot see the form.
Fire it up and see...
If you keep
the nostrils shut,
the fertile scent
won't be discerned.
Feed it and see...
If you drop salt
into your mouth,
it is completely salty.
One perceives there
only that salty taste.
Cause an ant to climb
and see...
If it climbs slowly
upon your body,
it is knowledge too
that has climbed
to a point
where sensation
is perceived.


If you get the mind
to stand separate
from the Self,
then you will have the discrimination
of the Divine Minister of Knowledge.
At your leisure,
engage the mind
in your daily Pranayama.
and climb upwards.
Inhale in the left nostril,
then let the breath ripen
as you retain it at the root.
Don't fail
to inhale sharply
through the right.
Then keep the breath
standing at the root.
Clearly perceiving the other shore,
climb up and up.


It was my Grandfather
who said,
"Climb and see."
But it was
Kalangi Nathar
who gave me birth.
and Sivayogi Muni
all so rightly said,
This is the path!"
They explained
how to mount
and go beyond.
And it was
the Great Mother supreme
who said,
"This is it!"
Having become calm...
I perceived the accompanying experience.
Having experienced...
I have composed 7000.


the Si-kaaram letter,
contemplate it
But True Knowledge
is not something
to be amassed
and held.
There are those who talk;
"Blah, Blah, Blah",
in empty space.
Lingering on...
With just one word,
have gone to hell.
Entering birth
is being washed out to sea.
But becoming ripened,
the Siddhars all,
speak the Si
within the root.
in contemplation
and meditation
they can see.


By meditation and inner restrain
they perform worship.
The sound
of the drum
and the conch
is heard
in the ears.
Those who meditate
hear the sound
of the anklet's
They see
the performance
of Chidambaara's
great dance.
Those who meditate
drink endlessly
from the torrent
of Satchitananda
that Devi pours forth.
Those who meditate daily
fix the chain
of the firm mind
to Siva & Devi's feet.


Once you fix the mind's chain
You need only lock it up
and you will become
joyous bliss complete.
Once locked...
retaining the breath,
they stand
as the Immovable Pillar.
In that single instant
when the mind is fixed,
they seek out the Sound's End
in the vastness of space.
Having raised
the Twelve-inch Flame,
it is entered.
There they offer worship
residing at the Sound's End.

35 Svadishtana

Having worshiped the root
and leapt beyond,
one learns that there
is a trepidatious four inches
scaled in the leaping.
The Lord
has made this
Brahma's house.
What is spoken of
as Svadishtana
is it's name.
about it's four circles
there are six petals.
In those petals
there are letters fixed...
Ba, Bha, Ma, Ya, Ra, La.
And appropriately,
the seed in the center
is Na-La.


The letter Na
also belongs to Brahma.
But the letter La
is the Earth's seed.
While the letter Bhu
is the dwelling place
of Turiya and the like.
It manifests itself
as the celebrated Veda.
The letter A
is the swan vehicle.
It's color is golden.
One aspect
of Brahma's action
operates upon
hair and bone,
flesh and skin,
and the nerves.
These five.


At the side
of Golden-colored Brahma
who rules the five,
stands the deathless Vaani.
Know this!
The protective
Four-faced Lord
who gives
Abaaya & Vatham
is beautiful.
With a yogi's armrest,
and rosary.
With the soft petals
of the lotus
strung onto
a garland of jewels.
With nine telling gems
that adorn his crown.
Perfect your meditation
and stop the breath.
Let the Noble Silence
be the mantra you recite.
There contemplate...


Having contemplated...
Meditate upon Saraswati.
Praise her.
To empower your ascent
ask for truth.
She alone
is the mother
who confers all knowledge.
The Treasure of Compassion
the mother who wears the tongue.
Having come before you,
one would be a fool
ever to leave.
standing in her presence
one becomes free.
The Virgin Goddess
reveals the perfection
of yoga and alchemy,
immortality and wisdom,
just by batting her eyelids.


Having spoken thus...
placing the breath there.
As you pull it in,
say, "Na",
place it,
and then retain it.
The fine letter Na
has given birth
to thousands.
They say it is
the Forest
of Good and Wicked Acts.
They say that
to leave birth behind
one should gather
the appropriate flowers,
perform aarchana,
and sing praises.
Then leave
the holy realm
of the Four-faced One
and enter
the sacred realm
of holy Maal,
who measured
the Earth.

40 Manipura

Holy Maal's house
is six inches
A fortress
like the flawless crescent,
by ten petals,
white as milk.
The petals I speak of
have ten letters...
Da, Dha, Nna, Ta, Tha, Dda, Ddha
of the tongue;
and the unwavering
Na, Pa, Fa.
In the center
of the element water
stands a Banyan Tree
called Ma.
It's seed: Va
can be realized.


In the realized House of Manipura
is where the Sleepless Sleep abides.
The inseparable left-hand side
of the Yajur Veda
is of an undiminishing
crystalline color.
The six ripened tastes
will be perceived.
The five will manifest:
water-like secretions,
marrow & blood,
brain & the excited seed.
There is the great conch,
the chakra,
and the vehicle


The vehicle manifests.
As does He,
the one
by Lakshmi's side.
With breath
hold and retain Ma.
With great weight
say, "Om Namo Narayana".
Adjust yourself.
Repeat the name.
Offer your prayerful hands.
This body,
that is all the universe,
the Mother protects.
In the Concealment's Confusion,
the Mother
is spinning round.
all that which compels us,
became the house.
It is the ancient
that resides
within the ripened house.


This house
the Shakti of Concealment's house.
So many enjoyments
and desire
this house.
The withered mind
fretted away in
this house.
All manner of illusion
dwells in
this great house.
Neutral thought destroyed,
lost in a ghost's dance,
the girl is sought,
while wandering about,
this vast house.
is completely decimated
in this house.
Become assimilated.
Retain the breath...
And attack!


By attacking...
The Flower of the Moon's Orb,
Sahasrara's lotus petals,
are worn.
With all
the remaining incense
and twinkling lamps,
use the mind properly,
do the mental worship.
You can make it happen;
just by saying,
"Grant me the grace
to climb."
"Grant me the eight siddhis.
Send them to me."
Get rid of the five senses
and the organs along with them.
"Stop me
from siding with them."
Worship this way.


By doing this...
Maal & Lakshmi's
minds will be pleased.
They'll give you the siddhis.
They'll tell you
why it's important
to climb slowly.
They'll tell you
how action
is timely done,
so that you
may gain
the joyous body
beyond death.
They'll tell you the truth
about making your yoga
For subtlety...
They'll announce
from limb to limb
all the aspects
of Ashtanga Yoga,
and how one goes about
employing it
to stir up
the Self.

46 Anahata

Just climb up
eight inches
beyond Knowledge
and listen
for the House of Anahata.
To break in
a triangle stands,
a ripened circle,
and twelve petals.
Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Nga, Cha, Chha
And that which is named...
Ja, Jha, Nya, Ta, Tha.
For completion
the letters
within the ripened petals.
There is found
the Upwards Sleep.


The Shikaara letter
is in the middle.
It is the Aanmai.
It is the element fire,
coppery-red in color.
The fire's seed
is Ram.
The light of Om
is like 10,000 suns.
Rudra and Rudri
stand in the middle.
In asking
what their qualities are...
Veracious eating,
and sleep.


As for sleep...
Wake up!
And softly join
the girl.
My friend,
It is Siva & Uma's duty
to give the Five Delights.
Growing upwards
there is
the jeweled throne.
Together with Uma,
He of the Matted Locks,
with deer and club,
and the striped tiger skin.
like 10,000 suns.
He who supports.
Smeared with sacred ash.
God of Gods!
The Compassionate One
wearing a snake
for an ornament.


Meditate on him.
Place the breath
at the pillar
and say,
"Om Aam Aum Sivaya Namaha".
Say, "Om"
and there contemplate
the feet
of Mother Rudri.
Make the rigid mind
Say, "Aam"
and employ knowledge
to push aside
the five senses.
Say, "The Mother
without beginning or end."
Say, "Give me
the grace
of your glance."
And keep
the cautious mind
in the light.


That light is Nandi.
It becomes the vehicle.
It becomes one limb
of the Sam Veda.
Leap over
the Merry Milk of Lust.
Grey hair and wrinkles,
the clouded eye and inert space
are to be destroyed
and wonder
is to be
poured forth.
One who holds to it,
watching His dance,
sees the meager dance
of all wisdom
as a waste.
with an aim
and watch carefully.


Observe carefully...
At the prop
in the middle,
an effulgence
will be seen.
It is just like how,
to the eagle,
the target is visible
even at night.
Fetter your mind
to His feet.
With knowledge
stay in the stillness.
Ask which path
to climb,
and receive
the 8x8 siddhis.
Being molded...
Listen to all
of the alchemical secrets.
Ask specifically
for the path
to the Perfection of Deathlessness.


But without having to ask...
the Moon's Sphere
will be entered.
Without delay...
Pluck a flower
from the vine
and place it
at the feet
of Shiva and Shakti.
The undistorted mind
shall merge
into the soles
of the sacred feet.
Don't just sit there!
Think the mantra!
Think the mantra!
Don't forget the breath!
Fix it
and lock it.
Residue still remains...
Get rid of it!
With incense and lamps
praise God,
and then bid him
You can climb
easily now.

53 Vishuddha

Having Climbed...
One finds
that there is a twelve inch jump,
a rising,
to the Shrine of Vishuddha.
It transforms itself
into a six-pointed star
and a circle.
The Great One
has sixteen petals
for it's six points.
In the petals
there are letters:
A & Aa
I & Ee
U & Oo
The ever present...
Ru & Roo
Lu with Loo
Becoming the support...


In the beginning was A,
placed as the first
of the sixteen letters.
In the center
of the six points
the letter Va stands.
In the beginning Va stood
as Maheshwar and Maheshwari.
It is the realm
of the Great Dream.
In the beginning Bhum
became the element wind.
In the beginning
the renowned
seed-syllable Ya
became the Atharva Veda.
With a good mind
one can establish
the vehicle.


It is His duty
to establish friendship.
Walking and running,
lying inert
in a drunken stupor,
remaining in stillness,
and being in a state
of equanimity.
Ask the details
for sustaining
these states.
Adorning ourselves,
listening to our desires,
bubbling with anger,
and fighting...
The baring of these burdens
becomes like a running race.
But if you see
the very flesh
of Om-kaara.
The mouth of the spirit
will open.
Of this I'm sure.
You'll see.


the Six Tastes
are in the mouth.
These tastes
are only present
in the mouth
and not beyond.
the Circle Supreme
is in the base.
The Supreme Base
is ever of fine quality.
The Grand Finale
is pulling out
the eight weeds.
Equally join
the flawless four
into itself.
you'll see
all the chakras.
you are invited
to enter into the four.


You bring Va
within the four
as food.
The primordial
Om Nama Sivaya
sends breath upwards
into the House of the Wind.
Adding drop by drop,
bound up within
it shan't escape.
With the 16 surfaces
spread wide,
the natural beauty
of the soul
will manifest.
Because of the abundance
of the soul's beauty
one will evoke superbly
and become skilled.


Becoming skillful
one relishes the taste.
The soul's beauty remains,
and eight merges into four.
Being in the outer world,
four becomes space.
The beautiful soul
and the intellect
wanes like the moon.
Becoming empty,
grey haired,
and wrinkled;
it dies.
But they will not see
the good soul's departure.
For an instant
the sound
will be discerned
in the neck.
Along with the specifics
of Obscuration's Dance.


in the House of the Wind,
remain still;
and lock the chain
to the Holy Mother's feet.
In the Golden Moon Mandala,
with flowers
salute her.
Worship her feet
and lock the breath.
Say, "Give me the means
to climb up
the steps of the ladder."
Praise the pure
Principle of Intelligence.
Ask the way
to the Perfection of Alchemy,
to the Perfection of Yoga,
to the Perfection of the Great Deathlessness,
vast as space.


The path will manifest.
Think the mantra
again and again.
Don't forget
to embrace the breath
and lock it within.
It is attainable by all...
Just say A,
and if you remain
retaining the breath...
Mother and Father
will be pleased at heart.
The path will manifest
and they'll tell you
the alchemical process.
They'll tell you
the process
of climbing with the breath.
Then leave the abode
of the vibrant Maheshwar.
Just rise upwards
going eleven inches above.

61 Ajna

Having climbed up
to the center of the eyebrows,
something will stand there
exceeding the vastness
of the universe.
Climb up it's tail.
It is like
a circular house.
There will be a ring
with Ha and La
for it's petals.
Use them
to climb to the center
where you will find
the letter Ya.
Climb upwards with Va,
the elemental seed of the ethers,
and you will find
Manomani and Sadasiva
standing before you.
This state
is the House of Awakening.


This house has
the color of the cloud.
It's role
is to cultivate the five:
lust and anger,
withering miserliness,
and imposing jealousy.
Come closer
and you'll see
the Four-faced One,
and Maheshwar
guarding well
the four directions.
But it is Sadasiva that rules,
he is the captain...
And if you've seen the captain,
you've seen everything.


If you see the captain,
all of your doubts
will be resolved.
The tunic of desire and differentiation
will be abandoned.
Those who see the captain,
merge with the Mother.
They see the nature
of Satchitananda.
Those who see the captain,
attain the perfections all.
A bandit at the captain's side
can even steal the five colors.
My friend,
the captain cannot be seen
by any other means.
He'll tell you
how to fix the breath.


Having said this,
Ajna will manifest.
In this chakra
relish Manomani
as she is spelled out
before you.
Listen to the mantra
I tell you secretly...
The uniting...
Ka Ea Ee La Hreem
and in the middle...
Ha Sa Ka La Hreem
and then...
Sa Ka La Hreem
These are the three parts
of the Panchadaasakshaari,
the fifteen letters.
Spell them out carefully...
And set yourself
on fire!


Being set aflame...
If you see the Mother's feet,
all of your devilish delusions
will be destroyed.
Being fixed...
Eight will be added to four,
and all the siddhi's
of Sound's End
will manifest
in an instant.
Being locked...
You can enter the body
of your loved one.
You can cross the Hair Bridge
over the River of Fire.
Being lengthened...
You come to know that
which needs no support,
and the symbol
becomes clearly defined in thought.


To think of it...
-is to absorb the five senses.
-is to have disease,
old age and death,
grey hair and wrinkles
"Neighing" like a horse...
-one can,
in the blink of an eye,
quickly recapture
the departing soul.
By embracing it...
-one maintains it,
even in the waking state.
-one sees the Mother
dancing with the Father.
Being prosperous...
-those who have perfected
service, action, and yoga
become wisdom itself.

67 The Guru's Feet

You leap behind
even that part of the self
that is the Mother.
as I tell you
of the Lonely Place
eight inches above.
strive to unite
with the Guru's feet...
In the 1008 petals
is the pentacle "Invincible".
All the five...
the A-kaaram,
the U-kaaram,
the M-kaaram,
the full spectrum of vibration,
and the bindu
stand within these five angles.
You will see.


Look at the Om-kaara.
It becomes pure light
and rises upwards.
It assumes a form
that is bodiless and undefiled.
Place within it
the spreading breath,
expanding outwards.
If you want the union
to take place,
don't let it run
out of control.
Stop it and see into it.
Let it be said outright...
The thing in the beginning,
the Self
that is the very basis of Vedanta,
one need not even try
to comprehend.

69 Gayatri

It is called
"the Incomprehensible Brahmarantiram".
It is clear as crystal.
The path
cannot be had
by striving.
yet fleeting,
it is without form.
It is Truth...
and ever full.
This fullness
of Satchitananda
cannot be simply plucked
like a flower.
Rarely spoken of...
It is the Pathless Path:
Niranjanaaya Vidmahe
Niraabaasaaya Dhimahi
Soonukshma Prachodaayat.


They being light,
repeat the twenty-four syllables
which stand
as the crystalline gayatri.
Without letting the mind
run along the sense organs path,
call the breath to you,
stop it's movement,
and place it there.
That region
becomes light,
as one in stillness
retains the breath.
Repeat the Chitsarupa Gayatri,
sever earthly birth,
and you will become
absorbed in fullness.
No more going.
No more coming.
Only That
which is manifest.

71 Dwadashanta (the Twelve-inch Flame)

In climbing above
there is the Twelve-inch Flame.
Running along that path,
one divides the eleven and sees...
The gracious Mother Unmai,
with the eight siddhis,...
Parai, full of grace,
and He who is the supreme.
I've clearly revealed these eleven,
and that is not easy...
considering "I", my lowly self,
have not seen it.
But the gracious Nandi
has so nicely established it
in these 7000.
That which "I"
have not seen.


You will see
all of the hidden pathways.
It is difficult,
but if you bite
onto the tip of the nose
there will be union.
If you eat without eating
and firmly focus your gaze
within the nape of the neck
you will see what is there.
One sees
that Kundalini Yoga
is not crooked.
Fix your gaze.
You will see
the eleven
and the One.
When you look
into the center,
it is not a coy thing.
There the good Siva
with Rudra
are shining
like 10,000 suns.


It all happens
in accordance
with what is written
in the book
that is likened unto the Sun.
When you get acquainted
with how the breath
spreads and flows,
and when you have seen
the Word
that is likened unto the Sky...
All will become fertile,
baring the tender coconut
in vast abundance.
Then one wonders...
"What's the use
of a coconut
to a dog
like me?"
This is the time
to look
upon the goodness
of one's yogic attainments.
Look to the very end
of that
which is Kingly Divinity,
and listen to the method
of the residing breath.


At the root
you are spewing forth
Down deep
do worship.
Si-kaaram won't leave you.
Breath in.
Breath in for a long time,
then exhale and see...
In the stainless Kundalini
Nandi will be perceived.
My useful friend,
see the Word
which comes
from Nandi.
For the great siddhis eight
and jnana...
daily you must place the breath
with the Ma-kaaram mantra.
You have seen
the finer path,
now see
that you
establish it.


Being established...
after leaping the root,
one reaches
the Abode of Kanchan.
Being merged,
fix your gaze
upon Va-kaaram.
When Si-kaaram
shines within,
Then your past births
will leave you.
Because the proprietous
Four-faced One is seen,
one can take the leap
from Kanchan's abode.
Then embrace
the Realm of Maal.


Having embraced Him,
one becomes filled up
with Va-kaaram.
This becomes
the Great Tapas:
exhaling from within
the Si-kaaram.
Being expansive...
The five grey hairs
are removed.
Then you will become
a boy again.
Sixteen years of age
you'll be.
Slithering on,
you can cross over Maal
into Rudra's abode.
Fix awareness
on the sensation of breath
and attack.
Once brought in,
then exhale the Si-kaaram.
The body
will run red
and the siddhi
will manifest.


The siddhi being manifest,
leap from Rudra's abode
entering the clear realm
of Maheshwar.
Remain still
and inhale
the elephantine Va-kaaram.
Then from within that
exhale Si-kaaram.
You will become
a ten year old boy.
It is said
that this
is like
the myrobalam fruit.
Become like a bellows.
Practice Siva Yoga.
You'll have
all the Medicines of Energy
in no time.


In no time
you will leap past
Maheshwar's abode.
in the encircling
the irrefutable Si-kaaram
and gaze into it.
The departure
of the Great Awareness
will come to pass.
At the feet of Mother Manomani,
she who will not punish her children,
one should be watchful
with the same care
as when one places the breath.
The True Knowledge,
beyond disdain,
is actually
The True Fragrance
you are sure
to manifest.


If you stand
at the Guru's feet,
called, "the Long Siva Yoga",
will be offered as food.
One comes to witness
the Mother's vast plentitude
that is all existence.
The eternal path
of applying
the Va & Sa letters,
being what is on hand,
is applied both here and there.
observe the mind,
and the attainment
will be great.
The fiery poison
that has been removed,
will be severed completely,
and a unique abundance
will manifest
as the Principle of Intelligence.

80 Bhogar's Leap Into the Universe

As the Principle of Intelligence itself
I leapt into the universe.
Nandi clearly elucidated
the nature of the universe.
For the sake of all beings
there is a path
that becomes a vehicle
for the five senses.
The universe that appeared before me
was arranged in layers.
Grandfather said,
"Enter the tenth one."
I took what was given me
and put it in my mouth.
Another bunch
of mercurial amalgams
I tied onto my wrist.
Off I went.
Entering the universe
of fire and light.

94 (In Conclusion)

Invite the breath,
the outer space,
to come within your house.
If you are unwavering,
placing it there
as though you were
putting oil in a lamp,...
They shall meet.
Breath and God
becoming one.
Like wind becoming breath
there is no individual intelligence.
The Great Awareness becomes Siva.
He and breath
merge into one.
It is this light becoming breath
that redeems the soul.
Surely this is the truth
of Siva Yoga!


In fact...
There is no perfection
as easy as this...
My dear lad,
there is nothing else!
There have been so very many souls
throughout time, that even if
you searched this whole Earth,
you shan't find them all.
and yet of high regard
this breath.
The Sound's End
manifests easily...
The Subtle manifests...
The generous Alchemists,
the Siddhars,
the Rishis,
the Yogis...
They are like the breath.
There is nothing to be accomplished.
Turn back
and look.